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Nov 9, 2009
So, yesterdays game wasn't good. We all know that, I have a question though......Serious question, do our players ever visit shrimperzone?
Because if they ever do then every single player on our team will be playing with there head down in low confidence, all I hear is slagging off, moan moan ****ing moan. We are 3rd place, I left the ground yesterday ****ed off, with a late equaliser from Daggers. But worst of all is that we as Southend fans were at our loudest when Kevin Maher walked off the pitch and we all sang 'ONE KEVIN MAHER'. Which is fair enough as he is a legend and all, but a standing applause would of done don't you think?
We can't afford to pick out a player, a classic example would be Luke Prosser, and constantly abuse him. a good number in the W block yesterday were booing him everytime he got on the ball, we know he didn't have a good game but neither did most of our players. I understand everyones frustration as we were in such good form and there is a bit of a angry/confusion mood going around wondering what's happening to the performances. It just shouldn't happen, fantastic attendance 7,500+ yesterday.
For me our best performance of the season or one of them has to be when we played Northampton at home. (2-2 FT)
Classic Grant, Hall, Ferdinand performance and everyone was playing top of there game. There was a few rants on shrimperzone about how the atmosphere could of been better if Northampton brought a few more down to have that little bit of 'banter' as one should say. But Daggers brought plenty down yesterday and we could of been a lot louder, everyone knows it. I just think yesterday when there were moments of bad football and complete silence in the ground, if we just broke that awkward silence and sang our hearts out, maybe the blood would of flown in the players more to get kicked up there little bum bums and perform better. Anyway, this isn't a point out to anyone just a general chit chat discussion.
Clohessy for me stood out yesterday, consistent player for us, and a few snaps of good football from a few individuals, (Timlin, Leonard's shot which deflected the crossbar). We have a few positives to look at now, with Benyon now in our squad that can only be an advantage right?

Also does anyone know any info about Mohsni? With the whole rumour from another league 2 side, I would be absolutely gutted to see him go, especially if it's another side in this league. We need his passion right about now and most of all, our passion. This saturday against Port Vale lets not pick on certain players, sing up and enjoy. we are all a family. Southend UNITED. UTB