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luke prosser

  1. Rattus Norvegicus

    Team of Southend United "nice" people

    Reading the thread about Luke Prosser (injured again, poor chap) reminded me that not all our ex-players are people that you would ideally like to be sharing a seat with on a train. So how about a team of "nice" people. I've got Luke Prosser and Chris Powell in defence and David Crown up front...
  2. Luke Prosser

    Poor old Luke not having much luck on the injury front. Having missed out on the end of last season from November onward after having to have a knee operation he has now had to have another and will miss the start of this season being out for another 6-8 weeks.:sad:
  3. fbm

    PB interview with 4-5-1 magazine

    Ok, there isn't a 4-5-1 mag. But if it did exist, it may go something like this... 451 - So Phil, a decent season last year but not the best start so far, what's happened? PB - Well, like, we've lost a few good players mind, and I've tried to bring in some real quality, but it's a new side...
  4. Napster

    Luke Prosser

    Gone to Col U
  5. Chalky

    Leyton Orient U21 0-1 SUFC U21

    U21s have a game against Leyton Orient today. Luke Prosser is the only senior player in the u21 team! 8 senior players in the Orient side. Also a trialist it looks like for blues, with Jordan Gibbons playing. Who is contracted for Yeovil Town. I believe it is him. Here is the team sheet below...
  6. IloveShrimp

    If the team were colours

    1. Daniel Bentley - Mauvelous 2. John White - Anti-Flash White 3. Ben Coker - Barbie Pink 4. Anthony Wordsworth -Camouflage Green 5. Adam Thompson – Hooker's Green 6. Luke Prosser - Purple Heart 7. David Worrall - Davy's Grey 8. Michael Timlin - Lion 9. Dave Mooney - Hunter Green 10. Jack Payne...
  7. manor15

    Luke Prosser in Football League Team of the Week

    653571105018482688 Wasn't at the game but the reports and ratings I've read didn't seem to suggest he'd be in the team of the week! Well done to him.
  8. Some post-Wembley snippets

    Finally caught up with all the coverage after a few days away ; On Sky TV's 45 minute highlights show, Ginger Lee's face was an absolute picture when Pigott equalised. Our 4 fans on Soccer A.M did not notch in that shoot out thing they do. The players all looked in good nick during the...
  9. GregStarz

    Appreciation where it's due.

    Putting aside the talk on the players who're always consistent like Bentley, Coker, Barrett etc I think a big well done is also owed to a couple of others like Bolger, Weston & Payne. Bolger - Literally came good at the right time and is solid at the back with Adam, he also seems to be pretty...
  10. Win percentage by player

    Not including sub appearances, and only for players with more than 5 starts. Player Win % with Win % without Difference Jake Cassidy 83 37 46 Stephen McLaughlin 86 42 44...
  11. Hope to see

    Adam Barrett if Luke Prosser does not make the game due to his head injury . Williams does not inspire me with confdence the way he plays he gets in a right fluster when facing an attacker .Where as Barrett has a an air of authority at the back . Sadly I doubt this will happen but hears hoping .
  12. Never mind the score

    All your thoughts should go out to Luke prosser .Yes the game was poor .But Luke prosser put his body in the line of the defence of the ball .And now he is lying in a hospital bed .And the worry is not that he was knocked out .Its that he is suffering from pins and needles in his arms . Lets...
  13. manor15

    Contracts expiring in the summer

    Quite interesting reading to see how many of our players contracts are up in the summer, last summer it was probably a similar number but not quite as many important players, the likes of Timlin, Corr, etc. so who would you give a new contract? In goal, there's Paul Smith. Think that will...
  14. Harry Bullocks

    Pre-Match Thread LTFC v SUFC

    Team News: Luton Town vs. Southend United Posted: Sat 11 Oct 2014 Author: @SUFCRootsHall...
  15. danburyshrimper

    Boo boy banter

    Most teams fans' seem to choose one or two of their own players and abuse them for anything they do. We seem to have more than most : Paul Smith , Luke Prosser + now seemingly Kevan Hurst get in the neck for almost no reason. Now anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows full well that this...
  16. sufclee

    Squad numbers released

    1 – Daniel Bentley 2 – John White 3 – Ben Coker 5 – Adam Thompson 6 – Luke Prosser 7 – David Worrall 8 – Michael Timlin 9 – Lee Barnard 10 – Barry Corr 11 – Myles Weston 12 – Will Atkinson 13 – Ted Smith 14 – Kevan Hurst 16 – Conor Clifford 18 – Ryan Leonard 19 – Jack Payne 21 – Paul Smith
  17. Shrimperstrust

    Reverse Auction - Luke Prosser Signed Boots & Headband

    The Shrimpers Trust have commissioned a unique piece of SUFC Memorabilia which one lucky supporter can win by predicting the Lowest Unique Bid in our reverse auction, and it can be yours for just £1.00 per bid. A pair of Luke Prosser's boots from the 2013/14 Season and his Headband have been...
  18. Pre-Match Thread Accrington Stanley (H)

    ***I am posting this now as I have a busy weekend and will hopefully have time to update it before Monday*** 21/04/2014 - Blues v Accrington Stanley Who Are They? Accrington visit Roots Hall on monday, in what is Blues' penuiltimate home game of the regular season. Stanley sit 17th in League...
  19. Yorkshire Blue

    Next season's squad

    GK: Paul Smith - 2014 Dan Bentley - 2016 Luke Chambers - 2014 (currently out on loan) Ted Smith - 2015 DEF: Mark Phillips – 2014 Luke Prosser - 2015 (+ option until 2016) Ryan Auger - 2014 John White - 2015 Ben Coker - 2015 Adam Thompson - 2015 Julian Bennett - 2014 (+ option until 2015)...
  20. who do you think should start at the back

    Come on lets do a poll on who do you all think will or should start in defence on friday night . Should the two who played so well against Bury continue .Or should one drop to the bench in favor of Luke prosser .This must be a tough call for Phil brown .Or maybe all three should play .What would...