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Blue tinted optimist⭐
Oct 28, 2003
Cloud cuckoo land
Ok, there isn't a 4-5-1 mag.

But if it did exist, it may go something like this...

451 - So Phil, a decent season last year but not the best start so far, what's happened?

PB - Well, like, we've lost a few good players mind, and I've tried to bring in some real quality, but it's a new side, apart from the ones we kept from last season when we also brought in some decent players. And we had some superb ones here already, you know? I mean Ryan Leonard, or Lenny as we call him, a terrific young prospect a few years back when he was a right back. And then we brought in Luke O'Neill from Burnley, I knew the lad from before and he is absolute top quality, he played 30 minutes against Chesterfield and was class but got injured. When the opportunity came to get him last season on a 2 year deal it was too good to turn down, like.

451 - So did he displace Leonard from right back?

PB - No, Lenny plays centre midfield now. John White was the captain and he was the right back. One of the most committed players I've ever seen, you know?

451 - Ok, so that's 3 right backs. You brought Adam Barrett back, he's a bit of a club legend and we understand he has a one year extension, that's presumably to act as a backup in the centre?

PB - Well, not really, he's another whole hearted player you know, a real asset and inspiration on the pitch, so I've made him captain.

451 - I thought you said John White was captain?

PB - Aye. Adam is club captain and when he plays he will be captain on the pitch. John will be captain when Adam doesn't play.

451 - In the four league games so far, how many times has John White played?

PB - Aye well, he hasn't yet, you know. But he can also cover at centre back too.

451 - Will he give the much needed height you need to replace Luke Prosser and Cian Bolger who both left last season?

PB - Well no, he won't really as he's just under 6 feet. We have 3 people vying for the centre back position, Adam Barrett, Jacub Sokolik and Adam Thompson.

451 - Who gives the height there?

PB - Well, none of them are giants, you know, but they are all very, very committed. I couldn't ask for more. And we have Ben Coker, one of the best left backs in the league who's attracting attention from the Championship.

451 - So he may get sold in this window?

PB - I hope not but if a good enough offer comes in, then who knows? And we have brought in another quality defender in Jason Demetriou. Walsall were gutted he wouldn't re-sign for them you know.

451 - Is he cover for a left back?

PB - No, he's the current right back.

451 - Another right back? So that's 4 right backs? What about Luke O'Neill?

PB - We've converted him to right midfield.

451 - Ok. What about the midfield then? Anthony Wordsworth and Michael Timlin have contributed goals in the past but haven't got on the scoresheet yet this year.

PB - No, they're both injured, out until probably October time. Stephen McGlaughlin is our top scorer with 3 goals. He can strike them from anywhere you know.

451 - Yes, we have seen the goals, it seems as though Stuart Nelson the Gillingham keeper made two horrendous mistakes and then the one against Sheffield United was a tap into an empty net.

PB - Well, you've got to be in the right place though. And we've brought in two quality players in Simon Cox and Nile Ranger. That'll be a frightening partnership at this level.

451 - Agreed, top quality. Isn't Ranger a bit of a gamble bearing in mind he has hardly played for 2 years?

PB - Well, the lad is worth a shot, you know, like, and for 26 minutes against Sheffield United he tormented them. Sadly he got injured and will now be out for 6 weeks.

451 - Another injury? That's bad luck. What about the loss of Jack Payne? He scored some important goals for you last year.

PB - Aye, he did and I was gutted he went. And I'm actively looking to replace him. We're running the eye over a lad who we think will fit the bill.

451 - Can you say who?

PB - Yes. Jack Payne.

451 - Yes, who are you looking at to replace him?

PB - Who?

451 - Jack Payne.

PB - Yes.

451 - Yes, who?

PB - Who who?

451 - Jack Payne.

PB - Yes. Jack Payne.

451 - This is just too confusing, let's move on. If you don't mind us saying so Phil, there seems to be a lack of goals in the team.

PB - Well, I have signed an ex - Premier League player who scored on their debut you know.

451 - Really? Who?

PB - Well, when I say Premier league, it was the SPL and it's our keeper Mark Oxley, but if you're looking for a goalscoring keeper, you know, he's right up there. I'm expecting good things from him.

451 - Goalscoring keepers? Aren't they more required to actually save the shots?

PB - Aye, well, we're working on that. The problems so far is that Mark has been a bit unlucky in as much as that the opposition forward seem to be shooting either side of him. Our strikers and midfielders, you know, we're sporting and we like to give the goalies a chance, you know, and we'll fire it straight at them to give them a chance. The Gillingham lad, Nelson, has already let us score twice this season but the strikers man, you know, they just aren't playing ball. But I'm sure that as soon as Mark gets some shots that come at him as opposed to either side of him, he'll be absolutely fine and will start making those saves.

451 - We think we can see how the season is going. Thanks for the interview Phil.

PB - No problem, by the way, have you interviewed Big Sam yet? If you do, can you tell him I said hello...