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  1. South Bank Hank

    Easy! Easy! Easy!

    Can I suggest the following items for a match-day "kit": Pack of sweets, healthy supply of bottle-lids (one to replace the one they take off of the bottles and several for throwing simply to prove the point) and a supply of rope to tie down the arms of any idiots in the near vicinity...
  2. pickledseal

    junk food

    I'm sorry but our season is now far from over and I was a little disapointed on a slightly trivial matter on the depressing journey home.... I may have needed a little comfort from a cup of tea and a twix at the services, but I was shocked as to just how much junk food the players...
  3. * ORM *

    New Blood

    Can't us old farts continue to have boring dialogues about the same old sh*t anymore ? What is it with all these newbies turning up ? Have Napster and Leeboy been standing around the train stations giving out little bits of paper (and sweets)? Btw - all the newbies are more than welcome...
  4. From the East Coast to the East End

    “Oh my god, look Sophie, there is a Southend Supporter, I didn’t think they had any” came a voice sitting next to me in an internet café in Cairns on the East Coast of Australia. I was looking, as I had done daily for the last six months, at the latest transfer goings on via the website. “Yeah...
  5. Its Only A Game

    Sweets Quiz

    Currently doing a quiz for my daughter trying to guess the names of sweets from cryptic clues. Any help would be appreciated. 1 wobbly infant 2 wise guys 3 address of refined people 4 edible fastners 5 for a job well done 6 nine & upwards 7 voodoo 8 alcohlic home for dentures 9 falling...
  6. Fulham v Charlton

    I was unable to make Saturdays game due to other commitments so i decided to mosy on down to Loftus Road to see Fulham V Charlton. One of the best games i have been too but not just because of the football played. Mr Harrods himself walked str8 threw South Africa road and chatted to the fans...
  7. Vange Shrimper

    Important Poll

    As i was told on saturday by a certain member of the SZ community for being selfish and not doing my job properly by supplying one flavour of chewing gums and sweets during the game, just because he doesnt like the ones i buy, i thought i'd find out what ones you lot like so i know which...
  8. Gazza's Top 50 Moments...

    The following 50 points are probably the reasons why Gazza never fulfilled his full potential...even if you don't follow football this is worth a read!! 1) One hour after playing for England, met 'showbiz pals' Danny Baker and Chris Evans in a Hampstead pub while still...