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Oct 27, 2003
The wilds of Kent
Biggest game in my managerial career

Playing a side who have a few players better than mine, but I have a more balanced team, and have a winning streak of 11 games...

and it's a good start

Welcome to Trent Bridge CG for the match between Trent Bridge and Napster's XI.

We can tell you that Trent Bridge won the toss and elected to field. The pitch is looking like a road. As flat as a pancake. No help for the bowlers on this partially cloudy and humid day.

Lets join our team for ball-by-ball commentary.

1.2 1 Croxon to Jefferson
Cheeky little nudge. One run to Jefferson.
1.1 2 Croxon to Jefferson
Driven to the boundary and Matthews's throw is too weak. A single turns into a comfortable two.
1.1 nb4 Croxon to Jefferson
no ball, A wild swing at that and it bounces just inside the rope for four.

End of Over 1: 12-0, runrate=12.00
Bentota 1-0-12-0
Jefferson* 6 (3 balls)
Armstrong 5 (3 balls)
Just got an email- he's throwing the game. Ah well. Here comes Level IV

End of Over 10: 90-0, runrate=9.00
Croxon 5-0-46-0
Jefferson* 44 (28 balls)
Armstrong 44 (33 balls)
Jeffers gets his highest ever OD total

End of Over 50: 407-2, runrate=8.14
Iqbal 10-0-73-2
Jefferson* 182 (130 balls)
Philip 4 (1 balls)

Last Wicket: Prag c. Hemmings b. Iqbal 134 (FOW: 403/2)
And that's the end of the match. Napster's XI won by 366 runs.
Napster's XI 407-2
Trent Bridge 41-10

End of Over 14: 41-10, runrate=2.93
Whittingham 1-0-1-1
Hemmings* 1 (19 balls)
Congrats Naps, how's the IV you're moving into looking?
Congrats Naps, how's the IV you're moving into looking?

Tough. The teams which got relegated were worse than me, so I "should" stay up at least for now. Trying to get a new batsman for next season, as missing an important link at number 7.
won my game so stay in Level V

The only downside was Bob Birkett only scoring 5. After his previous "dismissals" in the last two BT20 friendlies:

4.2 W Schofield to Birkett
The ball brushes the batsman's pad and Martin has an easy take behind. But hang on, what's this? The fielder at point has a joke appeal and the umpire has triggered! Birkett's team mates had better keep away from him because he does not look happy.

0.5 W Hough to Birkett
That's a brave decision by the umpire, looked like it might have been sliding down leg to me. Birkett certainly looks upset, but he's got to go.

I was hoping he'd be a bit more ruthless today!

2.6 W Wolfenden to Birkett
The umpire hesitates for a caught behind appeal from Clancy, but Birkett decided to walk anyway.

Lack of experience telling there methinks :D
Meanwhile in friendlies, I beat former Southend fan, MrB's lot, helped by what looks like 5 wickets off the last five balls of the innings.