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  1. Question Anyone used Chipsaway or similiar??

    Hi , Need to get a bumper scuff fixed on my car and the alloys refurbished. Anyone used Chipsaway or similiar 'smart repair' companies in the Southend area ? I spoke to AlloyArt about wheel refurbs and was quoted £62.50+vat per wheel but have no experience of their work. Cheers, John
  2. Message from Graham Jolley's Family

    I have been asked to post the following message on the Zone, which I am very pleased to do. Denise, Rob and family would like to say a very big thank you to all Graham's friends who came to say goodbye to him on Friday. He would have been astonished at the support shown. Obviously many of you...
  3. Opinions

    A wee birdie told me that the gaffer has been studying types of players who have played for Southend and for h is own peace of mind he has watched videos and dvds of games of Southend teams of the past. Under the previous manager the style was no different direct to target man play in in...
  4. HudsonNo1

    Remember the old FanBanta Quizzes

    Tried to go onto the fanbanta site that used to have those really good football quizzes using the pictures ect on there, only to find that they went bust ages ago. Just wondered if anyone knew any sites that do similiar quizzes on football. Used to really enjoy those ones.
  5. BoyWonder2

    Being set up with birds

    Right, I've got a problem. My best mate (see other thread) has been going out with his bird for a fair old while now and her best mate is single like myself. Now shes a nice girl, little bit big and a bit annoying, but shes harmless and I can easily spend a night out with the three of them...
  6. Jay_Shrimper

    Youth Worker

    Anyone here a Youth Worker or in a job of a similiar profession? Looking for information from someone that actually works there first hand. PM me please.
  7. Arshavin

    His second goal for Arsenal today was outstanding! Similiar to what he did for Russia at the Euros, getting the ball wide on the left, cutting in to the byline, skinning the defender and smashing the ball into the roof of the net! World Class!
  8. chaco27saf

    SZ Prediction League

    Alright boys and girls, it's the return of the SZ predicition league. The rules will be very similiar, if not identical, to the format XS set up a couple of seasons ago. For those that don't remember, here they are. -There is no need to sign up, just predict. -Points will be earned...
  9. Marketing/Communications

    I realize that there's a similiar topic already up here, but I was wondering if you guys knew of any specific marketing firms or p.r. agencies or communications firms actually located in Southend. I have a buddy who's looking for an opportunity to get some experience, and I'd love to...
  10. LCD TV's

    Does anyone have an LCD TV ? I am thinking of purchasing one and have spotted a few that are of interest (budget c.£700) and I have looked at the following choices : Sharp LC22SV2E LG RZ23LZ20 LG RZ23LZ40 Basically I am hoping to also get a Home entertainment system as well. Looking at...