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  1. Barry.C

    Question Whose got the luck? guts and stamina?

    Lenny the legs is on track for the hall of fame more than ever if he doesnt depart, although in all likelihood he will. I think hes turned out 23 times already and would be on track to be our first player to turn out in over 40 games a season ( including subs ) 4 times. ( 4 seasons ) pretty...
  2. Last time we won an away game after conceding the first goal?

    I've trawled back through previous seasons results and was shocked at what I think I found. I reckon the winning goal was scored by Big Bad Barry Corr! Can anyone corroborate this or show me that I've missed one. We haven't drawn too many either. Could explain the bad "attitude" - we go a goal...
  3. Halloween Shrimpers

    Southend players as Halloween monsters.....go! Kevin Maher - The Wolfman Barry Corr - Frankenstien's monster. Michael Turner - A ghost (ie, never there). Michael Ricketts - The Blob.
  4. Ref Watch .... Rochdale H

    We have a good record against Rochdale at home; their last win here was over 30 years ago and other than a good spell they had in the late 60s, early 70s when they won three in a row, we've had by far the better of things. We even recovered from a 3-0 half-time deficit 17 years ago. Anyway, on...
  5. Ref Watch ..... Charlton H

    Man in charge of the last game of 2016 will be Mark Heywood from Northwich (not to be confused with the more experienced Mark Haywood from Wakefield). He is in his sixth season as a League referee and has refereed Southend five times before. Firstly the home 2-1 win over Oxford in 2011/12 with...
  6. manor15

    Contracts - renew or not?

    As usual at our club and at most FL clubs we're set to see quite a few of our key players see their contracts expire if they aren't offered a new deal. We've lost Barry Corr, Dan Bentley and Jack Payne through this way in the past two years and whilst some were always going to leave you'd think...
  7. Ref Watch ..... Wimbledon H Boxing Day

    The man in charge of festive cards on Boxing Day is Lee Collins from Surrey. He was fast tracked through the system and rose to the level of League referee remarkably quickly, this being his sixth season. However his progress has been hampered by losing half of last season to injury and doing...
  8. Ref Watch ...... Shrewsbury A

    We have come out comfortably on top against Shrewsbury over the years but our recent record away to them hasn't been that great. In fact our only three wins there in the last 40 years have all been by a single goal to nil. Jay Smith, Ben Abbey and Brett Angell scoring in 2002/3, 2000/1 and...
  9. Phil's current goal getters .

    Since Corr left,the list of our best scorers during Phil's reign is rather surprising IMO . Leonard.......17 Hurst...........13 Pigott...........12 Payne...........10 Timlin...........8 Worrall..........8 Eastwood.......6 Straker..........6 Atkinson........6 There are a further 21 different...
  10. Ref Watch ..... Wigan H

    For the second Saturday in succession, we are at home to a club that our League record against reads wins 7 losses 7. Last week worked out ok ! Tomorrow, we have ex-Select Group referee, Keith Stroud from Gillingham in Dorset. In his twelfth season as a League referee he has risen through the...
  11. Chalky

    Chesterfield Account Tweet

    I must admit I'm disgusted by this tweet from the Chesterfield twitter feed. Totally unprofessional and unnecessary. Childish behaviour from a 'Professional' football club twitter account. But most of all apologies to poor Ben who might end up seeing this nasty tweet. 656559237951303681...
  12. Ref Watch ..... Millwall A

    We have a pretty dreadful record at Millwall. Although many of us remember fondly our 4-1 success in the first ever League match at the New Den, that is our only League win there in the last 35 years. We have an experienced referee for tomorrow's visit to South-east London. In charge is Mark...
  13. fbm

    The Squad

    It's looking good, we've strengthened by bringing in as permanent signings McLaughlin and Pigott from Championship clubs, a Championship defender (Rea) on a 6 month loan plus O'Neill who is absolute quality, a very experienced striker in Noel Hunt, plus experienced L1 players in Mooney and...
  14. South Bank Hank

    Fictional Southend United Autobiographies

    Right you lot, cheer up! :smile: On another thread, someone mentioned Sturrock's and Brown's pending autobiographies. So the thread is simple. Copy the list, pick a player/manager, add a Title for their autobiography (and let's at least have them sound like a feasible possibility rather than...
  15. Ref Watch ...... Brighton H League Cup

    Last time we hosted Brighton in the League Cup, we were in the Championship and they were in League One. We scored in the 87th, 88th and again in stoppage time to win 3-2 and we fielded players of the calibre of Freddy Eastwood, Gary Hooper and Simon Francis; they had Revell. Their new ground...
  16. Ricey

    Ex Shrimpers Goal Scoring League 2015/2016 *Table updated:Page 6 (04/04/16)*

    Unfortunately last season was a busy year for me so I was unable to commit to this but it's back. Basically this is a league table for each division and then an overall table of the top scorers. At the moment I have only done up to the national league but I will add further with a bit more...
  17. manor15

    Barry Corr

    Scored for Cambridge against Norwich in a 1-3 defeat. :'( 622121271074103296 Gary Hooper also scored, and looks as though he enjoyed his summer... 622141806654918657
  18. Question COrR GONE

    Hi all I have been away for sometime. Now we are in L1 have we actually brought anyone in yet ? With CORR gone, we def need to get a CF, unless there is a star in the making in the youth squad not easy as every club is a after a decent striker, Got to admit Brown done well with some of...
  19. Corr blimey..good luck thread

    The hysteria is breathtaking,many who worshipped the bloke are now gleely stabbing him..it's mad. Anyway, Thanks Bazza for your service,you had my sympathy when alone up front with balls being generally whacked in your direction whilst bring battered by defenders,your body language spoke a...
  20. BaileytheQuitter

    Question How many goals do you think Corr would have got in L1?

    Seems that most, including myself, think that Barry will be missed next season. Is this purely sentimental or is our disappointment based on footballing reasons? Hypothetically, how many goals do you think Barry would have notched next season. I don't imagine Brown sees him as being our main...