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I can change, you can change, WE can change!


SJP Taxi and Private Hire
Oct 26, 2003
Hockley now on loan to Rayleigh
The year I recall was 2005 I had just got back recently from a summer lads trip to Magaluf (Shagaluf) and I popped myself onto the scales, well more liked blobbed onto the scales, I get my reading at look at my print out.... 25 Stone man I am now I had just crossed from the 24's into 25 zone.

To be fair I had always been a big lad and even though I wanted to be thinner and healthier I just did not want it enough to change even though I would keep telling myself I would that day never really came! 2 years later in 2007 I went to the doctors which is rare for me and I was complaining of having to go for a **** every 2 hours, next thing I know I am sitting in the doctors room being told I have a lifelong progressive illness.... Type 2 Diabetes at 22 years of age!
Being told felt like my whole world had collapsed I have always said that on that day in that doctors room a part of Scott died that day the following weeks were one of worry and depression I felt lucky that I was always a happy go lucky kind of guy as somebody more introvert mite have had some serious mental issues knowing that one day they could go blind, have heart complications, have parts of hands and feet amputated all scary stuff.

I picked myself up to battle this but after a month and with diabetes not being the type of illness to show instant problems it becomes easy to shut it out and pretend its not happening. So again I did not want it enough, fast forward 5 years to today.

After the breakup with my last girlfriend who I really thought was the one my attitude has always been to get back into the saddle and go and find somebody else, but I was not happy with myself, I was sick of not being able to get the designer gear in my size, I was sick of spending over £200 at a home game on drink drugs and fast food a mountain appeared in my life, drill into that mountain you will find...
  • Large debts
  • Poor health
  • Close to being out of work
  • Even a football team about to blow promotion

Some mite see Scott as always happy always laughing however if I used a quote and this was from the Sopranos "I feel like the happy clown, laughing on the outside.... crying on the inside"

Something has changed since early May, I cant put a finger on it, call it growing up call it maturity call it whatever you like all i know is now...
  • 2005 - 25 Stone / Today - 16st 5lb
  • All my debt is now manage fair and well by the consumer credit counseling service
  • Been on a few dates, nothing solid yet though
  • Starting to love myself again
  • Have been clean of drugs for over 8 weeks
  • Have not had a drink in weeks

I now feel like I have taken myself now and put me back into the pre-doctors visit of 2007 matching better health now with the spirit of yesteryear!

I can truly say this for all the right reasons not when I have asleep at the bar drunk and wake up and say this....

TrueBlue is Back!

... and I feel ****ing awesome, I can change, you can change, WE CAN CHANGE!