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  1. londonblue

    Ron Martin, Please Get us out of This Embargo

    Firstly let me say that I am really excited about the position we now find ourselves in. We are third in the table with a chance of going top on Saturday, and are playing football that I enjoy watching. But, my issue is that, at the moment, we’re getting away with it. We have had a number of...
  2. Kevin Hogg

    A personal thank you to...whoever you were.

    After 22 and a half years I am attempting to say thank you to persons unknown.The date? 4th May 1991. Significant for many as Southend United were playing Bury away....promotion to the second tier could finally be achieved after 85 years.I had arranged and paid to go on a minibus with the...
  3. Ref Watch .......... York

    The referee for tomorrow's cut price game is Darren Sheldrake from Kingston in Surrey who is in his fifth year as a Football League referee. He has the opportunity to atone for a woeful and inconsistent display earlier this season away at Wycombe when he cautioned Prosser and White and 3 home...
  4. Harry Bullocks

    Pre-Match Thread Exeter City v Southend Utd

    Now we've established that we can pay on the gate on Saturday, and that the EDL are in Exeter city centre on the day...any thoughts on team selection, anticipated following, and final score? Bentley White Prosser Keirnan Coker Atkinson Laird Leonard Straker Hurst BBBC Subs; Smith Phillips...
  5. Amwell Blue

    Latest Rumours PB to go to Middlesborough

    I can't believe that no one has started this rumour yet.... So I will, I have absolutely no evidence, but hey that hasn't stopped us before :smile:
  6. steveo

    Things that have impressed you today

    An opposite thread for the thing that are hacking you off today. Bought a watch via Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Although apparently water resistant up to 100 metres, it misted up after a swim in a 1.5m pool and the chronos stopped working. Was expecting a drawn out returning process but was...
  7. Ref Watch ........ Wycombe A

    The referee for tomorrow's game at Wycombe is Darren Sheldrake from Kingston in Surrey who is in his fifth year as a Football League referee. He comes into this match on the back of not one, but two, controversial performances in the last week. He sent off Burnley's goalkeeper at Brighton for...
  8. Mad Cyril

    Restaurant Scores on the doors

    Do you refuse to eat anywhere if they have a low rating? I have stopped going to a few places after checking their ratings online. Luckily the Mumtaz Mahal in Benfleet has five stats so I won't starve.
  9. Poetry Corner - Bilel Mohsni.

    As Bilel Moshni leaves after an eventful few years - I have swifly written my own interpretation of his time at SUFC. I have tried to make it as balanced as possible. Mohsni left the blues today, His services no longer required, We've let him go on a freebie, Cos his contract has expired...
  10. Lets move on!

    Can we all please stop this Sturrock would've done better than Brown bollox. The Season is over with Sturrocks team. He brought all of these players in during his time with us. I'm not buying all the Sturrock love in. Yes he seems like a top man who has left with great dignity, yes he done a...
  11. yogi bear up the cagire

    Cup success and the price we are paying for it

    When Paul Sturrock has the time to reflect of this season, will he be ironically regretting the fact that his luck in Cup Competitions changed? It seems to be the fashion at the moment on here to furnish reasons for our expected failure again in gaining promotion from the basement...
  12. Jam_Man

    International Driving Permit - Florida

    Off to Florida soon and had an email from the villa owner saying I had to get an International Driving Permit as its a new law introduced on the 1st Jan 2013 but hardly publicised. Never heard of it and checked RAC and Post Office but both say recommended only. However the AA site shows : R –...
  13. chadded


    A few months back, I ordered a Skoda Octavia VRS Blackline, because it was a good deal, and the car is pretty damn sexy, and goes like **** off a stick. When I say ordered, I placed the order through a company, and prior to doiung the paperwork, rang Skoda to confirm availability etc, which was...
  14. Ian Hollaway legend

    just finished watching cov pne game on sky after the game the Interviewer remarked that aston villa need to rebuild after the defeat against bradford.His reply.. rebuild they nick all the talent from the lower leagues.. 'When i was at bristol rovers they nicked scott sinclair at 16 for 200k...
  15. A Very Positive Experience

    As I stated in the other thread today I tried the club's Blue Lounge hospitality for the first time. I was greeted by the lovely Gill who explained the procedure for the carvery meal and was served the starter of Crispy Chicken Fillets with a sweet chilli and mayo dip. I chose the wonderful...
  16. TrueBlue

    The Mario story so far.....

    £10,000 in parking fines. Car has been impounded 27 times. £300,000 fine for throwing darts at the youth team. Won £25,000 in a casino, gave £1,000 to a tramp outside the casino. Threw tomatoes at a Serie A manager. Threw Water Balloons at a Serie A disciplinary hearing. Started a fight with 4...
  17. southchurch

    Rattle The Cage

    So the Wee Birdie has stopped his chirpings again after two dismal performances. I miss his Stats. and talk of 'knocking it to the right areas'. I guess he'll wait to we have another win before he raises his beak again. Well I think we should rattle his cage and get him airborne . Explanations...
  18. Breaking News Since the scoreboard broke

    Bring back the broken scoreboard above the northbank. We have been doomed since it ever stopped into a downward sprial
  19. pickledseal

    Question Stadium Program/Announcements for my Grandad RIP

    Quick question, My grandad, Ted Lewis, passed away last week. He was 94 and a season ticket holder for over 40 years after moving to Southend in 1955. He used to go to lots of reserve games too and used to offer his 'advice' to whoever was in charge apparently! He sat at the back of the West...
  20. OldBlueLady

    RIP Anthony Tomassi, a Southend on Sea legendary figure

    Reports from BBC Essex this morning, that Anthony Tomassi has died. Originally on the opposite side of the High Street, partially where the Royals now stands, one of my favourite places to eat, from way back when I was young. Used to be a birthday treat to go there, have one of their delicious...