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  1. Petition on Huntington's Disease - Bit Long-Winded but Please Read

    As some of you will already know, my wife suffers from Huntington's Disease. This is an inherited genetic condition with symptoms generally appearing in early middle age, though a proportion of sufferers get Juvenile Huntington's. It is one of the worst genetic conditions to get, and has been...
  2. DoDTS

    Unpublished article from the Southend/Chelsea programme

    Sadly we won't be playing Chelsea but in anticipation I had already written the article for the official programme so perhaps still of interest: CHELSEA v SOUTHEND 100 YEARS AGO Southend’s first meeting with Chelsea was a 100 years ago in the 1st Round of the Cup (equivalent of 3rd round...
  3. Hawkwell Blue

    To the Wycombe Players....

    Thanks. Your pathetic and very long winded ring-a-roses goal celebration I am sure had the desired effect on our team. If that did not wind up the boys then nothing would. So thanks again!
  4. Cricko

    Zone Update Your new site.

    Hi all, this is going to be pretty long winded so bare with me...We now think we are about "there" with all we can do for now. We will of course continue to make The Zone one of the top boards outside of the Prem....There are certain bugs like the names in groups and other little annoying things...
  5. Southend United Finances.

    Hi. Just to introduce myself, as the name probabaly suggests, I'm a Stockport Fan. (In peace). I've actually come on here just to spread a bit of information about financial issues, but before I start, I'll just say a bit of a piece. 14 months ago, other Stockport supporters, myself and...
  6. C C Csiders

    Who Do You Do?

    There was a time in the early to mid 70's when the height of sophistication for a Saturday evening TV viewing was the Who Do You Do? TV impressionist show (like now is any better with Anton Deck or whatever his name is). Who Do You Do featured the likes of Freddie Starr, Peter Goodwright, Aiden...
  7. Sussex Shrimper

    Funny video

    A bit long winded, but worth watching for a laugh: Male restroom etiquette
  8. Xàbia Shrimper

    To Everyone

    To all those who are now lobbing various objects in my direction, I will let you know that I have spoken with "Wiggy" directly on other means and we have resolved this issue. In fact it seems that I now know her real identity. And that is the end on that particular subject. We have...
  9. sufcintheprem

    Transfer negotiations

    Please, before we get any more players being offered contracts, can I make a point about the way that contract negotiations should go. Party one (SUFC, here) offers party two (Player) an offer of a contract to supply a good or service for a certain price. Party one know the last year had good...