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Carlisle Fans


First XI
Dec 28, 2007
I never forget our visit that season, their fans including a middle aged guy who acted like a 14 year old, were spending the whole game with threats towards the Rovers fans and neither the police nor the stewards did a thing, obviously a year in the Conf did them some good.


The Realist
May 11, 2005
Eastwood, Leigh-on-Sea
I thought the majority of their fans were OK, however, there is always an exception to every rule.

Walking back to our hotel after the game, we were literally offered out by a group of Carlisle Fans, if you can use that word, and I was carrying a 4 month old baby whilst walking alongside my wife!!! We also had another couple with us, but that didn't seem to bother them - clearly a 4 month old baby is a legitimate tarfet for the bully boys supporting their team!

I rather fancy had I of pased RC Junior to his mum, and walked across to these idiots with my mate, who is 6'6" and just as wide, they would have performed a Linford Christie type sprint in the opposite direction, but even so, very dissapointed by their actions - but seeing as there was a group of lads walking in front of us throwing stones at every house window they passed, I'm not totally surprised!

Irate Ian

Dec 1, 2004
Did anyone have much contact with Carlisle fans before/after the game? I stayed up in Longtown the night before and everyone I met was very friendly and welcoming.

Upon arriving in Carlisle, what a disappointment. Loads of bitter, rude fans and lots of chavs hurling insults and abuse as we made our way to the car/left town. Definitley left a bad taste in the mouth about the place.

The owner/Carlisle supporter of the cafe along from the Griffin served up a first class breakfast, dare I say better than the Glenwood, on arrival 09.30.

We still managed to miss the first 35 mins of the game, having got a screw through tyre on the journey to the ground, needing a visit to Quick Fit, for repair, where we listended in on Cumbria radio to the game being palyed no more than half a mile away !

Still it could have been worse and could have missed the whole game.

Broke the journey home with curry in Bradford [Akhbars, Leeds Road] check out menu on net, was superb & highly recommened to SZoners who may be in West Yorks at any time.