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  1. Fleetwood Attendance

    Normally we wouldn't expect more than a couple of hundred people for a game of this distance, but being the first game of the season and first game back in League 1, how many people do you think will make the trip?
  2. RHB

    Free photo editor -Interested?

    It's Sunday morning, so if you're bored try visiting this website and see what you think: https://pixlr.com/ I've been using the web based apps as a basic photo editor for years and considering its free it is quite powerful and a fair bit of fun. The developers have recently added a new...
  3. Champions League Final

    Should be a good'un. Hard to see past Barca but Juvé deserve to be in the final and I wouldn't put it past them knicking a goal. Also end of an era for some incredible players... eMdtinxrIDg
  4. Alf Tupper

    Joe Pigott desperate for Charlton chance

    http://www.southlondon-today.co.uk/Sport.cfm?id=35872 I wouldn't read this and say that here is player keen to continue his footballing career at Southend. Alf
  5. Are we glad we lost a Morecambe now?

    Morecambe was one of the low points of supporting Southend. we went there full of confidence expecting to win but if we had of won we wouldnt have had that wonderful day on Saturday and we wouldn't have received a trophy. Maybe things were meant to be and losing at Morecambe even though totally...
  6. HudsonNo1

    Full length program

    Can anyone who maybe sky+ the whole thing do a DVDs or put it on YouTube in parts? Really want to watch it all on tv and live it again from a different view. I wouldn't mind paying for a DVD if it can be done by someone.
  7. TrueBlue

    Sea of yellow???

    I hear that a kind benefactor has made 3k yellow scarfs avalible for the game Saturday wouldn't it be nice to hold them up when the players come out?
  8. shrimperjon

    Spare a thought!

    So my son has signed for a new team, his first participation is to play in a tournament at the ground of Colshite Utd, actually on the pitch. Even at ten years old he understands the rivalry to the extent that he said maybe he shouldn't play! My question is should I go in my colours? If we go...
  9. Slight concern.......

    Given the form we have been on , I was quietly confident we would be the team to go up via the play offs. I know anything can happen in these games , but felt our form and team spirit would see us through. Not many of us expected to be third going into the final game , certainly not after Burton...
  10. superblue24


    Not that I wish to moan on a day of positives, but who were the idiots who spoiled the silence before kick off!?!? I hope it was none of our lot, although it sounded like it was eminating from somewhere around W!!! Wouldn't have cost anything to show a bit of respect and those who were making...
  11. Pre-Match Thread Bury vs Southend United

    Nervous already. We need to play our best 11. That means Corr and maybe Worrall.
  12. BaileytheQuitter

    Question League 2 POTY

    Who has impressed you most this season? For me it has to be Ryan Woods of Shrewsbury. Lad has bags of talent and I wouldn't be surprised if he plays, at least, for a top Championship club in a few years. Will any of our players come into contention? Bentley perhaps, but there is some stiff...
  13. The Falklands.

    Things could start hotting up out there. The Falklands or Malvinas as the Argies call them, 310 miles from Argentina, is under increased threat again after oil and gas was found through drilling. The thing is, the last time the Argies moved on the Falklands we were a much bigger in military...
  14. Grant Shapps

    So nothing about this despicable ****? Not surprising I guess, the tories of SZ wouldn't want this story to gather momentum. Several major media outlets aren't running the story either. Strange eh! So he lied about having a second job while a fully paid MP. But in defence of that lie...
  15. Mad Cyril

    More local restaurant reviews.....

    IL Torrente, Benfleet. Food OK but overpriced and I think they are trying to cash in on an upmarket South Benfleet clientele. They didn't have Amaretto which is odd for an Italian restaurant and I saw them make an Irish coffee and stir the cream in. Don't think they will be around long unless...
  16. Uncle Leo

    The annual SZ St Patrick's Day thread

    It wouldn't be March without this thread. Votes please....
  17. londonblue

    Stevenage Don't Like it Up 'Em

    It seems Graham Westley doesn't like it when teams get physical with his Stevenage team. I guess he's reaping what he sews. It wouldn't surprise me if other teams are more physical against Stevenage in order to combat their uncompromising style, but it's a bit rich him complaining about...
  18. DoDTS

    No. 10 POINTS and TABLE for SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE Saturday 21st February 2015

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW Well there wouldn't have been many points gained from the result thank god for the goalscorer: POINTS Below TABLES to follow: 3 ...points...... The Big...
  19. lee_sufc

    Impartial life advice :-)

    Afternoon all! Been a while since I last posted (but I'm a regular "lurker"). I'm after some impartial advice... Basically, I live in Rochford with our two young children. One is in pre-school, the other in year one at primary. Although we like where we live, we've often considered...
  20. BoyWonder2

    Market Research

    Good morning Shrimpers, I have a thread in the charity forum, but I've not had much in the way of feedback so far. I thought I'd put the questions here to see if I might get a bit more feedback. Any advise will be greatly received. For full details, please see the charity forum: 1) Last year...