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    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 30

    Looking at this weeks games i (and 10 others) thought HHHHHH .. i'm sure you need no reminding who ****ed what would've been a nice little points windfall right out the sodding window :angry: 12 - thenobster 10 - davidovolic 8 - Jack the Shrimper 7 - Tinks 7 - Dave the Shrimper 7 -...
  2. Benfleet A1

    Now I Know What the Helmets For.

    Since joining my new company things have moved along in the recovery world for me. My gaffer is one of these chaps who wont ask you to do something he wouldn't or couldn't do himself which is in sharp contrast to the last lot. He loaths paperwork and if the true is told, sitting in his office...
  3. lee_sufc

    Mopeds, kids, my RANT

    Ok, I am unfortunate enought to live on a main road where all day long, all we hear is those sodding annoying mopeds which everyone under 20 seems to own! What I want to know is, how can these kids get to drive around on the streets on these without having to complete a full licence? The...
  4. Anyone recommend a decent garage?

    Boring I know but can anyone recommend a good garage (not a main dealer, I ain't minted) in the Southend area? The one I always used to use started getting a bit slack with the servicing last year and the one I changed to has just taken a week to fit a sodding radiator. I'd do it all...
  5. Dilemma

    Situation has developed in last couple of hours. Basically.... Getting married in next week mates wife sodding us around can come, can't come, can come, can't come. Submitted plans etc. I sent email saying that she was f*ckin sodding us around and that i assume she wasn't coming...
  6. Best radio station

    Essex Fm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. CHANGE THE SODDING PLAY LIST! It seems to repeat in loops every 3 hours, same songs over and over and over again, and make you wanna scream! I cant take much more of James Blunt or coldplay anymore! What does eveyone tune into on the wireless?
  7. The General

    League Games - Day 5

    Im never gunna win this sodding league!! Top team, after 15 overs, are scoring at 10 an over against a fairly poor side, but still bloody impressive. Im playing the other un-beaten team in my league, and started poorly losing 2 wickets but am on road to recovery. Kev
  8. saturday was sent to test me.

    The plan was simple, get up, go to Tescos, eat brekkie read paper have poo, walk to train station, catch train, get Tilbury - Gravesend ferry, catch another train, have a few pints, see game, dance in street, have a few more pints and come home in the mood for love. FAT CHANCE!!! Got up and...

    I've just got to complain about the dirty farkin bastich who's icehole we had to endure after the game. It was my first time on the coach which was (ruined not run ) by some winker called Belly. Now i like Little Britian as most people but there's a reason why they're farkin half an bleaden hour...