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  1. manor15

    Breaking News Timlin and Fortune depart

    Now covered by Echo. Two superb pros. Gutted to lose Tims, few have given as much as he has and been a great servant for the club and I think he could still have offered us something. Shame on the club for letting him depart in this way after all he’s given over 8 years. Also means that...
  2. Ricey

    World Cup Squad Announcement

    That time has finally arrived where in a couple of hours we will find out who is going and who isn’t. It appears that Hart and Wilshere will miss out according to reports. I won’t lose any sleep over either of those two missing out. I really hope Southgate takes a gamble and takes Sessegnon.
  3. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Oxford United 2-0 Southend United

    Hardly the result we expected, but this is SUFC we are talking about.....Two first teamers injured as well. Well that is our season done. At least "we hope" we have enough points to stay up and rebuild. Dismal performance by the sounds of it.
  4. Football League Show

    Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but for those of you that enjoy the show and getting their 1st fix of Southend's matchday highlights... I've seen that the Football League Show on currently on Channel 5 has been dumped by them at the end of the season, and from next next season will...
  5. BriggBlue

    Lift share to P'boro away from north lincs

    Due to the wife not being overly enthused about sitting in the cold watching us lose away (again) I find myself in the position of driving down to peterborough from north lincs on my todd tomorrow, if anyone in the area on en route wants to lift share drop me a pm to try and arrange meet times /...
  6. Thatchers Children

    To save hi-jacking the Brexit thread I thought people might like to explain who they first voted for and why. Lets keep it to your personal reasons so no need to repeat to many grand and well covered anti Thatcher rants etc. I had left school in 1981 so my first vote was for Labour in 1983. If...
  7. Are there 4 Clubs which might finish below us?

    As we need 4 clubs to finish below us to avoid relegation what are the chances that might happen? Bury must be doomed. No goals in 7 straight defeats with just 2 league wins since September. Surely we will finish above them. Rochdale also just 2 league wins since September also look doomed...
  8. Sandbach Shrimper

    Too much football over Christmas?

    There's been a lot of talk over the last week about the festive fixture schedule and whether we play too much football in this country, with managers complaining, particularly those from the top Premier League clubs (who ironically have the biggest squads). I do have some sympathy with them...
  9. Floval Flyer

    Coaching staff

    Just at looking at the senior coaching staff on the club website, we only have PB, GC, and Lee Harrison (goalkeeping coach), plus old man Horton named, but there is no attacking coach? Who assumes these duties, as none of the aforementioned played in an attacking role in their careers, so who...
  10. Uncle Leo

    World Cup oddities

    Glad to see this forum back (thanks :cricko: ) as I bloody love the World Cup. Not just the games either - always loads of great stories around the tournament. So I'm going to post a few on here in the lead-up. Do join in! 1) The 1938 Finals were a straight knock-out. So Dutch East Indies (now...
  11. Barry.C

    The Captain Critical

    Some of you may well have seen this, but I thought it worthy of discussion and apologies in advance for length !! Apparently one of the favourite current reads amongst leading International coaches ( across all sports ) is " The Captains Class". It was even acknowledged by Southgate in...
  12. Last time we won an away game after conceding the first goal?

    I've trawled back through previous seasons results and was shocked at what I think I found. I reckon the winning goal was scored by Big Bad Barry Corr! Can anyone corroborate this or show me that I've missed one. We haven't drawn too many either. Could explain the bad "attitude" - we go a goal...
  13. AndyT

    No Lose November

    Well, it's finally here and this year our illustrious opponents are :- Oldham Athletic (Home) Portsmouth (Away) MK Dons (Away) Oxford United (Home) Now, call me optimistic, but I think we can pull it off for yet another year! .. Especially with the return of fans favourite, Michael Turner. By...
  14. First4mortgages

    Breaking News Do you have a mortgage? CONTACT FIRST4MORTGAGES NOW

    With the threat of an impending mortgage rate rise, NOW is the perfect time to look at your mortgage and take advantage of low interest rates. Do you know if you are on the best rate available, or are you paying more than you need to for your mortgage? First4Mortgages will tell you if there...
  15. Starting 11 ( if we had no further additions or losses )

    I know that we will get players in ( "we will wont will Phil ????" ) and we might lose Lenny ("we wont will we Ron ???" ) and given that Ranger and Wordsworth wont be available due to holiday and injury , what starting 11 ( and subs ) would people select. This thread is due to another slow news...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Nile ranger

    I don't get the love affair with ranger. He has far too many off days and we tend to go long when he is in the side. I'm much more a fan of fortune who appears more skilled and offers more to the side and cox. I know ranger signed a long deal but I'd be disappointed to lose fortune tbh.
  17. manor15

    IF we make the play-offs...

    Let's say that we beat Bury and Millwall lose to Bristol Rovers... Does anyone actually fancy us in the play-offs? We all know the importance of form going into these, it was pretty crucial when we came up only two years ago, but we are currently experiencing our worst run of form of the...
  18. RHB

    We've lost two on the trot - What to do?

    First Bolton and now Charlton, two defeats and the wheels have fallen off, what the **** is going on? What can I do to advertise my total state of upset and disappointment. I know, I'll start a thread about Striker options on the bench that way I can really get posters...
  19. The end game

    Keeping this as simple as possible , just looked at it being a race between MILLWALL , BRISTOL ROVERS and SUFC for one play off place. MILLWALL 67 POINTS ( GD : 9 ) SUFC 66 POINTS ( GD : 14 ) BRISTOL R 63 POINTS ( GD : 2 ) If we can draw both away games and win both at home ( so 8 points from...
  20. Yorkshire Blue

    Reserves lose 4-1 at Charlton

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/14999937.Blues_beaten_at_Charlton_in_friendly/ Is Adam Barrett injured?