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Fan since 66
Aug 5, 2010
Bikini Bottom
I'm after some help. I've been contributing the occasional comments to FourFourTwo magazine and I've been asked for the best 3 players in League 2.As I'm pretty poor at remembering who I think has played well for the opposition I'd be grateful if I could have some suggestions, name & club and rank them 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

There are just a few things to bear in mind:

  • You should base this mainly on performances this season, although overall class should be taken into account.
  • They need to currently be registered to a Football League club – players who left the League in the transfer window on a permanent deal, such as Liam Bridcutt to Sunderland, are NOT eligible.
  • All loanees, both into and out of the Football League, ARE eligible this year (eg. Patrick Bamford (loaned in, from Chelsea) is fine, as is Tom Ince (loaned out, from Blackpool)).
  • Please don’t base your votes purely on matches you’ve been to, but take into consideration games you may have seen on TV. We want you to be the voice of your club, so if you wish to open up the debate with fellow fans, that can only help.

Also they asked the following:
"ALSO... we're looking to publish a collection of the funniest fan stories from the Football League this season and were wondering if you or someone you know has a story that could work for this. We will run a large selection of these in next issue.

The stories can be about anyone at your club – player, manager, chairman, club employee – or something you've witnessed inside or outside the ground this season, concerning the home or away fans. Or it could simply be something bizarre you've seen or a funny chant.

Here is an example of the kind of thing we're after.

Sign him up, sign him up
"Just as our game against Crewe was about to kick-off last week (I'm a Brentford fan), out of nowhere a Siberian Husky scampers across the pitch like something from a Winalot advert. As it frolics on the pitch, looking genuinely pleased with itself, some of the players attempt to usher it back into the stands. Not Crewe's No.9 Matthias Pogba, though. The hulking centre forward appears to yelp as the friendly canine trotts by him, much to the obvious delight of my fellow Bees. After serenading the eager mut - "sign him up, sign him up" - we turn our attention to Pogba. As well as barking at him every time he touches the ball, we chant: “Matthias Pogba, he’s scared of a dog.” Pogba's look of utter confusion only adds to the hilarity, as we go on to win 3-1."
Darren Feeney, Brentford fan

Thanks for your help