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  1. OldBlueLady

    Double, double, toil and trouble.....

    Yesterday's game at Charlton was pretty memorable for some in that it marked the inaugural meeting of the founder members of the Pointy Hat Brigade! The moment was recorded for posterity and BLUEBLOOD got to meet Roxy at last! Unfortunately, our collective spell making was unable to refill...

    PL Weekly Points Round 22

    I think mediocre best describes this week, but i'm pleased to announce my very own BLUEBLOOD Junior shares top billing with title favourite Dave the Shrimper this week, with The Big Shrimp and Roxy also to the fore Maybe we'll all benefit from the weekend off and come back with a bang next...

    PL Weekly Points Round 18

    Charltons surprising defeat at Brunton Park cost a few of us some bonus points, though class, Drastic Sturgeon and southend aussies all managed to pick up 12 to be co winners this week. Title chasers DtS and Cricko were joined by myself and Roxy with double figure tallies At the other end of...

    PL Weekly Points Round 13

    Well i just don't believe it !!!! After many many weeks in the doldrums my boy and i have finally made the party, with Daniel top dog and me second .. as for the rest ?? Bah, read it and weep folks :p 10 BLUEBLOOD Junior 7 BLUEBLOOD 6 davidovolic 6 OldBlueLady 6 Wickford Shrimper 5...

    PL Weekly Points Round 10

    A much better week than last for many (myself excluded however) with decent league and cup points picked up .. none more so than by SUFC Al whose 10 point haul was unmatched this week 10 SUFC Al 9 canveyshrimper 9 manor15 9 Nobby Snide 9 Shrimpersarmy 9 The Big Shrimp 8 southend aussies 7...

    PL Weekly Points Round 8

    Good use of the wildcard led to a decent week for many, DtS actually remembered to post and he was rewarded with a joint weekly high of 11 .. shared with Tinks, i wonder who cracked her account to post her scores :sherlock: 11 DtS 11 Tinks 10 The Big Shrimp 9 BLUEBLOOD 9 davidovolic 9 ldnfatso...

    PL Weekly Points Round 5

    Well would you believe it !! Perrennial failure Roxy comes out on top this week with an impressive 10 point tally, a figure matched by Cricko and Flinty, DoDtS contines his progress with a good 9 while at the other end of the spectrum Tinks and DSLC muster a solitary point each Full round up to...

    PL Weekly Points Round 4

    A funny old night, in that so many players made excellent use of their wildcards, but didn't go on to post a big score. Our weekly winner is Emma, followed by early season front runners Shrimpersarmy and DtS. A mention too for perrennial under-achiever Nobby Snide as he enjoys a top 5 finish...

    PL Weekly Points Round 3

    Walsalls late penalty cost a few people a fair few points, but it was a pretty poor performance all round even taking that into consideration .. BrettieAngell ensures that the bragging rights stay in the Molyneux household this week, and makes a change from Hils wearing the trousers too !!! 8...

    PL Weekly Points Round 1

    Shrimpersarmy is our first weekly winner this season, with an impressive 9 point haul, and there were good efforts from manor15 and southend aussies 9 Shrimpersarmy 8 manor15 7 southend aussies 6 canveyshrimper 6 Cricko 6 CyrilSneer 6 Dave the Shrimper 6 Drastic Sturgeon 6 Ldnfatso 6...
  11. J

    Animal Rescue Live - Southend Vs West Ham

    Just flicking through the channels, and i come across Animal rescue live, about 1 minute ago. A special feature was on Police Horses - they mentioned that are currently in training for Southend vs West Ham this saturday, as there is a potential for serious disorder. The horses names were Bridie...
  12. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    Just heard about this book that was published late last year - some strange choices and (IMHO) some glaring ommisions. That said, I own 293 of these and have heard a further 108 giving me a respectable total of 401. To be honest, dying would be a favourable option to hearing most of the others...