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  1. fbm

    Phil Brown - decent guy

    Last November we had a private dinner with PB for charity and there was a photo shoot booked for today at Little Havens. Given yesterdays news, we obviously would understand if he wanted to cancel but no, he honoured his commitment and came along, giving up an hour or so to speak with us...
  2. Shrimperzone down earlier this morning?

    ...or was it me? I always rely on Shrimperzone to cheer me up after a defeat, with a series of upbeat and constructive threads, so I was bereft this morning when Chrome could find no trace of it. PS I have also just written a letter of apology to iFollow. I had fired off a bitter complaint to...
  3. mickey mouse clubs disgrace Wembley with minute attendance - NOT BITTER

    Bring back re-election and kick out these non league clubs .... NOT BITTER - will they get 10k at Wembley - whats your guess
  4. Message From Hartlepool

    Message: Any S.U.F.C. supporter is welcome to use the Corner Flag Club before tomorrow's game. The Corner Flag ,which is the home of H.U.F.C.S.A. is situated at the N.W. corner of the Victoria Park. There is no charge for admission but donations would be welcomed. Drinks are reasonably priced eg...
  5. 83 points

    Champions Gillingham finished the season on 83 points, the same total as we achieved last season finishing 4th. Before anyone comments, I can confirm that I am bitter and live in the past.
  6. Top Five Regrets of the Dying

    As below.... What might your biggest regret be? NB superblue24 - Regret #2..........
  7. Sandbach Shrimper

    Dan Bentley

    Looks like a few fans have finally complained to Bentley about his incessant retweeting of silly kids saying that he should be playing in goal. He's deleted some of them and apologised, saying that it wasn't meant in a vindictive or bitter way. Hope he's learnt his lesson, very unprofessional.
  8. Pubs at telford for saturday

    A thread taken from Buckschat for you Pubs within walking distance of The New Bucks Head At the Ground The Learning Centre – Outside the East Terrace, a small bar catering for around 80 people. It has a range of bottled Real Ales, together with draught Lagers etc. and a large screen TV (Sky...
  9. Morgan Tsvangirai Possibly Quitting...

    Since its the last day of term at uni, the task of packing has ultimately turned into a quest of procrastination for which the BBC News website comes in handy. However, their main headline really troubles me which concerns the possible resignation of Morgan Tsvangirai from Zimbabwe's election...
  10. Battle of the beers - 1st round, Heat 5

    Heat 5 of this contest see's two old blokes going head to head...;) Guinness (Libertine) vs Newquay Steam Bitter (Callan) Cast your Votes people.
  11. Benfleet A1

    Diary of a Shrimper in Devon

    Saturday (Early) The alarm went off bang on 5 and hit the wall at 1 second past, my reflexes are still pretty quick even at this god awful hour. Get up and stand on clock. Scream and kick clock. Scream louder as I remember I have nothing on my feet. Clock looks all smug as I limp to the...
  12. Reading Shrimper

    Carlisle Fans

    Did anyone have much contact with Carlisle fans before/after the game? I stayed up in Longtown the night before and everyone I met was very friendly and welcoming. However.... Upon arriving in Carlisle, what a disappointment. Loads of bitter, rude fans and lots of chavs hurling insults and...
  13. KrustyTheKray

    Radio's banned in the workplace!

    Well i just couldn't believe it! Today we had an email come round our work that from now the playing of a radio is banned. Something to do with the performing rights society, and infringing copyright laws as more than 5 people can listen to it! Has anyone else had this bombshell dropped on...
  14. EnglandShrimper

    Huddersfield Fans view on the game....

    Basically, it pains me to say it but it's true. Huddersfield Town Football Club are an absolute ****ing joke. From top to bottom, the awards we won the other week are just papering over the cracks. First of all, regarding the match - we weren't very good. Southend deserved to win, they played...
  15. DTS

    Can men drink Rosey?

    Right - Was on my way to Roots Hall saturday with my Brighton mate Steve who very kindly gives me a lift every week. As we have just over an hour to kill each way we do chat about everything and nothing. So Steves asks what I did last night (Friday) and I proceed to tell him. Basically I went...
  16. Well played Southend

    Just back from the game...Leeds fan living in Romford...best side by far won the game... I've seen some very bitter and angry comments about Leeds on here, and am surprised at the level of anger we generate. Of course we have our morons but then so do most clubs...and lets face it, you sold out...
  17. Matt the Shrimp

    SZ.com - Managerial Changes

    Folks, A little bit of ShrimperZone.com business for you... ShrimperZone.com is sad to announce that after more than 2 years of sterling service to the website, Leeboy has stated his intention to step down from the board of ShrimperZone.com Ltd at our next board meeting. ShrimperZone.com would...
  18. Mr Wooly

    PFA Awards

    Ronaldo gets both the Young Player and Players Player of the year award. Fully deserved IMO. At present, he's the most exciting player on the planet. I know the World Cup thing leaves a bitter taste, but him getting Rooney sent off didn't cost us a place in the Semi Finals. We were largely crap...
  19. North End eye witness report

    Well, two goals from Maher and one from the Preston reject, a result that was at no point during the game predictable, yes, the game was enjoyable. Several days of fine sunshine turned to drizzle today in anticipation of my journey to the game. I left home just before two o'clock expecting...
  20. * ORM *

    Thoroughly disgusted

    I've had three or four stabs at trying to make this post constructive and I know I'm going to fail at it again. I almost can't think of one positive to take from today's spineless, shameful performance. That has to go down as the world's softest ever local derby. I looked around at the team and...