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Pre-Match Thread HMRC v SUFC - FINAL hearing on 1st March. DISMISSED

Outcome of HMRC court case 1 March

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Assistant Head Coach⭐
May 14, 2014
On the beach


Aug 8, 2005
Ron was probably gambling on the early release of the training pitches, to access the next round of funds.
Maybe tax bill will hopefully be settled now.
And probably no need for bridging loan now ? Maybe 🤔
Or am I getting ahead of myself?

Other thing is of course the training ground is late - think completion was due Oct/Nov time.

Speculation from me, but I guess potentially this lateness has led to our current issues.

Again speculation from me but the completion, possibly combined with other planning conditions being met, will either (a) unlock next stage payments and/or (b) increase the value of assets allowing Ron to borrow more using them as collateral, could even be key to the bridging loan and hence why that has not been weeks but months


Dec 14, 2011
Training pitches look good, very nice ,but have to say it the best news i could read on here and its just two little words, UMBARGO LIFTED !!! then i will be happy .
That would be nice.
But strange as it may sound , given all the continued uncertainty and chaos, I actually think 'player recruitment' is something we don't actually need right now.
I think Wrexham and Notts County are not catchable for us and that our current squad - and importantly 'team unity' are enough for us to secure and compete in the play offs.
Whether we succeed via that route , I'm not sure , but I think the squad we have is good enough to try and very little needed in addition.


Sep 8, 2009
Highcliffe Dorset
The compulsory strike off has only been suspended. This is because someone has objected to the striking off.

Most likely it is someone who is owed money by the company, might be HMRC or one of Ron's other companies that is owed money or the many others that are owed money.

It is suspended for a period, say 2 or 3 months to see if the matter is resolved otherwise the proposed strike off will start again.

The club has too clear the amount owed to HMRC and then bring the records at Companies House up to date, i.e. file the overdue accounts.


Nov 19, 2012
Look above. Kierian chap states the winding up order has me struck off. I assume, paid in simple man terms?

This chap who states this. Is Mr Football finance
The strike-off was placed due to accounts not being filed.

A winding-up order is exclusive to HMRC. Both are different.

This is in line with the accounts. It only states 'suspended' rather than 'dismissed'. One would guess they've been stated the same time frame (1st of March) to settle and file the accounts. Which is why they've suspended it.

Whispering Bob

Nov 17, 2020
The compulsory strike off has only been suspended. This is because someone has objected to the striking off.

Most likely it is someone who is owed money by the company, might be HMRC or one of Ron's other companies that is owed money or the many others that are owed money.
There was one amusing moment in court last week whereby a barrister representing a company owed money by SUFC actually SUPPORTED the adjournment. The guy representing HMRC broke into a rueful smile and mentioned that was a first for him (cue laughter). I think he also realised at that point she was speaking on behalf of a 'friendly' company and that lots had been goiung on behind the scenes.


Aug 25, 2019


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Medway Blue

Living on the Island of Relevancy ⭐
Jan 19, 2007
Chatham, Kent
Please correct me if I'm wrong here but, as far as I understand Ron was supposed to pay £4m for Vic Jobson's shares - 55% of the total shareholding. According to the Jobson family, he allegedly only paid two-thirds of that sum (meaning that he was only truly entitled to 36%?). He now owns approx 70% of the shares. can anybody enlighten me where he picked up the additional 15%?
Correct. Although I think it was more like £750k (to be paid in 3x £250k installments). VJ owned 55% at the time and if SEL only paid for two thirds of that, then realistically that's only 36%.

The most recent shareholder list (published 2019, I think). shows SEL as holding 70% of the shares. That's the 55% that he wants everyone to believe he purchased from VJ, plus another 15%. I think the additional 15% has been acquired by buying shares from other shareholders in piecemeal fashion over the years. You can see from Companies House officer returns for the club how many Directors have been and gone since 1998. John Adams stayed on the board for a year or so before leaving in 1999, SEL probably purchased any shareholding he had. There will have been more like that I think. Michael Markscheffel I think disposed of some of his shares over the years too.

IMO it's probably not a coincidence that the 36% of Vic Jobson's shares that SEL actually paid for, plus the 15% that it has stealthily acquired over the past 23 years, equals 51%. Was that RM protecting himself so that, if he was ever rumbled, he could at least say that he is still majority shareholder even if the final third of Vic Jobson's shares that he never paid for are legally declared as not belonging to him?

All conjecture on my part, of course.

tommy tucker

May 24, 2009
I thought the pitches were being constructed by White Horse contractors? I was given a tour if the pitches by Tom and a chap from White Horse. Who are Calfordseaden?
Calfordseaden are the concotants Southen united used to act as agents to hire the company who built the training ground from what i have read .


Life President
Jun 16, 2008
Winding up orders from HMRC are not on Companies House as information like that is not readily shared
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