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bbc essex

  1. Southend Song  - Urgent Appeal

    Can anyone make the recording session which is between 1.30 to 2.00 at Belfairs School or knows anyone can? I have heard that BBC Essex and the Evening Echo will be in attendance as well as some of the players straight from the training ground. It sems that Mick Gaster is a bit short on...
  2. Recording a Southend Song today

    I know that this is very short notice but there is a recording session this afternoon at about 1 or 1.30 at Belfairs School to record a Southend song which will be played at Cardiff and hopefully issued afterwards if the necessary permission is granted. Mick Gaster, a member of the Shrimpers...
  3. sealion

    BBC Essex coverage?

    Due to family committments, won't be at Roots Hall today. Anyone know if BBC Essex are covering the game as they don't usually bother when we are at home preferring to cover the Hamsters from East London. (I know they have not got a game) Ah well, you never know, they might find their...
  4. Cr@p BBC coverage

    Listening to BBC Essex - hardly a mention of the Mighty Shrimpers as I listened to a commentary on Colchestaaargh v Fart Vale. I was getting text updates on my phone quicker than the Beeb. Funny how on Saturdays they have a separate wavelength for commentary on the Spam
  5. shrimpereeee


    I don't know if any of you listened to the commentary on BBC Essex this afternoon with Brett Angel as the "expert". I have never laughed so much for a whole 90 minutes. He was truly awful. He kept calling Kevin Maher "Carl" and often made no sense whatsoever. He was...
  6. lee_sufc

    I'm gonna kill myself....

    Anyone else listening to the "commentating" from the Shrewsbury side? I have no choice as cannot listen on radio to BBC Essex and the only way to listen online is to their commentary - if that's what you can call it. Not only do they spend minutes going on and on about COMPLETE...
  7. Swansea Game

    Are BBC Essex covering the game? If so, does anyone know the medium wave frequency that I can pick up in London. Cheers.
  8. Chat Room

    Are you going to do it in private this afternoon? In the secrecy of your bedroom? Trying not to make too much noise so people won't know what you are up to? Listening to the BBC Essex commentary that is... Or are you going to be loud and proud, with the radio at one side, the chat room...
  9. Hockley_Blues

    C********r given stadium boost

    From BBC News
  10. wiggy

    Tilly respects fans opinions!

    Said on BBC ESSEX interview, people have been writing how slow i am in putting on subs, probably why he put on Lawrie on earlier than normal. If your reading this Steve, Gray on the wing and lethal Lawrie and deadly Eastwood up front should be the recipe for success! Good idea or not...
  11. e s c draw

    Tonight on bbc essex live we were drawn against CANVEY at roots hall in january the week of the 22nd I think .It maybe just a small cup but against canvey it should bring in a fair gate .
  12. Bob Cratchitt

    Does Tilly surf these sites??

    Tilly has just made a point to praise Petts on BBC Essex, and i know there a quite a few people on here that are vocal on the opinion of Petts is not what we require on that side of the pitch. I myself have always liked Petts and felt that last season when he used to link up with Nicky, they...

    Would you like the chance of being on Southend United's very own TV Channel? Fed up of just shouting from the stands and no-one hearing you? Want to make your point known to Tilly, the boys and boardroom staff? Feel that another player should be given the chance in the team? Well...
  14. Excited Now

    Im actually getting excited about tonights game now ! So great to see Orient fans worried about Eastwood etc What time does the commentry start on bbc essex ?
  15. Blues World This Tuesday

    Guys, For Tuesday's LDV Match BBC Essex aren't covering the game (lack of budget apparently) so for our Blues World commentry we will be getting a feed from Northampton's CobblersWorld. Sorry if it's a tad biased but it's for reasons out of our control. I'll post...
  16. Shrimpergarry

    Texting service

    I have promised to take my kids up to London tomorrow so won't be able to travel to Yeovil or take up my regular listening to BBC Essex. I need to know the news of how the boys are getting on at Huish Park, is anyone on here signed up to any of the text messaging services - how accurate are...
  17. KrustyTheKray


    Well what a way to come back down to earth with a huge crashing bump! Tonight's perfomance wasn't good enough. Its such a shame after the way we've been playing lately. What game was Tilson watching?? Did anyone hear his post match interview on BBC Essex?? He reckoned we...

    Coming up on BluesTV this week... We speak to Steve Tilson regarding the situation with Fredy Eastwood - he has some very interesting news for Blues fans. Fredy joins us for a chat too - he tells us about life at SUFC so far and whether he's spoken to Grays about the move. He's also...
  19. The Watermill Wino

    TERRY ALDERTON to give interview...

    BBC ESSEX SPORT 95.30 FM. should be intresting?