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    PL Weekly Points Round 44

    South247 and ldnfatso have both been atop the podium recently and are again this week thanks to clever wildcard play .. some wild scores from CCC still resulted in a blob, he shares the wooden stirrer with Wickford 8 - South247 8 - ldnfatso 6 - seves 5 - BLUEBLOOD 5 - The Big Shrimp 4 - Emu 4 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 43

    After the weekends lamentable totals is full steam ahead again with many (in fact too many) deserving of a mention .. with that in mind i will just call up class, who followed up his weekend no show with 6 correct outcomes earning himself the first bonus points in christ knows how many weeks...

    PL Weekly Points Round 42

    :cool: There is nothing to add :winking: 7 - BLUEBLOOD 7 - The Big Shrimp 6 - Drastic Sturgeon 6 - Brettie Angell 5 - BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 - D.O.L.L 4 - Emu 4 - ldnfatso 4 - Cyril Sneer 4 - canveyshrimper 3 - Number11 3 - southend aussies 3 - seves 3 - Lucky Luca 3 - Kristof 3 - ol blue eyes...

    PL Weekly Points Round 41

    2/3 of the field, or 18/27 if you prefer scored 1 or less this week, a hollow victory maybe for Cyril with just 6 but a victory none the less, well done mate :thumbsup: 6 - Cyril Sneer 4 - Number11 4 - Tinks 3 - seves 3 - BLUEBLOOD 3 - Shrimpersarmy 3 - south247 2 - ldnfatso 2 - class 1 -...

    PL Weekly Points Round 29

    Overall a slight improvement on point scoring from Saturday i think though again a far from great 7 is enough to come out on top, The Big Shrimp and my sidekick sharing the honour just ahead of 3 who show a marked improvement from New Years Day, so well done to Brettie, Roxy and class while down...
  6. Napster

    Rerun Battle of the 90s films - Unforgiven v A Few Good Men

    Unforgiven (pickled seal) v A Few Good Men (Roxy)
  7. Napster

    Battle of the 90s films - First Round draw

    Unforgiven (pickled seal) v A Few Good Men (Roxy) Dumb and Dumber (Clinton Baptiste) v Jurassic Park (Harold Bishop Killer) American pie (martin carruthers) v Reservoir Dogs (Big Shrimp) Usual Suspects (UTB) v Shawshank Redemption (EastStandBlue) Se7en (Pubey) v The Matrix (MrB)...

    PL Weekly Points Round 14

    A much better performance this week folks and the reason many of you dropped points where you did was because you backed The Ooze and the Col Ewe scummers .. ever heard of Karma? Cyril Sneer and Roxy didn't fall into such a trap and emerged with 6 bonus points each, well played to you both Full...
  9. canveyshrimper

    PL Table Table

    Sorry for the delay in putting up the table, but I thought it would be good to post it after a few rounds, that's my excuse at least. The early leader is Drastic Sturgeon on 22 points, but like League 2 it's early days. 22 - Drastic Sturgeon 20 - CyrilSneer 20 - Dad of Dave the Shrimper 20 -...
  10. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Round 4

    Here's the scores for Round 4, Tinks taking the plaudits with 8 points, in a low scoring week including 3 on nil points. Table to follow. 8 - Tinks 7 - Dad of Dave the Shrimper 7 - southend_aussies 6 - Lucky Luca 5 - Kristof 5 - BLUEBLOOD 4 - C C Csiders 4 - number11 4 - BrettieAngell 4 -...
  11. manor15

    Battle of the SUFC Players of the 00's: Group A

    Group A 13. Peter Clarke (Roxy) 8. Darren Blewitt (ESB) 2. Freddy Eastwood (davewebbsbrain) 7. Jay Smith (Sufclee) Please ONLY vote for your 2 favourite, or who you regard to be the 2 best players of the group. Roxy, ESB, davewebbsbrain and Sufclee please feel free to post messages of why...

    PL Weekly Points Round Three

    Anyone who thought that women know nothing about football have been silenced tonight, as Hubble Bubble and Trouble or whatever their names are take the honours this round, time to up our games i think lads eh !!! 7 Emu :PHB: 7 Roxy :PHB: 6 OldBlueLady :PHB: 6 Brettie Angell 6 canveyshrimper 6...
  13. OldBlueLady

    Gossip from the Trust Player of the Year Awards last night

    Well, it was apparently the players' last official day of "work" as it were, and it was interesting that Pat Baldwin made an appearance in the Shrimpers Bar for the awards, I take that as a good omen as none of the other loanees did. By the evidence of my own eyes and ears, I know now that...
  14. canveyshrimper

    PL Weekly Points Round 46

    Firstly a big thanks to Roxy for the offer of help, it's much appreciated. :clap: On to the scores and a fairly low scoring week with almost all of us thinking Norwich would beat Franchise FC and Huddersfield would beat Brentford. The Big Shrimp emerges as the top man with 9 points, however 6...

    PL Weekly Points Round 44

    Loads of correct scores and some clever use of the wildcard meant a good return for many this week, Kay is our weekly winner with a double figure effort, while another member of the PHB takes her usual position at the back of the field ;) 10 OldBlueLady 9 ol blue eyes 9 Emu 9 canveyshrimper 8...

    PL Weekly Points Round 42

    A batch of unusual scorelines, if not outcomes meant no one was going to sail away this week, actually only one person managed a spot on and the very fact it was our sail past Walsall i'm pleased to announce Roxy as our winner this round .. 3 more goals and more importantly 3 more points will be...

    PL Weekly Points Round 38

    Disgraceful use of the wildcard means Emma is this weeks winner, Drastic and Flinty can't keep up their recent form and suffer poor weeks as a result, though of course the postponement of Brentford vs Tranmere helped no one 10 Emu 6 Dave the Shrimper 6 manor15 6 Wickford Shrimper 5 The Big...

    PL Weekly Points Round 31

    A pretty nondescript week for many this week allowed ldnfasto to take the honours and prove his title aspirations 9 ldnfatso 8 Kristof 8 ol blue eyes 8 Flinty 8 Wickford Shrimper 7 The Big Shrimp 6 DoDtS 6 Cricko 6 Drastic Sturgeon 5 Tinks 5 BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 OldBlueLady 5 Shrimper2thecore 5...

    PL Weekly Points Round 28

    I suppose i ought to congratulate fasto and obe for getting 5 out of 5 and so earning bonus points, but as it meant they backed Col Ewe to win i won't :finger: 13 ldnfatso 11 ol blue eyes 10 class 8 Cricko 7 Shrimpersarmy 6 Flinty 6 LuckyLuca 6 Nobby Snide2 6 Dave the Shrimper 6 davidovolic 6...

    PL Weekly Points Round 27

    Excellent efforts from seves and Drastic mean double figure tallies and top of the tree spots this week, average at best for the rest of us 11 seves 10 Drastic Sturgeon 7 ldnfatso 6 The Big Shrimp 6 Emu 6 essexblue 5 BLUEBLOOD Junior 5 Kristof 5 Cricko 5 BrettieAngell 5 Flinty 5 LuckyLuca 4...