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  1. Dick Bate's Protege

    iTunes Match

    Has anyone given this a go yet? In essence, for £22 a year, iTunes Match stores up to 25000 tracks in iCloud, which your 3G/WiFi devices can cherry pick from at anytime, anywhere. For someone like me this seems like a good idea, because I have nearly 100gb of music/audiobooks etc and always...
  2. * ORM *

    OD - Match 9

    Me 5th at home to 4th. All at sublime and I should edge this one though I don't expect an easy run. A win puts me top 4 and I should be able to finish 3rd. One of the SZ league teams the nuts is in my division but hasn't logged in since 2nd Jan. I realise he could be off skiing or similar. He...
  3. Kevin Hogg

    Devils Advocate..

    Whilst confident in Luggy and the lads...what if?? We draw or, god forbid, lose the re-arranged game at that park with a pitch. Miss out on promotion by...say 1 point? Having been 1-0 up, Shots down to 10 and struggling?? Yet Aldershot Town were unable to complete a football match on the due...
  4. In 7 days - get a life some of you

    Lost a chance to go to wembley Lost top spot in League 2 Lost a chance to play at Anfield Lost our best player possibly Take the last few years and to be in with a chance of any of the above is a near on mircale I really do think we have some of the most fickle fans in the country who foks me...
  5. The run is over.......long live the run!!

    Ok, so 17 matches unbeaten is no mean feat but as they say, all good things must come to an end! Now, lets take something out of this to keep our spirits up! We didnt lose in the league, so we still have an unbeaten run of league games to maintain.....currently, this stands at 12 matches...we...
  6. shrimperjon

    Unbeaten Run?

    If we draw after 90 mins, but lose on penalties, does this mean that the unbeaten run continues? Wasnt sure if it applies to 90/120 mins of playing football. I know that although Huddersfield lost in the play off final this didnt count against their unbeaten run. So the rule seems a bit open...

    The BIG week ... Win, Lose and Draw

    As pointed out by the Ex Trust chap we have 3 big games next week, so if you had to pick a W D L for each what would it be and why WIN ... Cheltenham, "League Twos a **** hole, i wanna go up, i wanna go uuuuup League Twos a etc etc" a morale boosting win against one of our current challengers...
  8. Pre-Match Thread Southend United V Bristol Rovers

    Bristol Rovers come down to Roots Hall on Saturday, safe say to there not looking foward to this. Loads of there fans want Buckle gone and Bristol Rovers team spirit seems to be very much down. Chris Zebroski has had his say. So a good chance to make it 16 games unbeaten but also a game...
  9. Winning Formula

    A wee birdie told me that the manager has been reading the fans comments about the style and standard of performance.He maintains that there is a certain criteria and certain stats that are part of the ingredients of a winning formula that he is insistant is emphasised by the team . But he...
  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Jobless 'may lose council homes', warns Wandsworth

    'The council is already hoping to introduce rules giving a higher priority to working families when allocating council properties.' Why isn't every council doing this? Full article here. Does anyone have a tent they can lend to osy?
  11. Chris Phillips- Do u want us to lose??

    Why keep going on about November being a bad month for the last 6 years. Are you trying to get in the players heads or what Go and run another marathon and keep running - fool
  12. * ORM *

    OD - Match 13

    Crucial week for me in 5th at home to 6th. Win and I avoid relegation. Lose and I'm relying on 4th to beat 7th who I play next week. Frampton is lively but must play. EDIT and Blinkers has carried on where he left off yesterday 5.4 W Blinkhorn to Asher Incredible stuff. Blinkhorn bowls...
  13. Cricko

    Dutch firm wins Rail contract

    WTF can't a British firm compete with these overseas companies..We seem to always lose out to foreign bids these days. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-15382383?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter