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FC - Season 25


Life President
Opening the season with a throw from the opposition. Lost the toss which is expensive as it looks like I'll be done in one day so will lose gate receipts (with the gate already down as usual in the early season).

The players are off the field for the change of innings.

End of Over 16 (Maiden). Judgy's Legacy: 15-10, runrate=0.94
Overs left today: 94
Digana 7-7-0-3
Antoine* 0 (15 balls)
:headbang: that moment you buy a new Wicket-keeper... then forget to put him in your team
I had similar, spent £1m on a remarkable WK thinking I didn't have one only to discover that one of the batsmen I bought had superb WK. New guy doesn't therefore even get into the team and is now sitting waiting to be sold. His wage went up £20k in the off season as well as his previous owner was randomly training a 30yo :dim:
BOT bashing for my boys.


Badger won the toss and elected to bat.
Pitch: hard & fast

End of Over 37 (1 runs). Badger: 64-8, runrate=1.73
Overs remaining today: 73
Boonzaier 10-5-9-3
Benyon* 0 (2 balls)
Burchill 20 (46 balls)
Last Wicket: Rieger b. Kidd 0 (FOW: 63/8)
Main team struggling a bit

End of Over 58 (5 runs). Napster's XI: 135-5, runrate=2.33
Overs left today: 52
Rowland 11-3-27-3
Perry* 45 (104 balls)
Lamacq 4 (6 balls)
Last Wicket: Hird c. van Blerk b. Hutton 4 (FOW: 126/5)
End of Over 71 (8 runs). Deep Backward Square Leg: 221-4, runrate=3.11
Overs left today: 39
Kaluarachchi 14-5-24-0
Gloster* 17 (36 balls)
Holly 23 (42 balls)
Last Wicket: Livermore c. Murad b. Coulson 46 (FOW: 188/4)

Doing alright so far, one area I wanted to improve on in FC is collecting batting points so would be nice to start off with 4 or 5 in this game.
50 runs without loss of wicket

End of Over 72 (6 runs). Napster's XI: 189-5, runrate=2.63
Overs left today: 38
Rowland 18-3-59-3
Perry* 60 (146 balls)
Lamacq 42 (48 balls)
Last Wicket: Hird c. van Blerk b. Hutton 4 (FOW: 126/5)
71.6 1 Rowland to Perry
Rowland is a bit quicker and skiddier than he looks, and Perry nearly chopped that onto his stumps. One run, but fortuitous.
71.5 1 Rowland to Lamacq
Luckily, the non-striker was backing up well there as Lamacq dropped it at his feet and hared off down the track. Safe in the end but with a little less awareness from his partner, Lamacq would have been to blame for a silly run out.
71.4 . Rowland to Lamacq
Nicely picked up off the toes to midwicket.
71.3 . Rowland to Lamacq
Lamacq missed out there, ball was there to be hit but straight to Attwood.
71.2 4 Rowland to Lamacq
He goes for it and bang! It came right out of the middle. The fielders can only watch helplessly as it flies to the boundary for four.
71.1 . Rowland to Lamacq
Defended by Lamacq. Fun stuff.
All done here.

End of Over 20 (Maiden). Judgy's Legacy: 10-10, runrate=0.50 (1st Inn: 15-10)
Trail by 336 runs. (ShrimperZone CC 361-3)
Overs left today: 23
Digana 9-7-2-5
Cunningham* 0 (6 balls)
ah bugger

End of Over 11 (2 runs). Northallerton Town: 57-0, runrate=5.18
Trail by 172 runs. (Napster's XI 229-10)
Overs left today: 12
van Niekerk 6-0-20-0
Attwood* 33 (35 balls)
Mcphee 24 (31 balls)
Going well on our return.


Badger won the toss and elected to bat.
Pitch: hard & fast

End of Over 50 (8 runs). BATTY SHRIMPERS II: 221-3, runrate=4.42
Lead by 147 runs. (Badger 74-10)
Overs remaining today: 13
Benyon 15-1-74-0
Benton* 32 (41 balls)
Brosnihan 14 (11 balls)
Last Wicket: Wasserman c. Wharton b. Brackenbridge 50 (FOW: 193/3)
Franchises not faring better

End of Over 23 (Maiden, 1b). Nappers 2nd: 46-2, runrate=2.00
Overs left today: 87
Siyabulela 5-5-0-0
Gholam* 25 (70 balls)
Wolleaston 0 (5 balls)
Last Wicket: Stienstra c. Siyabulela b. Harber 1 (FOW: 45/2)
No idea what will happen here, although at the end, i reckon having a worthless squad filler

Davy Surrey (4153883)
Plays For: N-Trance shire
Nationality: England
Age: 21 Years Old
Battrick Rating: 621 (+41)
Wages: £263 p/w

Stamina: abysmal Wicket Keeping: worthless
Batting: worthless Concentration: worthless
Bowling: worthless Consistency: mediocre
Fielding: worthless

in at number 5 rather than my new WK will probably cost me...

End of Over 14 (12 runs). N-Trance shire: 46-2, runrate=3.29 (1st Inn: 144-10)
Lead by 43 runs. (sticky wicket cc 147-10)

just looked, and they lost there last 6 wickets for 3 runs (and Surrey took a catch!)... can't see that happening twice, think i will just try to bat out for as long as i can and take the draw
First team heading to defeat

End of Over 75 (4 runs). Northallerton Town: 339-3, runrate=4.52
Lead by 110 runs. (Napster's XI 229-10)
Overs left today: 58
Elwin 19-0-125-0
Gallacher* 50 (79 balls)
Euell 156 (181 balls)
Last Wicket: Maymann b. Atherton 40 (FOW: 228/3)

Franchise team - who knows? We got 68 a/o, they responded 158 a/o. Currently 14-0
Nearly done.


Pitch: hard & fast/cracked

End of Over 28 (Maiden). Badger: 49-7, runrate=1.75 (1st Inn: 74-10)
Trail by 237 runs. (BATTY SHRIMPERS II 360-8 dec)
Overs remaining today: 49
Kidd 1-1-0-2
Brackenbridge* 0 (2 balls)
Rieger 0 (1 balls)
Last Wicket: Mceverley c. Coldicott b. Kidd 0 (FOW: 49/7)
If i can get rid of Murad soon I should be able to get a decent lead but struggling to see how I can get a result from here if that doesn't happen.

End of Over 45 (2 runs, 1lb). Maidstone CC: 154-2, runrate=3.42
Trail by 198 runs. (Deep Backward Square Leg 352-10)
Overs left today: 44
Gloster 5-1-10-0
Murad* 88 (117 balls)
Zanele 5 (20 balls)
Last Wicket: Verde lbw b. Mccready 59 (FOW: 143/2)
WooHoo, we're on our way back.:thumbsup:

And that's the end of the match. BATTY SHRIMPERS II won by an innings and 218 runs.

End of Over 45 (Maiden). Badger: 68-10, runrate=1.51 (1st Inn: 74-10)
Trail by 218 runs. (BATTY SHRIMPERS II 360-8)
Overs left today: 32
Makwetla 3-2-5-1
Benyon* 3 (48 balls)
Franchise going well in our first match in VI. Got a good chance of staying up in this one unlike OD.

End of Over 68 (Maiden). Shallow and Pedantic CC: 274-7, runrate=4.03
Lead by 141 runs. (WhatWhenWhere 133-10)
Overs left today: 90
Kesterton 11-2-37-2
Karel* 1 (15 balls)
Malloy 0 (5 balls)

Last Wicket: Drury lbw b. Kesterton 28 (FOW: 274/7)
First match after promotion, and going well.....

End of Over 25 (2 runs). Cookie Monsters: 66-1, runrate=2.64 (1st Inn: 191-10)
Trail by 313 runs. (Deleven 570-10)
Austin 4-1-9-0
Elsegood* 33 (48 balls)
Hector 24 (53 balls)
Last Wicket: Hatcher c. Harper b. Rudman 6 (FOW: 22/1)
End of Over 41 (4 runs, 1lb). Maidstone CC: 143-1, runrate=3.49 (1st Inn: 263-10)
Trail by 63 runs. (Deep Backward Square Leg 352-10 & 117-5)
Overs left today: 37
Mccready 11-0-47-1
Verde* 54 (122 balls)
Murad 82 (106 balls)
Last Wicket: Oliver c. Holly b. Mccready 2 (FOW: 5/1)

I may have made a slight misjudgement in my attempt to try and force a result, may not have scored many more runs anyway but will never know.
Playing WestSide VendeTTA, newly promoted and a name I recognise but don't recall ever playing them before. Took a gamble batting in PCH on the basis it's the same tomorrow as well. A steady start.

End of Over 19 (4 runs). ShrimperZone CC: 58-1, runrate=3.05
Overs left today: 91
Rooney 8-0-22-0
Brennan* 1 (8 balls)
Duck 34 (62 balls)

Last Wicket: Sinethemba b. Pratley 22 (FOW: 44/1)