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Somerset Ex-TTB

Oct 30, 2003
I know its early days, but thinking about next season and how we might fair, taking into account the teams coming up from the conference and coming down from League One.

Personally I think the bookies will make us one of the favorites, and our odds wont be as generous as this season, so who else might be up there or there about in your opinions.

Relegated Teams


I can see Shrewsbury and Tranmere being play-off contenders, but I think that the other two will struggle to mid-table, and Stevenage may even slip back to the non league

Promoted Teams/Losing Play Off Teams


Luton I think will be a big threat, and I can also see Cambridge doing OK. I also think that ourselves and the losing play off finalist will also be challenging. I can't see York emulating this season, and I think they will be mid-table.

Other teams that sill probably improve from this season, and that may well challenge


I think Portsmouth and Newport will be the biggest threat out of those lot.

Of the rest, I can't see any of them mounting a serious promotion challenge?


and finally Morecambe, who are not in the same league as us.

Maybe Mansfield, and Northampton might be up there.

Looking at that lot, I feel that with the exception of a couple, League two is going to be there for the taking next season if we can keep our squad together. Maybe not going up might be the best thing that could of happened.
I beleve this League is going to be harder than the last season just finished .I cant see portsmouth being as poor as they was last term .And maybe they will be fav to go up ..Luton will also be a hard team to beat . thirdly Northampton may well be a force next season .But I hope Phil Brown and his back room staff bring in the right blend of players to get us in the mix next time around
Luton will do well.

I'm more concerned about how strong we'll be, to be honest. I've watched Southend United in this division for, far far too many seasons and, whilst there is often a strong side or two there are four promotion places and usually at least a couple of those sides are nothing special.

The only time I remember there being more than one or two good sides was the year we went up until Tilson. Scunthorpe, Yeovil, Swansea and ourselves were all good strong sides who did well the next year and all went up again before coming back down.

Basically, if we're better than this year I don't see us doing anything other than improving on our league position.
If we can keep the vast majority of this team together (including the likes of Leonard, Coker and Bentley) then with a few quality additions - including a bit of pace up top - we have nothing to fear at all. Yes the competition will be tough but we're a very good side and are more than capable of finishing in the top 3 provided there isn't any kind of significant exodus. I'm not worried about other teams, if we play to our full potential on a consistent basis then we have a great chance of automatic promotion next season.

I'll tell you what WILL be crucial though, who we bring in to replace Egan and Sokolik. Bob Shaw has done a great job with player recruitment and that needs to continue this summer.

P.S. And fair play to Brown, he's made watching Southend enjoyable again. That's in no way a dig at Sturrock who did a fine job however some of the football down at the Hall this season was a joy to watch. :clap:
I believe next season is probably the most pivotal season for SUFC in many a long year,we have a very good manager and backroom staff,some very good young talent,promotion is a must,whether it be automatic or through the playoffs.Portsmouth will be a team to fear as will Luton,im sure Tranmere and Newport will be also.Im off the opinion that if we do not gain promotion next season we could lose a lot of the talent we have and spend the next few seasons mid table,we also need for RM to buy that Spade and start digging the earth at Fossetts Farm, because if he dosent then SUFC will surely become the laughing stock of the rest of the league ,the FF saga has gone on too long now.
In saying all that , may i add there are 24 teams in the division and knowing SUFC record against the lower teams ,that makes all 24 a dangerous proposition.
Ye this. Our record against teams at the bottom of this league have been shabby to say the least, so does it really matter. Just win when you should, and win when you shouldnt, and up we go.
Cambridge will probably have an average first season back in the football league, just like Mansfield did last season, Luton will be a threat, but probably not as much of a threat as we all think. Personally, I reckon they will have a solid season but will finish just outside the play-offs.

They, Luton, may, (and probably will) get hit with the usual transfer flux of being promoted to the FL as Conference champions. They will get quite a few offers for their players, most of them who have FL experience (Luke Rooney, Luke Guttridge, Dave Martin, Scott Griffiths) and at least three will leave and go to League 1 sides, Andre Gray being the most-wanted target for other teams.

From what I know, Benson was only on loan at Luton, but they will probably get him back on loan from Swindon. Knowing the connection he has with John Still, they could even get him permanently
Andre Gray is the only player Luton may lose, but to be honest I think they'll keep him. I doubt they'd lose anyone else - they're a masive club at League Two level and they pay decent money so why would any of their players leave to a team in the same division or the one above? Other than Gray I don't think they have anyone who would get into a club at Championship or above level. Luke Guttridge was one of their best players last year.
Its not about the other teams to me
If we keep the bulk of this years squad who are settled and used to playing with each and then can add 3-4-5 quality additions then I think the others should be worrying more about us

Clubs coming up and going down will like have more disruption to their squads- something we can benefit from if we have stability of personal and style of play with everyone understanding their jobs
I think Bury is another team who are splashing the cash and are currently around 3rd Favs. We are 8th in the bookies estimation at the moment
Northampton seem to be in a mood to throw money at gaining promotion next season and will likely be a serious threat. Overall, I think the division will be harder next season.

I think Bury is another team who are splashing the cash and are currently around 3rd Favs. We are 8th in the bookies estimation at the moment

Northampton reckoned they were up for it last season and look where it ended up for them. Bury are a different matter, they finished quite strongly and I think they could be a threat.
I fancy Northampton next season teams like Portsmouth Newport Luton Cambridge mid table
bookies always go for the teams coming up ,I remember last season that Portsmouth Mansfield Newport were tipped to do well.
I think we will do well next year remember there is no transfer embargo this time round
depends who mr brown brings in he can be a big influence on players