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Mrs Baylock

Dec 21, 2012
As Bilel Moshni leaves after an eventful few years - I have swifly written my own interpretation of his time at SUFC. I have tried to make it as balanced as possible.

Mohsni left the blues today,
His services no longer required,
We've let him go on a freebie,
Cos his contract has expired.

When we reached the JPT final,
He Said "I'm here for the Season",
But he stopped on April 7th,
Was Wembley the reason?

Some are pleased he has left us,
Some are somewhat sad,
Some call him Mohsni The Legend,
Others Billy The Bad.

It's true he divided opinion,
Like Marmite or Mrs Thatcher,
For Hissy-fits, Rail Card Antics, Great Play & staying away
There's been no-one to match yer.

Cheers Bilel & good luck - Loved the football but not the Histrionics.

Thank you.

Mrs Baylock
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There once was a slightly mad Frenchman,
To play football became his intention,
We gave him some boots,
Some digs and some loot
Plus a contract with one years extension

He played football with fire and passion,
The opponents he just tried to mash 'em,
Amazing ability
But not much stability
Up top and with no sense of fashion

So sadly Bilel is now leaving
'Cos the fans were no longer believing
That he was our hero
In fact, he's a zero
That cost us the cup and we're grieving
Bil arrived here from a park
Playing football for him was a lark
Fall outs and rows abound
He cost nothing not even a pound
He went to Ipswich Town
Released by Mr Brown
Gone back home to chill
Watching Bil at times was a thrill
One day he will be a big star
But must stop being a nuttar
There once was a man named Bilel
Who strived to cause merry hell
He scored lots of goals
And not so many lols
So down to Hades he fell
Excellent stuff everyone please keep them coming in. I would "rep" you all but I do not know how.
Young Bilel, he came from here France
With the ball at his feet he would dance
At first the crowds cheered
And then they all jeered
So I fear he's now used his last chance