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  1. RobM

    You never hear managers say...

    "The referee was awful. The two penalties he gave us never were fouls!" "The red card was fair. Our player deserved it" or "Their red card wasn't. I wouldn't have given it!" "It was well over the line and we should have lost 1-0!" "Their winning goal came after 97 minutes. Just in time, I say!"
  2. RHB

    Mobile Phone Usage in cars - Report or not report?

    It seems that various police forces around the country are upping their game when it comes to nabbing drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving. It is also being suggested that other members of the driving public should report vehicles that they see using phones. For what it's worth...
  3. May backs the troops...at long last.

    Government sends our brave boys and girls into action yet they all are subject to false claims about their behaviour. War must be one horrible place,I know I would be one total coward. Currently there are 1,500 claims against our soldiers,300 odd have been settled for £20,000,000,it's lunacy ...
  4. South Bank Hank

    Tiny Ted

    Interestingly, had the pleasure of sharing a workout this afternoon with Ted Smith at my local gym. I say interestingly for a number of reasons, not least that it took me more than a while to work out that it was actually him. From my vantage point in the South Upper, I've always had the...
  5. Pre-Match Thread Cobblers Away

    Yes I know it's a bit early but wouldn't be great if take a big following this Saturday to spur the players to make sure that the result against Millwall isn't a one off performance Anyone else planing to go?
  6. * ORM *

    Putting the Great back into Britain

    For those doom merchants after Brexit UK Retail Sales showing huge positive growth.UK GDP back in line with expectations. UK manufacturing had one of its biggest monthly jumps in 25 years. UK consumer confidence up. The pound starting to show signs of strengthening. Britain doesn't need Europe...
  7. DoDTS

    The format of the play-offs

    I've got to say that the format of the play-offs seems excellent, two legged semi-final and the final at Wembley, and I personally wouldn't change anything however it is different elsewhere. As I understand it in Scotland the Play-off for promotion to the Premiership this year was between...
  8. OldBlueLady

    Mr Kettle caused a little steam to be let off yesterday....

    Really surprised this hasn't popped up on here as yet - at least, not as far as I've seen. AFC Wimbledon v Accrington Stanley, our friend, Trevor Kettle the ref. So, resident refs and members of SZ, what do we make of this? Was he right or was he wrong? Certainly I think the majority of refs...
  9. Brandon Scott

    Just seen the below article that Ipswich, Preston & Colchester are interested in one of our promising youngsters; http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/02/29/ipswich-preston-colchester-interested-in-southends-brandon-scott/? Judging by the video at the bottom of the article, he looks pretty decent...
  10. SUFC_Ross

    Rent deposit

    Received a letter from my old landlord saying I wouldn't be receiving any of my previous deposit back, I'm not a bad tenant at all however I knew I would be charged for some minor repairs and redecorating as quite frankly I was too lazy to paint a flat I was leaving, however on this letter, it...
  11. Breaking News Hendrie's loan extended by 1 month

    PB said it's an initial 32 days but can be extended to 93, if that's 93 from the the day he arrived he wouldn't be eligible for the play off's, is that right or is there a way round it ?
  12. RHB


    Wouldn't you have thought that the World Economic Forum could have chosen a better location than Davos for this year's gathering?
  13. Shrimp and two veg

    On the off chance

    Hiya guys, happy xmas. Was lucky enough to snatch up the last two tickets up at the wronguns for tomorrow, trouble is my 11yr old is 14 seats away from me ! If anyone is near C38 or C52 and wouldnt mind a single seat swap we'd really appreciate it. If not then bugger it, we are still going ;)
  14. wally4pm

    Question Should we rearrange game for 5th December?

    As the Crewe home game is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 1st March 2016 and they are also out of the FA Cup, wouldn't it make sense to rearrange our game with them to a Saturday as undoubtedly they will bring more supporters on a Saturday rather than a Tuesday night? Or will have I have...
  15. 3,335 at Scunthorpe ....

    Our last win at Scunthorpe was in 1983 and what a win it was. A 6-1 away victory. Hat-trick for Steve Phillips, Pennyfather, Shepherd and a rare Stead goal (just 5 in 340 appearances). You wouldn't have seen our centre half on that day poncing around at the back from corners - it was Paul...
  16. DoDTS


    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW That's the cup out of the way, no replay, extra time penalties etc. so who new we wouldn't progress? Points below Table to follow; 6 ...points...
  17. Sandbach Shrimper

    Col U tickets

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/southend-united-tickets-colchester-united-2786935.aspx Allocation of 2,000. Wouldn't be surprised if they gave us a bit more if we sell that out, though, given their average attendance is 3.5-4k and the stadium holds 10k.
  18. Richard_Cadette

    Question What are the.....

    ..... lyrics to the song we seem to have adopted from Stevenage this season please guys? From way over in the East, all I can make out is.... DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA ?????...... ?????...... SUFC..... ?????..... Must be getting old - a few years back, I wouldn't have...
  19. Crawliano

    Question Play off final prints?

    Birthday around the corner and I wouldn't mind an A3 print of us having won the trophy or something. Any idea where I can get one? Tried the club website, but unless I want a picture of Meet The Blues Day 2013 I'm pretty screwed.
  20. londonblue

    9th September

    This year, on the 9th September (all being well) the Queen will become the longest reigning British monarch of all time. I wouldn't say it's an achievement or even well done to the Queen because she hasn't actually done anything to be Queen for so long, other than have her dad die when she was...