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  1. BOTB - semi final draw.

    (DannyPav) - To Kill a Mockingbird v 1984 (Tangled UIB) (Drastic) - Hitchhikers Guide 2TG v Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Rusty) Blame Excel Rand() function for pulling out the obvious finalists in the semis :smile: Semi's tomorrow, final Friday.
  2. BOTB: QF3 - (Another Surrey Shrimper) Millennium Trilogy v Tinker Taylor SS (Rusty)

    Qf4, but you get my drift.... And finally....
  3. BOTB: QF1 - All Quiet on The Western Front (Gt Yar Shr) v Hitchhikers G2TG (Drastic)

    First QF and two very long titles :stunned:
  4. BOTB: Real QF draw...

    (Great Yarmouth Shrimper) All Quiet on The Western Front v Hitchhikers Guide 2TG (Drastic) (Tangled UIB) 1984 v Money (Rusty) (Mad Cyril) War Of the Worlds v To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) (Another Surrey Shrimper) Millennium Trilogy v Tinker Taylor SS (Rusty) Ties starting next week, we'll...
  5. BOTB: Hitchikers G2TG (Drastic) v Roots (OBL)

    Don't panic....it's tie 8.
  6. BOTB: Red Card Roy (DWB) v All Quiet On The Western Front (Great Yarmouth S)

    Ahem, do we need a poll? Not the QF tie 7.
  7. BOTB: War Of The Worlds (Mad Cyril) v Shantaram (KingShrimper)

    Not the QF tie 6....
  8. BOTB: Brave New World (Pubey) v Tinker Tailor.... (Rusty)

    Tie 5 of not the QF....
  9. BOTB: Harry Potters (Shrimper) v Money (Rusty)

    Not actually the QF's tie 3....
  10. BOTB: QF1 - To Kill A Mockingbird (DannyPav) v HIs Dark Materials (MK)

    First tie of the QFs....
  11. BOTB: Quarter finals

    Some meaty old ties indeed.... To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) v His Dark Materials (MK) :stunned: The Hobbit (RootsHallBloke) v 1984 (Tangled UIB) Harry Potters (Shrimper) v Money (Rusty) I, Claudius (Uncle Leo) v Millenium Trilogy (Another Silly Sausage) Brave New World (Pubey) v Tinker...
  12. BOTB: I, Claudius (Uncle Leo) v The Stand (MK)

    And finally....
  13. BOTB: The Big Sleep (Napster) v Money (Rusty S)

    2nd one.....
  14. BOTB: Lord Of The Rings (Razam) v 1984 (Tangled UIB)

    First one this friday morn... Remember, we're voting for the book - not the film adaptation(s), nor the poster themselves!