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Kate Lawler - Hottie or Munter

Kate Lawler - Would you or wouldn't you?

  • Yes - She's a babe

    Votes: 52 83.9%
  • No - extreme munter

    Votes: 10 16.1%

  • Total voters


Ant from across the Pond
Aug 13, 2007
Limerick, Ireland

After heated debate in the Woodgate thread with regards the general good looking nature of the above female - I was amazed to see nobody agreed with me...'Munter Alert' and other such things were branded towards the lovely Miss Lawler :(

So the question i put to SZ is - what do you think?
crap... more pictures of Margaret Thatcher please!
I stand by my earlier comments and also have to applaud C C Csiders for his suggestion she looks like Richie Foran in a wig!

Not exactly top ten material, or candidate for Shrimperzone Totty World Cup, but I always though she was pretty fit and most definately would.
But we're not just going on looks here.
Remember what a nasty vile self-centred scheming little bee-hatch she is ALLEGEDLY (before Cricko gets on my case!)

Why what has she done....ALLEGEDLY???
Why what has she done....ALLEGEDLY???

Nothing specific, she just (in my opinion) comes across as a nasty scheming little bitch. As per last week's warnings/bannings and today's little reminder about a certain rumour coming out of Roots Hall, I am covering my back legally! ;)
For fairness purposes, I think it's best if we don't have a lingerie clad pic of Lawler as the only evidence.

Here's another pic of her...


Forgot she's trying to make it as a DJ now.
Anybody ever seen her either in a club or in Ibiza for example?
Ugly was banned from driving in 2006 for speeding .....

Sorry, Lawler was banned from driving in 2006 for speeding in Ugley, Essex....
Could we not have some middle ground here? She's hardly an extreme munter but I'm not going to give her babe status either. She's just normal.