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  1. DoDTS

    PL Cup !st Round Results

    It was a day of shocks with Tinks former Cup winner and finalist knocked out by newcomer Beefy, big wins for Prawn, Ricey and fatgrandad, and bad news for enfieldblue and shrimper2thecore who were both knocked out despite scoring 4 points each, high by todays results. Results as follows: h...
  2. DoDTS

    Prediction league Previous Winners

    Here's the PREDICTION LEAGUE Roll-of- Honour - Past winners: MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE PAST WINNERS Season 1 (2006-07 ) Winner Scrouger 700 2nd David Essex 3rd Cricko 4th Spiff Season 2 (2007-08) Winner Blueblood 2nd Mr Benedict 3rd= Ramblers Shrimp 3rd= Flinty...
  3. DoDTS

    PL Table No.12 5th October TABLE NOW UP

    THIS IS FOR THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO SEPERATE THREAD FOR THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Yet another difficult week to predict with few points around when they are needed most. Congratulations to Roxy with the days best score of 9 and to DOLL and...
  4. DoDTS

    Past Prediction Cup Winners

    So now it is time to honour the skifull, willfull and downright lucky zoners that have tasted Cup success: PREDICTION CUP 2008-09 Winner DTS losing finalist Brettie Angell Semi Finalists Ozzer, Stickyboy Junior 2009-10 Spring Cup Winner Davidvolic losing finalist Ldnfatso Semi Finalists...
  5. DoDTS

    No.3 TABLE "We're gonna get spanked" SOUTHEND Prediction League

    We really are useless at predicted our beloved clubs results aren't we, or perhaps we're out of touch with reality. Anyway only four scorers this week who are: Chapperzuk and Wickfordshrimper who score three points each for predicted that Fred would score our first and Its Only a Game who...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Table No.2 TABLE "We're gonna get spanked" SOUTHEND Prediction League

    Oh dear! on dear! on dear! You miserable load of predicters (that includes me!), in Harry's immortal word we all got "spanked", 36 predictors who could have gained 9 points each in theory, so out of a possible 324 points we gained just ONE point!! So congratulations to Buffalowolf on being the...
  7. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 1 "We're going to get spanked" Southend prediction league Table

    Here we are the first league Table, did you enjoy predicting Southend's first scorer Oh! it was only me that scored points, sorry about that beginners luck' Scores so far: 3 points : Malcominmallorca, the nobster, Drastic; SuperBlues; Southend_Aussies; DoDtS 2 points : wickfordshrimper 1...
  8. DoDTS

    PL Table No.1 canveyshrimpers Prediction League Table

    Well done to all that took part, 40 in all a good turn out as we expect from Shrimpers. Lots of new blood who frankly did better than the old blood. Congratulations to Bad Beat who with an inspired use of the wildcard is the early leader and the one to beat, full scores below. PS Don't forget...

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 23

    What a week !!! .. so so many spot ons, 3 players with 6/6 to get half a dozen extra points and a good few others with 5/6 correct outcomes nearly joining that trio 17 - Jack the Shrimper 15 - B1ueb0y 13 - Lucky Luca 10 - canveyshrimper 10 - Teenage Shrimper 10 - Drastic Sturgeon 10 -...
  10. Cricko

    I'm a Celebrity get me out of here 2011

    Ok so we have our 11 entries so can you all please pay your £5 over to us ASAP, either by paypal or as a promissory to pay Ken or myself at the next game.The contest starts tonight. 1. OBL PAID 2. Berrichone shrimper PAID 3. Trueblue Paying cash 4. Roxy PAID 5. HBK PAID 6. Kent...

    PL Cup The SZ PL Christmas Cup 2011

    Regular players will be familiar with this little sideline, but for the forgetful (:harry:) and the newbies ... As players you do nothing different, each week H will slap the fixtures up (maybe even the full compliment of 6 even !!!) and you predict as ever you would, i'll wander along over the...
  12. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Points after Round 7

    Some consistent scoring rather than spectacular after last nights matches. Top of the shop is BLUEBLOOD Junior with 10. But special mention to WickfordShrimper & davidovolic who both forecast the demise of our web footed, six fingered, sister shagging friends from up the A12. And also to Roxy...
  13. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Points after Round 6

    Not an inspiring week scores wise with fatso being top of the shop with a princely 6, Jack the Shrimper & Roxy scored 4, Roxy showing her dedication to Blues by being one of the few that predicted our win at Port Vale. 6 - Ldnfatso 4 - Jack the Shrimper 4 - Roxy 3 - Drastic Sturgeon 3 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 51

    Drastic is top for a second week in succession, except this time its with a points tally of note, Dras shares the top slot with CCC while D.O.L.L and Roxy also impress 10 - Drastic Sturgeon 10 - CCCSiders 9 - D.O.L.L 9 - Roxy 8 - Number 11 7 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 7 - Kristof 7 - Harold Bishop...

    PL Weekly Points Round 50

    What a week for odd results eh, Southend prove once again why you should never rely on them to do anything you might expect in the mould of Man United/Chelsea/Spurs(more than once)/Harlow/Kingstonian/Aylesbury et al .. Hereford smash the Champions and there's goals galore all over. South and...

    PL Weekly Points Round 49

    Harry and i discussed at length whether to press on with matters this week after the sudden loss of SZ yesterday lunchtime, we decided that seeing as the thread had been up since Saturday, and a majority of people had played and only a few hours remained till kick off that we should. We...

    PL Weekly Points Round 48

    Harry tried to trick us a little adding 5 supposed home bankers to the usual "pin in the page" SUFC prediction, most suspected one of those would fail though only Wickford thought it would be Gillingham, however he came a cropper elsewhere so it pretty much came down to correct scores and...

    PL Weekly Points Round 47

    TBS is no stranger to the podium as he's been a strong challenger throughout his PL career, Kristof though is equally welcome at the top table this week sorry i'm unaware if he's topped out before. Of course for every success story there is one of failure and dunces corner is filled this week by...

    PL Weekly Points Round 46

    Once again 2 of our lesser lights have a bit of the limelight, well played HBK and Roxy :clap: 13 - Harold Bishop Killer 10 - Roxy 8 - Drastic Sturgeon 8 - Number11 6 - Emu 6 - DoDtS 5 - Tinks 5 - davidovolic 5 - Wickford Shrimper 4 - ldnfatso 4 - The Big Shrimp 3 - CCCSiders 3 - class 2 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 45

    CCC goes from bottom Saturday to top tonight .. its a funny old game !!! 9 - CCCSiders 7 - ldnfatso 6 - Shrimpersarmy 6 - Kristof 6 - southend aussies 5 - Number11 5 - DoDtS 4 - Wickford Shrimper 4 - seves 3 - class 3 - Harold Bishop Killer 3 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 2 - Tinks 2 - canveyshrimper 2...