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  1. DoDTS

    Would you move next door to an undertakers?

    In Hullbridge an undertakers has taken over premises a little while ago and I notice the house next door has gone up for sale. There's is just a three foot side passage between the properties. Not that I'm thinking about moving just a general question would it bother you moving next door to an...
  2. Time to stop charity fat cats.

    It's utterly ridiculous, Some charities demand donations whilst paying out crazy salaries to the bigwigs and others,it must stop! Save the children pay 6 million per year on just one of their leased premises...6 bloody million,how many people have chucked a couple of quid into buckets thinking...
  3. 'Travellers' antics at Canvey & Southend during the weekend.

    Just read the Echo's story of the above, disgusting. How come these 'people' can leave a site and be allowed to leave behind a mountain of rubbish, and no one gets arrested?. As for what happened in the Bell at Southend, can you imagine a group of locals behaving like that and no one getting...
  4. Kent Shrimper

    Carpet Fitter / Painter Decorator - Commercial Premises

    Evening SZ We are moving office at the end of the month and I need some dilapidations done to our current place. We are based near London bridge and need to replace the carpet to a specific spec and paint walls / ceiling. It will need to take place between 27th - 30th as we need to hand the...
  5. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums

  6. Cricko


    I just got bashed for £350 for parking in the wrong spot for 5 minutes..Even the owner of the premises who employs the clampers where I was wrongly parked asked the bloke to take the clamp off as he understood my reasons for parking there for a few minutes.They would have none of it.....The...
  7. Ian Benjamin

    Breaking News Sainsburys article found in Property Week

    Found this article this morning, might finally be getting some progress on FF. Sainsbury’s has long been a friend of League Two football club Southend United. The supermarket is hoping to take over its stadium at Roots Hall for redevelopment as a store. What could go wrong for the Shrimpers...
  8. Kent Shrimper

    Breaking News Progress on Buyout of Parade of Shops

    from Standard TALKS over a parade of shops holding up plans for a new Blues stadium are making good progress, a trader said. The future of the parade of eight shops, with seven flats above, on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Fairfax Drive, Southend, has been the sticking point for plans to...
  9. The General

    Drugs problem in 4 local pubs

    Courtesy of: Echo online FOUR Southend venues face having their licences reviewed after police found evidence of cocaine use. Traces of the Class A drug were found in a series of police searches of pubs and bars. It is believed customers had taken cocaine in toilet cubicles. The four...

    I can understand there is a reluctance on some peoples part, to protest at the club. But the time is now, think back to the united for southend/true blues protest. I remember the graffiti outside barclays opposite wh smiths in the high street. JOBSON OUT In huge letters, also there was pitch...
  11. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Whacking of at work

    Got asked today by a colleague if I have even bashed the Bishop at work (which is worrying me a bit to say the least) Not sure if this has been covered before, but……. Have you spilt the baby gravy on your work premises?????
  12. Legalise drugs article.

    Taken from the New Scientist, fascinating article that I totally agree with. I know it's an age old topic on here but it's a slow day. Far from protecting us and our children, the war on drugs is making the world a much more dangerous place. SO FAR this year, about 4000 people have died in...
  13. Question Most important pre-season question

    Ok, so it's a slow day at work! But still a question of vital importance. Towards the end of last season the club banned food i.e. large whale & chips from the Fish House, being taken into the ground, but then relented after 1 match IIRC. However it was stated, not for the 1st time, that only...
  14. yogi bear up the cagire

    Toulouse jolly.......match nul!

    TOULOUSE v LILLE The Stadium 13th MAY 2009 Bid farewell to The Ranger and Boo Boo, came down the Cagire and off, en route for Toulouse, with enough goodies to keep me going for the day. Had arranged to meet my SZ colleague outside Mac Do, on the Place du Capitole, in the centre of...
  15. should drugs be legal ?

    in this day and age where its legal for people to drink into oblivion and cost the taxpayer shedloads with policing and hospital care,or its allowed for people to eat crap and have many health problems which again costs bundles. is it time to legalise all substances. my view is simply yes...
  16. ldnfatso

    Medical Alert

    The Center for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically. This virus is called Weary Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your...
  17. The General

    Poker in the pub ... soon to become a reality!

    01 FEB The rules have been written, pub poker will take place next September The UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport has released new proposals to control gaming in alcohol-licensed premises (pubs), so gaming licenses from local authorities will no longer be needed when the Gaming Act...
  18. sufcintheprem

    Apologies to any stewards on here...

    8-36 am My alarm clock goes off, it’s a match day today and the culmination of a heavy weeks safety training, I've spent the whole week at the Stadium learning to walk up and down stairs, I'm yet to have as many gold stars as my friend Dave but I do think I chose the right career path instead of...