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  1. Ricey

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Wycombe vs Southend United

    Please post your report and ratings here. Would like to hear what people say about Prosser. As our resident expert seems to think he is our problem.
  2. Jam_Man

    Welcome back Freddy !

    I've always been behind Freddy and his return and today I think we saw the return of Eastwood as a good player for us, as opposed to a shadow of his older self. He wont ever get back to the player he was in 2004/2005 but then to be good in this league he doesnt have to. There has been a...
  3. Jam_Man

    1st game of the season - starting to get excited already....

    Normally I book the first two weeks of the kids holidays off but as we went to Florida in March and New York in June I only have enough holiday for a week this year, which is lucky as didnt even think about the season starting so early. However that does mean I will be in the Lake District on...
  4. heavensentcitygent

    Bradford perspective

    Evening me old southern softies Not a bad game today thought you played some good stuff at times- Tomlin looks a threat and tbh you looked to play football kept it tidy and tried to play the game in the right way which in the first half we didnt do- we played aimless and long and you didnt give...
  5. Shrimpin

    I Couldnt get to last nights game I NEED YOUR HELP

    I am upset and sad, but I was on a district line train heading home when a small break through in reception gave me the score. I looked around the carriage and as you would imagine going through Plaistow, there didnt seem to be many football fans around.......... a tear of joy rolled down my...
  6. Who's man enough to own up...

    ...to having a bet that Moshni would score today??? :stunned: btw...I didnt!
  7. shrimperjon

    How quickly things change!!

    This time last week, we were all basking in the glory of a fabulous night away at Orient, dreaming of Wembley. Yet, 7 days on and the club finds itself in a desperate situation on and off the field. At the end of the transfer window i can remember thinking that PS had done good business and the...
  8. DTS

    Round 2 - For those of you still standing....

    What a poor start for so many of us. A few of the more obvious results didnt come in. Only seven people make it through to round two as follows THOUGH TO ROUND 2: madetotry - (Southampton) WightShrimper - (Reading) Clinton Baptiste - (Sunderland) Dick Bate's Protege - (Southampton) Tinks -...
  9. Sky sports

    Sky should get there facts right .The comentator said that The new kid on the block at Leeds Ryan Hall was let go by southend because he was not needed and was shown the door by the club . Now let me get the facts right didnt Hall refuse to play for southend again . I think sky sports should...
  10. Question Gary Hooper ?

    I read in a paper today that both Liverpool and Newcastle are interested in signing Gary Hooper come the January transfer window. I wondered him being an ex Southend reject ,Did the manager at Southend at that time have any idea on a players talent , after all he wasnt the first one he let go...
  11. DTS

    Best/Worst SUFC transfer deadline deals.

    Anyone got any favourite deals from previous years. For me getting in an unknown French Defender with a gilrs name didnt mean a lot at the time but getting Dorian Dervitte in on deadline day by Tilly was literally a masterstroke.
  12. The Close Season

    A wee birdie ask me to explain too the fans the difficult time a club has in the none playing months. Firstly most footballing people are on holiday between early may and early july. So when trying to add to your squad the main difficulties are having all parties available thus the time span in...
  13. Mohsni

    A wee birdie told me to waylay any fears about bilel, at the minute that media coverage is agents politicing and trying to remind any keen manager. He emphasises that bilel like any player at southend has a southend price because like any team in div two and most of div one must be a selling...
  14. mattytheshrimper

    North Bank for Crewe???

    It was brilliant to be in a packed out North bank on saturday and I think we made loads of noise, well up until the news went round that crawley had scored. It would be great to get this many in there again for the 2nd leg of the play-offs. Obviously I appreciate that we may well go back to...
  15. Long hard season

    A wee birdie told me that the gaffer wanted to thank all on this messageboard for there honest opinions,and frank discussions. Tho he didnt agree with several topics he appreciated there right of voicing there opinion,and would hope the fans have seen the progression the club has made not taking...
  16. Smiffy

    North Bank v AFC Wombles - Let's not be outnumbered..

    With the return of the prodigal son. There's only one place to be next Friday. The North Bank. Seaso's get transferring now and non seaso's get your tickets sharpish. This is not going to be a night to miss. Will you be in the North to watch Freddy stick one in in front of us? The atmosphere...
  17. shrimperjon

    Reserves today

    I saw last nite on twitter that Chris Phillips said that he had received a text saying that someone interesting might be playing for the reserves today. He said at the momonet it was unconfirmed and that he didnt want to say who it was just in case it didnt happen and didnt want to get our hopes...
  18. palexander

    Latest Rumours Mohsni to Crawley?

    Had to be really didnt it? Echo reporting loan till end of season, then £90k deal. Will probably come back to haunt us in time, but there you go - he had his chances.
  19. Strykr

    Will Sawyer ever play for the first team again?

    As the title suggests, will he get the chance again? Seems Sturrock isnt a fan, or at least not a fan of Sawyers ability to learn/tow the line. I think he's got a lot of potential myself, and at the very least I think he should be an impact sub to change the game. If PS wont ever play him...
  20. Napster

    Superbowl commercials

    I didnt watch the Bowl. But I love the ads: millions of dollars just to get screened Apparently the most talked about was the Beckham ad, but my favourite was the Clint one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PE5V4Uzobc Although the VW star wars sequel was also excellent, as was the Ferris...