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Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-2 AFC Flyde.


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Oct 25, 2006
We were not really at the races today against a very tall and strong team.. The ref was the ususal rubbish we get in this league but saying that they were not a bad side and out muscled and out played us everywhere.

I thought today was more about the protest (well done to the near on 1000 people who joined in) than the result but Kev and the boys do need some help if we are to start picking up some results. We cannot keep relying on just a few players game after game.

Over to you guys.

Well i know the worlds against us right now, but losing to bottom of non league isnt really good enough is it.

And **** off ron.
Fylde deserved to win. They looked like they had been cleverly prepared for the match against us. Difficult to see how superior Fylde, the bottom team, were to us in midfield. Kay, Graham and Gordon looked impressive.

I think we've been found out by our opponents in the division. Onwards to Aldershot on Tuesday.
I thought they were better than a lot of sides we have played this season but when your lucks out it's out.
Its just where we are isnt it because of all thats going on. Win one game and its pretty euphoric. Lose one and its a stark reminder of just where we are. And shouldnt be.

Onwards and upwards. Ill feel a little more comfortable when we are out of the relegation zone.
That was **** poor. Wasted the whole game lumping it to Cardwell when he wasn’t getting a sniff against that big ******* for them.
Too many sub par performances today and the makeshift defence got found out, both goals were down to very weak defending (cheers Ron for putting us in this position where we only have one recognised CB).
I assume Taylor's injured? I can't fathom why else he wasn't brought on.

Biggest disappointments for me were Mooney and Bridge, two attack minded wing backs who offered naff all threat in the final third today, and weren't much help defensively either.

MOM probably Cardwell, he kept going despite limited service. A let down after the high of Tuesday and the fantastic pre match protest march. One to write off as the players will know they're capable of better.
<Dear valued customer, We apologize for the cancellation of the game due to faulty equipment on the Southend side. At this time, we cannot confirm any refunds. We understand the inconvenience this may have caused and are actively working towards a solution. We will keep you informed of any updates.
Best regards, <

GOT this earlier from NL livestreaming service.Not impressed. :Angry:
Compare their right winger Ustabasi who was very quick, direct and strong and scored when they moved him into the middle to Mooney who wasn’t and didn’t.

Did their keeper make a save? They were what you expect from a lower small non league side work hard, niggly and fall over and the ref of course bought it all.
Tactical battle they won from the first minute. High-pressed us all over the pitch. We had no answer, other than to hoof it up against the biggest CB pairing you're likely to see. Cav needs to be back in midfield, and Taylor back in the stating 11.
Fylde set the stall out to force the keeper to kick long and having a huge CB meant they won every ball. They were big and strong and the ref allowed them to bully us

Shockingly bad ref didn't help us in the slightest but we only have ourselves to blame for the non existent marking for their opener

The ultimate blame lays at the Rats door though. A year under an embargo means the same players have to put their bodies through it week in week out with no let up
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Fylde had a game plan that worked and stuck to it; we looked exhausted and had too many square pegs in round holes. They deserved their win.

Can't fault the players or management, their hands are tied by the rat. Can't see us getting much out of Aldershot on Tuesday unless we can get Taylor and Ralph back in the side.