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  1. Ricky Otto

    Your Non-football sporting hero?

    We were discussing at work our sporting heroes and it was pretty much all footballers and from the clubs we support, which was a bit boring and predictable. So then we changed it to "non-football" and it was really quite interesting. So lets hear your non-football sporting heroes and the reason...
  2. Cricko

    Zone Update The new season as far as The Zone goes

    We once again thank you for all you do to support these forums. We have to make some costly changes over the next 12 months as we have to change format and will no longer be with Vbulletin after so many years as they no longer offer security or help with us...They moved on to vB5 which does not...
  3. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ Salute to some Sarfend Heroes

    To all of the TZers that travelled with us this season and all that travel away which would include cost of their holidays, money and inconvenience at times. For the support of our club, effort and friendship we shared. the drinks we drank, the episodes of life being a Shrimper on the road, a...
  4. davewebbsbrain

    U15 League shield final

    If anyone fancies watching an U15 final at Gt Wakerings ground this Sunday, my son will be lining up for Ekco Whitecaps against Trinity, kick off 10.30. £5 entry fee for adults but we could do with the support to cheer the boys on
  5. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ Thank you to Oxford TZ'ers

    A huge thank you to the TZ'ers on the TZ service to Oxford for their generosity and support towards Kerry Fairless, Lord Football's charity run for HARP Charity. and to Chrissy Powells run next week for Prostate Cancer charities. We raised £161 on board and TZ also topping up a bit to make it...
  6. Massimo Giovanni

    Free MK Dons tickets

    If you are fortunate to be season ticket holder then you will also have had 3 free guest passes to be used in home games of choice. However there is small print, in that the final game, (Bris R) is NOT included in the deal: so MK is the LAST opportunity to avail yourself of this ST bonus. It is...
  7. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ away To Oldham Athletic Tuesday 24-4-18

  8. Deep Regret

    It is with deep regret that, after 14 years, I am stepping down from my involvement in running the Zone. I have suffered from health problems for the last 6 years, culminating in a total relapse that means I cannot function to the high standards I set myself. My support for Southend United and...
  9. The Big Dady

    Thurrock Football Club Up For Sale

    Thurrock Football Club has been put up for sale by current owner . http://www.thurrockgazette.co.uk/news/16036057.Thurrock_FC_officially_up_for_sale/ Full details of Sale here. http://www.dedmangray.co.uk/commercial-property/?property_id=DBS170085
  10. Supershrimper


    Noticed on Saturday he headed straight down the tunnel at the final whistle, and I noticed it again last night at Bury. Is he starting to get irritated by fans that criticise him when he is going round after the final whistle thanking them for their support. At Bury yesterday there was one...
  11. Cricko

    Zone Update We keep on rocking

    We have lived for 17 years now as one collective ShrimperZone....We have seen many sites (God bless them) trying to support SUFC as we do on The Zone, We have faced them all off, or rather you have, to make this site one of the best outside the Prem.. Most of those Prem sites are either owned...
  12. The Big Dady

    John White Injury

    959894031584067584 Hope it is not serious as well, hurry up back John.
  13. Get Behind All the Players

    I have read various threads and posts regarding "get rid of this one" , "he is over the hill", "too old" or "not good enough" I feel it is time to get behind ALL the players from now on and raise the mood ----- let our new bossman decide who stays and who goes. I am sure if we support all the...
  14. mattytheshrimper

    Anton Ferdinand

    Rare for me to start a thread but I am genuinely curious to hear other fans opinions. It seems most people would agree that he has had a shocker of a season and he seems well past it. My Question is, what are other fans opinion of the man constantly on twitter talking about West Ham nearly...
  15. Southend United vs Fleetwood Town

    It has been a disappointing last few days with plenty of transfer talk and no action, club meetings with the Chairman trying to sort out problems and many posts wanting the manager out. For the next few hours we need to get behind the team, whether you agree with selection, tactics etc to...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Which do you dislike more? Brown or league 2?

    I have long since been saying that the management of the club needs changing. This has now been done to death, but what is clear is that Ron is sticking by his man. How this will pan out I'm not sure, but I would like to see some new faces and a change in fortunes. What worries me more than...
  17. Not SUFC related but vote Bowers!!!

    All I know a few on here go down to Bowers often when they can, so let’s behind them and support them in this great competition to win a fantastic prize that will help them progress as a club. https://www.buildbase.co.uk/pitch-in-your-support assume no issue that this stays in Southend...
  18. Shrimperstrust

    Social Inclusion Through Sport - Shrimpers Trust And Aviva

    The Shrimpers Trust is delighted that its social inclusion project has been approved by Aviva as a candidate for their community fund scheme. The description of our bid submitted to Aviva is as follows: The Shrimpers Trust, an organisation of around 1200 members run entirely by volunteers is...
  19. Floval Flyer

    Catchment and support

    Sorry if this has been posted before but i chanced across a map of catchment areas by club, which shows some interesting stats, for example we have (according to this report) a larger catchment than Manure, Wham and Chelsea. 600k potential plus fans on our doorstep... where were they last...
  20. Question Other clubs fans forums

    Whilst I have only been to most home games and sporadic more local away games last season and this season, I like to think I possess at least the same knowledge and experience as others on the forum. A reasonably long family history of playing at professional level has enabled many hours of...