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  1. RHB

    NHS Junior Doctors Industrial Action

    It's probably time to open up this particular issue. NHS Junior Doctors are taking industrial action for the first time in 40 years. So, is it ever right for medical staff to take this sort of action? The BBC took a poll very recently to see what patients' views towards this action were. Two...
  2. RHB

    Junior doctors row: 98% vote in favour of strikes

    The title says it all. For a 98% vote to have occurred here the junior doctors must be pretty upset. Lets hope there is a bit of sense here from both sides and arbitration can sort it out. At the moment that looks pretty unlikely. I'm not certain, but I believe this is the first time in the...
  3. DoDTS


    Further to my Memory Lane post on Sheffield United cup games I've had an enquiry about one of players Walden (don't know his first name yet) which is amazing, it means someone has read my post :smile: Anyway I'm doing some research into the player and thought I would post it up for all to...
  4. RHB

    Can the Government find the money to pay for a truly seven day NHS?

    The question is in the title and my national newspaper carried a full one page notice from the BMA posing the question. Rather than reproduce the ad, the website is below: www.bma.org.uk/working-for-change/doctors-in-the-nhs/seven-day-services/show-us-your-plan If you're interested, have a...
  5. Some really good news on Cambridge fan Simon Dobbin

    Report on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-33658558
  6. Napster

    League One Backroom Staff

    Someone posted that we have a big backroom staff so I thought I would contrast and compare. Ive removed physios/doctors and youth/academy coaches, masseurs and kit managers for clarification. Basically, yeah we could do with more backroom staff. Barnsley Head Coach - Lee Johnson Assistant...
  7. Head Injuries

    Lost count how many times those ******s faked head injuries today. Time for a rule change, if you have a head injury then you leave the field for a minimum of 5 minutes and need doctors clearance to re-enter play !!!!!!!!
  8. RHB

    You heard it here first, sort of!!

    I was at the doctors surgery today picking up a prescription and got talking to the receptionist. Not sure how the conversation got round to football but it turns out that her husband is RMs driver. The receptionist was adamant that according to her husband work on Fossetts Farm will start soon...
  9. The NHS.....

    Blog can be read Here.. The Old Lovers August 30, 2013 by fakethom | 4 Comments A brief story about two old lovers in hospital. We shall call them Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is dying. He’s on a ward in the bottom corner of a hospital, an is slowly but surely coming to the end of his...
  10. londonblue

    My Aunt's Boyfriend

    I thought I'd tell you all a story. My uncle (my mum's brother) died in 2001. He had a heart transplant in around 1989-1990 and his new heart was finally rejected about 12 years on. He had got to a point where he was on the strongest anti-rejection drugs possible, so there was nothing more the...
  11. TrueBlue

    I can change, you can change, WE can change!

    The year I recall was 2005 I had just got back recently from a summer lads trip to Magaluf (Shagaluf) and I popped myself onto the scales, well more liked blobbed onto the scales, I get my reading at look at my print out.... 25 Stone man I am now I had just crossed from the 24's into 25 zone...
  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Health reforms 'will benefit most vulnerable in society'

    In a letter published in The Daily Telegraph, 42 family doctors, who together lead 1,100 practices across England, call on the Government to press ahead with the Health and Social Care Bill, and not withdraw support for Andrew Lansley, the embattled Health Secretary. Read the full article here...
  13. canveyshrimper

    RIP - Nicholas Courtney

    I've just seen the sad news that Nicholas Courtney who played Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart opposite 6 doctors in Dr Who has passed away aged 81. RIP Brigadier.
  14. Tommy2holes

    Ailments / illnesses and embaressing/painful injuries

    Now i have had some ailments over the 33 years since my creation but my most recent has proved painful embaressing and is taking time to get over. So i wanted to know yours. I'll go back to mine. Bout 3 weeks ago i started getting a pain in my arse after going for a bike ride . I just put it...
  15. Latest Rumours Broken legs

    I once had a friend who needed both knees fixing because of sport injuries,so the doctors did one and then 6 months after did the other this is done just in case one knee fails. So is there any one you know that may have had thier legs broken for not paying debts to rough tough men emmm let me...
  16. One for the Doctor Who fans

    10 "issues" of brilliant fan fiction , including all the canon you can think of If only they could make this into a film ;) http://comics.shipsinker.com/the-ten-doctors/
  17. How much do you cost the NHS?

    Just got my bill in for the last years medical stuff,medicains,doctors,eye laser ops 9 of and it comes to a grand total of 6,680 euros,bearing in mind that my monthly insulin bill is over 500 euros its really not that bad. So what do you think your medical bill would be for a year?
  18. Man flu

    right, i've been suffering from the mother of all colds for about a week, dragged myself to work and tomorrow I'm presenting to about 50 doctors so enough is enough, I need to get it sorted, I don't want to bail at this late stage. Even though I work in evidence based medicine, I'd happily...
  19. Legalise drugs article.

    Taken from the New Scientist, fascinating article that I totally agree with. I know it's an age old topic on here but it's a slow day. Far from protecting us and our children, the war on drugs is making the world a much more dangerous place. SO FAR this year, about 4000 people have died in...
  20. Rusty Shackleford

    X-Files Special: Prince of Wales really is a Charlie

    From Mark Steyn writing on NRO: According to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, we only have 96 months left to save the planet. I’m impressed. 96 months. Not 95. Not 97. July 2017. Put it in your diary. Usually the warm-mongers stick to the same old drone that we only have ten years left...