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  1. Give the Army free tickets

    I think the club would get a lot of publicity if it gave out free tickets to our returning solders and I think it’s a good jester to those guys that have one hell of a job to do. We could have them come out at half time to walk round the pitch to a round applause. Good for the troop good for...
  2. GregStarz

    My Quick Opinion / Travel

    Well, we was totally outclassed by a better team and it seemed to me like Coppinger is the new Joe Cole. The stadium was pretty impressive although the stewards are stupidly strict and pretty silly but overall wasn't too bad. The support was absolutley awesome, to think of chanting, bouncing...
  3. Slipperduke

    Chelsea scramble through

    Chelsea scrambled into the semi-finals of the Champions League with a 2-0 victory over Zico's Fenerbahce that was anything but comfortable, either for the club or for those unfortunate enough to be watching. The continual criticism of their minimalist style of football can be tedious, but you...
  4. Slipperduke

    Chelsea scramble through

    Chelsea scrambled into the semi-finals of the Champions League with a 2-0 victory over Zico's Fenerbahce that was anything but comfortable, either for the club or for those unfortunate enough to be watching. The continual criticism of their minimalist style of football can be tedious, but you...
  5. Slipperduke

    Fergie Should Have Stayed Quiet

    You would think that Sir Alex Ferguson would know better, wouldn’t you? The last time he announced retirement plans, before the start of the 2001/02 season, Manchester United completely lost their focus and slumped like a Tottenham player at closing time. Between October and December of that...
  6. Slipperduke

    Sorry Spurs

    Juande Ramos said earlier this week that the clash with PSV Eindhoven would be a barometer of his team’s progress since he took the helm, but if that’s the case then there’s a grim storm on the horizon. Most people put Tottenham’s abysmal showing at St Andrews last weekend down to a hangover...
  7. Billy Paynter

    What sort of reception will he get saturday?. Despite never given a proper chance here, as many fans felt, if i had to guess whether he gets a round of applause or a cascade of jeers then i'd go for the second option. Also, if i was a betting man then i'd also gamble on him scoring a stunning...
  8. mattytheshrimper

    Martin Jol

    I was standing outside the shrimpers bar about to go in when who walks pass me, no over than martin jol. was very shocked at the time. when he got to the stands when the game was about to begin and got a nice round of applause as i think he should. anyone know why or anything? i was thinking...
  9. Southampton Shrimper

    Just got back...

    Just got back after today's game. We started really well and were deserving of our lead - AB, what a hero! But Saints eventually showed that they were the better team. The last three goals that we conceded didn't really matter one bit, by that time the entire Southend section were on their...
  10. Southampton Shrimper

    Alan Ball tribute

    As has already been suggested in another thread, our final game of the season will be an opportunity for Southampton Football Club to show their respects to Alan Ball. Their plans have been revealed, the following article having appeared in today's Southern Daily Echo: SAINTS FANS TO APPLAUD...
  11. Richard_Cadette

    Another masterstroke by Captain and Manager alike!!

    I didnt go to Plymouth today after what happened at Roots Hall last Saturday, the first time I have ever let the result of a match dictate whether or not I travel to an away game, but by mid morning I was feeling both incredibly guilty about not going down there to support the boys and also...
  12. shrimptank

    Inside the Meeting.

    Well, what an afternoon. Myself, BLUEBLOOD and SUFCEssex got to the meeting and has to blag our way in and finally took our seats in the public gallery about 13.55. There seemed to be a lot of totally pointless wasted time as the councillors, debated the finer details of the application. We...
  13. Southendsleeper

    The New Stadium - A non match report

    Just fantastic... Got to Roots Hall at one, so many people milling around, flags, placards, more than I thought would go because of the weather. Following the Trust coach down vic ave to the civic centre Outside the civic centre it was freezing. Feedback from the Civic centre speakers. Not...
  14. Uncle Leo

    Spurs vs Southend

    BRAVE BLUES BUCKLE AS CUP RUN ENDS Southend’s wonderful Carling Cup adventure ended at White Hart Lane tonight, but they can be immensely proud of the performance they put in against the Premierships in-form team. Tottenham had won their previous 10 home games and had dented Manchester...
  15. C C Csiders

    David Smith

    With the half-time drag out a former player goings-on, in the guise of centenary celebrations, surely Saturday's game is an ideal opportunity to expand that to former managers as well. With Dave Smith being a legendary manager of both ourselves and Plymouth the club should invite him to the...
  16. The Lewis Hunt Goal Appreciation Thread

    What a strike from Lewis last night...in my opinion its right up there with Super Che's strikes last season in the shock factor. I remember saying to my sister, was that really Hunt? and having to wait til the bundle of players finished to see it was Lewis at the bottom. And did anyone miss...
  17. West Ham

    Not a fan of West Ham but big round of applause to whoever managed to secure that one!!!
  18. sufcintheprem

    Foo Fighters Live in Roswell

    Just been watching most of an hour and a half long video that can be watched for free through RealPlayer's 'Realguide' or hopefully Through this link. I can't believe how docile the crowd are for a Foo Fighters gig. At one point Grohl plays in the crowd and they all seem...
  19. overseas shrimper

    Roots Hall Entertainment

    To those who have already read this post on one... or even two... other boards on other sites, I am very sorry for repeating myself yet again, but as I said before... not everybody reads all the boards. I've kept the topic title the same so those familiar with these contents can just ignore...
  20. Match Report

    Well I arrived at the Hall for my 1st home game of the season due to being on holiday for the other ones. Sat in Row P of the East Greens for the first time, and my praise goes to everyone who sits on those wooden seats normally. No leg room, and very stiff backs! Anyway on with the report...