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  1. Blueronron

    What a plonker in Basildon

    Last Saturday in my local bookies, I guy won £ 7,500 on a football £ 500 outlay bet Yesterday he laid out £ 5,000 on Real Madrid/Liverpool double, Liverpool to win single and PSG to draw to cover in case Real Madrid didn't win Easy come, easy go I suspect And he's not a regular punter in the...
  2. Napster

    Mclaughlin interview

    Didnt see this when it was on the league paper website http://www.theleaguepaper.com/featured/7175/team-mates-southend-united-winger-stephen-mclaughlin/
  3. Question how much do you think the events of this month?

    How much do you think the events of this month may have influenced RM and PB on transfer targets.Its been a bad month when you think about it first the Ranger ban ,followed by the injury to McLaughlin,then the loss to Sheff Utd and the cancelled game against Bolton and the last minute equaliser...
  4. danburyshrimper

    Question Bolger

    I didnt see the incident , but what actually happened between Bolger + the Col Ewe fans ?
  5. DTS

    Away games you nearly missed but are so glad you didnt

    Mine was Swansea away when we drew 2-2 and won promotion. So basically I was seeing my on/off girlfriend of the time for about the sixth attempt and her main gripe was that I was never around on Saturdays so I decided I was going to start missing aways. Missing aways these days is pretty easy...
  6. Napster

    Ben Smith

    Read the few pages he wrote on his time here. Firstly, he got injured early - and had to face the wrath of John Gowens, who had a go at him for turning up an hour late one session, but after a while he and Gowens got on well. Secondly, he liked to drink. He said one morning, he had to call...
  7. shrimperjon

    Feels different this time

    I was having a chat with my parents the other day. Due to flying out on holiday Friday they will miss the game Saturday. It was actually my mum who said she was gutted to miss the game as it means so much more this time. My dad agreed, he had waited 61 years to see Southend at Wembley, me 33...
  8. shrimperjon

    A thumbs up to the club

    I contacted the club earlier in the week to express my concerns after me and my 10 year old son unfortunately witnessed some of the trouble. Although i didnt hold the club at fault i did express concerns regarding the Luton game. Firstly due to the likely large numbers attending and also there...
  9. Question how many games did Williams play at Chelmsford ?

    I ask that question as obviously he knows where the back of the net is having scored 7 goals for them.That makes him Southends top scorer this season (albeit not for Sufc ).There are quite a few strikers playing in the leagues now who have been plucked from the obscurity of non league and are...
  10. danburyshrimper

    why didnt we sign Billy Kee ?

    Billy Kee has just signed a 3 month loan deal for Mansfield. Piggin Mansfield !!!!! :omg: Kee is just the sort of player we should be going all out to sign . Kee was the main reason we are not playing in Div 1 this season after he battered us in the play off semi. He's a quality striker ...
  11. CyrilSneer

    Phil Brown and Ched Evans

    Apologies if this was posted before, but I have only just seen this and I didnt see it on the Zone previously http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ched-evans-released-football-manager-4453913
  12. why the over reaction from some ?

    some of our fans are so fickle what the hell is this over reaction about? Tomlin didnt start scoring straight away. It baffles me apparently we are in a crisis this early on in the season. IMO someones in for a spanking very soon and i very much enjoy going southend now more than i have for the...
  13. Once upon a time!

    Once upon a time English referees were looked upon as being the best in the world, but what i witnessed last night, i watched the SUFC - Burton game live via stream, and right from the kickoff the ref showed bias toward Burton, no this is not bad eggs becoz SUFC didnt get to the final, My...
  14. SupaBlues

    Question Why leave it so late to bring on subs?

    I have been a big supporter of Phil Brown since he came here but today was the first time that I felt the reason we didnt win was down to poor tactics. Sorry but today was a must win, as are all games from now if we are to even make the play offs, so why leave it until 85 minutes before bringing...
  15. York tickets

    Anyone know if York will be pay on the day as well as advance tickets? Asked the Blues ticket office but they didnt know - surprise surprise!!
  16. If allowed

    If we are in a position to bring in a loan player or two .Phil brown must bolster the central defence .Philips really is a great risk to our promotion push .He is to slow and I feel he will cost us dear if he continues in the poor form he is showing .I read that the Embargo was due to be lifted...
  17. Question One for the Oldies in Shrimperzone

    I was recalling my young days a few years after the ww2 ,the days when we didnt have a TV,and sitting on a Saturday night playing cards with my Father and listening to the radio,and the foot ball results would come on.The man reading out them he was a legend,read them very slowly and i used to...
  18. danburyshrimper

    Massive Overreaction

    Ok the result was shocking but apart from a crazy 10 minute spell we were far + away the best team last night. Phil Brown by picking that team showed that the cups arent our priority this season by giving the rusty fringe players a game. Timlin was really terrible for the 1st 70 minutes but by...
  19. Jam_Man

    England for the English ?

    Not a BNP thread this one... The new rules state that a player who is resident in a nation for X amount of year (I believe 5) can play for that nation as long as they havent played for another. Therefore the likes of Arteta and Almunia have been touted for England in the past and now Januzaj...
  20. Tommy2holes

    The inland revenue

    I was wondering if anyone has had the same sort of problem. About 4 years ago i got a tax return out of the blue in the post. Im PAYE and have been since about 2000. I rang them to ask why i was asked to fill out a tax return and was told it was sent in error and thought no more of it. About a...