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  1. Massimo Giovanni

    The state of policing

    A number of threads lately have had some serious police related postings as the main issue of the thread. I don't know how to generate a survey on here and IF some one can put one up with relevant questions please do. These are just a suggestion of some questions. Have the police lost control of...
  2. Funeral of Ray Davy Snr

    Today was the funeral of Ray Davy, 63 years associated with Southend United. Distance stopped me attending but I have heard it was very well attended.
  3. fbm

    Beaten by the pitch

    Yesterday when with PB i joked with him about sorting the pitch out whilst on gardening leave. He laughed but then became serious and said that the pitch had "done for him". It had stopped the players playing football and achieving the style and results he had wanted. He's probably not far wrong.
  4. Mugged in Southend

    Someone tried to mug me last night. After living in the town for over 30 years this is the first time this has happened to me. I was walking back from Herbies near Southchurch Park when I sensed two youths were following me on the other side of the park railings. They had hoodies on and I felt...
  5. What will you say?

    When in six short weeks Phil has stopped the rot, our crocks are back looking solid as the proverbial and we sit in the last slot in the playoffs?
  6. londonblue

    Network Hard Drive

    I have a problem with my network hard drive. Basically It's stopped working and I can't see it on my computer. The ethernet port lights are on and working, suggesting data is being transferred, but there is clearly an issue. The drive is connected via a switch rather than straight into the...
  7. RHB

    Should 45 minute halves be scrapped

    A proposal to scrap 45-minute halves is to be looked at by football's lawmakers to deter time-wasting. Instead, there could be two periods of 30 minutes with the clock stopped whenever the ball goes out of play. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40311889 There's a poll for you to vote on...
  8. Stephen Broad

    Was a contestant on Countdown Monday which he lost. Apparently he's stopped being a taxi driver though and now works as a support worker for autistic children.
  9. Corners

    Since when has the rules for taking corners changed .I thought those quadrants by the corner flag was where the ball was ment to be placed .If you watch portvales corner that leads to there goal there player touches the ball then takes the corner the ball is outside the corner area .Now before...
  10. amsemp

    Reply message notifications

    I appear to have randomly stopped receiving the PM to inform me of replies to my posts. Has this been disabled or something as I didn't change anything? If not, how do I turn it back on? Cheers
  11. Newbie alert!!!

    Hello everyone. Recently joined this site over the weekend. My son turns 5 in August and over the last few months has gone football mad. Took him to the "Meet The Blues Day" on Sunday, which I thought was fantastic. My daughter, 8, also went (mainly so she could meet Daniel Bentley -...
  12. southchurch

    What phil should learn from Plymouth game

    Wycombe outplayed Plymouth for the most part in both their semi-final games. I know Phil will have been looking at the tape over the last week and trying to learn something from it. I think the fans of most clubs can see what when wrong when they lose. From a Plymouth point of view they are...
  13. Stoppage time goals

    Ok so last night Wycombe score a winner in the 102nd minute. Tonight Burton get an equaliser in the 98th minute. Now the cynic in me demands an enquiry into the obvious bias towards the top 3 sides in making sure the game goes on until they get some sort of result. I mean Burton even missed a...
  14. At last !

    White American cop charged with murder ! This policeman stopped a black guy because his tail light was broken,Black guy after struggling with the cop tries to run away and the cop fired 8 rounds at him,the cop decides to handcuff the dying man. All the above captured on camera which was handy...
  15. Tommy2holes

    Problem exes

    Has anybody else had problems with there exes in regards to child access. Both my exes have been a nightmare using the kids as a weapon. I have been stopped from seeing them numerous times and have been told my fiance can't see them etc. Didn't see my daughter for 15months until I applied...
  16. 8 out of 36

    Where does the blame lie for not getting promoted. Well some say Ron Martin, for helping to put us in this league in the first place. Some say PB, for not rotating the team enough. For me the players themselves must stand up and be counted. We should have never been in the playoffs in the first...
  17. Another Shrimper Leaves us.

    I heard tonight of another Shrimper who has passed away. Derek Crabb died today shortly before his 80th birthday. He wasn't a member of the Zone but had been a fan for many many years, attending games until ill-health stopped him. He did make it to Wembley last year which, like many of us, was...
  18. OldBlueLady

    A sad indictment of modernity

    Read this article from the Mail online which really saddened me. Two little girls "pretended" individually, to be lost in a shopping centre for an hour, both knew their mother was nearby and could see them, but both acted out their parts well. 616 people walked right by them!!! Only one...
  19. Knackers Yard. Who Would You Rest?

    It's coming up to that time again when some of our players will be treading treacle. It's happened badly the last 2 seasons because of small squad, suspensions and injuries, meaning some players played a lot of games. The midfielders get through the most running, so I would rest Timlin and...
  20. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Chesterfield Cup Success let's milk it!

    We're all hyped up by todays result and recent results, so why not milk it a bit and as Memory lane seems all the rage at the moment how about Chesterfield in the cup 1939. My granddad (DTSs great granddad) went to the abandoned match. THE SPECIAL TICKETS The Southend United Supporters Club...