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  1. Shrimperstrust

    The Shrimpers Trust 'Big' Xmas Quiz

    This Christmas the Trust are once again running a 'Big Quiz' with a first prize of £100 The theme for the quiz is 'Pop Song Titles' and the entry fee is just £1.00. As well as the £100 first prize you could also win a Meal for two in the Blues Legends Lounge with Match Tickets, a Bottle of...
  2. Shrimperstrust

    The Shrimpers Trust 'Big' Xmas Quiz

    This Christmas the Trust are running a ‘Big Quiz’ with a first prize of £100. The theme for the quiz is “Name the Group or Solo Artist” and the entry fee is just £1.00. As well as the £100 first prize you could also win a visit from the 2014/15 League 2 Play-off Winners Trophy at your...
  3. Freaky eaters and/or refusers

    I was going to post this in the fruit thread.... I have a nephew (fully grown) who won't eat any fruit of any variety - stupid boy, they're like nature's sweets. Also barely touches veg or anything green. Me - there is very little I won't scoff...not a fan of fresh cream, but if push came to...
  4. NZamba Legend

    Hard Boiled Sweets

    Anyone seen/ know anything about this 'neon noir' film set to be released and set in Southend?
  5. southend4ever

    What do you buy an 80 year old for his birthday?

    Hi All, My Grandad has his 80th coming up! He lives alone. He has loved sport all throughout his life. He is a lot less nimble now, with a fragile memory to say the least. He never likes a fuss to be made. But it's his 80th. Most likely his last big birthday celebration... What can I do that...
  6. * ORM *

    Old fashioned sweets

    New shop called timeless opposite the Oakwood pub in Eastwood. Not been in there but from the outside looks as if it contains all the old favourites. Mmmmmmmmmmm aniseed balls, mmmmmmmmmmm winter comfort, mmmmmmmmmmm sherbert fountain, mmmmmmmmmmm ................
  7. My trip to wolves

    Am on my school holidays and went to wolves last night and did not get back til 2.30am I had the best day ever and went by wino's coach which was really funny. I sat in front of scott on the coach and he was really nice and gave me a bag of sweets not a steak meal. Scott is not happy when he is...
  8. Southend's top nightspot offer

    Hi all, I'm just promoting a place in Southend that might be of interest to some of you. Its open till late most nights, has plenty of widescreen tvs so never short of something to watch, entry is free and drinks are really cheap - beer starts at 50p a pint and a bottle of wine from around...
  9. callan

    Question Tin of Sweets for Xmas

    With the festive season about to come into full swing, and having completed the budget you can imagine my Joy when despite the credit crunches worst efforts, we have enough money to buy a tin of sweets for christmas. Now I'm no grinch when it comes to the season of goodwill, so hastily arranged...
  10. Matt the Shrimp

    Saucy Sweeties...

    Apparently, a chap in Yorkshire finds Maoam sweets offensive... Maoam's "carnal encounter" :)
  11. Slipperduke

    Arsenal's Better Half

    Ask a new convert to Arsenal what the club's greatest weakness is and you'll get a variety of answers. You might hear that the players are too young, or that there's no cover in defensive midfield, or even that Nicklas Bendtner is a lumbering oaf incapable of even the simplest of motor skills...
  12. Slipperduke

    I wish I'd Gone To Hayes

    Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea So was it Guus Hiddink's tactics or Petr Cech's saves? Was it the referee and his failure to spot a late tug on Theirry Henry or was it Barcelona's inability to take their chances? Chelsea fans won't give two hoots. The net result of this rather grim affair was a scoreless...
  13. Thorpe Groyney

    Talk To Strangers

    Without a bag of sweets in sight! http://omegle.com/ If you go on, why not paste some of your better conversations? Here's my last ones: - You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hi You: howdie You: what's up Stranger: I want sex You: is this the right place for an...
  14. Tinks

    Sweets that make your mouth water

    I have had another Walnut Whip today and upto last week didn't realise they were still sold in the shops. Certainly brought back some memories for me. Bite of the walnut first and then the chocolate top, which left the white fluffy cream inside, which was licked out and then I proceeded to eat...
  15. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Question What did you get for Christmas???

    In no particular order Southend United Yellow shirt with “Aberdeen” on the back of it Shrimper Zone brolly Shrimper Zone sweatshirt Star Wars for the Wii “ The Clone Wars” with Lightsabers Pair of slipper Really nice scarf Tobi ironing thing that gets out...
  16. seany t

    Supermarkets - What can be done to control their power?

    I've worked at, and for, a supermarket in the past and at first I thought all the scaremongering about 'Supermarket Power' was merely that. However, right now there are many, many things are I am becoming increasingly disillusioned by: • Supermarkets initially made money by using brands to get...
  17. Desert Shrimper

    Whatever happened to.....?

    The football chant "here we go" Those silver sweets that looked and tasted like ball bearings White dog ****. (It's been asked before but I've yet to get a satisfactory answer.) Anyone else lost something?
  18. DTS

    Does anyone really buy top shelve mags anymore?

    Walking into work today got collared by Anna our new bird. She had a sore throat so we walked to the newsagents to get her some cough sweets. I waited outside as didnt want anything. As I was outside I noticed the shop had no word of a lie about 200 various jazz mag titles. Now personally...
  19. Spikey Shrimper

    I'm sure I saw...

    ...the Barnsley squad down at Bas festival leisure (it was either them or loads of random blokes walking around in Barnsley FC tracksuits!). They sat in front of me at the cinema. Interestingly, Six sat in a row and then one was by himself in the row behind. Its either an indication of...
  20. * ORM *

    What the bl**dy hell were they thinking ?

    These are "sweets" apparently - FFS !!!!!!!!!!! If I ever find these in a local sweetshop there will be merry hell to pay.