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Q and a summary-- another broken promise


Youth Team
Sep 12, 2008
Most of you will remember that Mr Martin said he would post a summary of the Q and A session held back in March on the OS,as a final part of his trilogy of blogs on the state of our football club.

This Q and A summary has not been forthcoming and I suspect that there is more chance of France
winning the 2010 World Cup than Mr Martin publishing his thoughts on that meeting.

I attended the Q and A session and was "privileged" to ask 3 questions to our Chairman.In the void
of an official summary,I beg to take this opportunity to summarise my part of the Q and A session.As
the meeting was over 3 months ago,I may not be word perfect,but I do assure you that the gist is

Q1 : Mr Martin,I note from your "time" slide that you have just shown in your presentation,we will
be paying HMR&C on April 15th.which is indeed good news,but the slide ends on that date.
I realise that the club is due to receive a cash injection when season ticket holders
renew in late April/early May which I calculate to be nearly £1million,but do we have enough
cashflow to see us through the summer months when income is very low?

A : You are not too far out with your calculation,I reckon it will be about £800,000 but you lot are
not digging into your pockets yet,which is understandable.There will be a cash injection of
£3 million to see us through.

Q2 :In recent weeks you strike me as being a lonely figure and seeing you alone on centre stage
has not changed my opinion.Do you feel alone? Should you be seeking some help? (Applause).
(NB :my thinking was shouldn't you be getting some help from your fellow directors or dare I
say the "C" word-- the consortium!).

A :Yes,you are right,I do feel lonely at times but no I don't need your help (aside : I think he
is touting for business) ,I will see this through on my own.

Q3 :Mr Martin,can you state with certainty in front of this forum tonight that we will still have a
club to support this time next year?

A :That is an unfair question-- I might be dead this time next year!

Unfortunately,before I was able to respond and say "that's not an unfair question,Mr Martin,at a
time you are asking us to renew our season tickets through to May 2011" the microphone had
moved on.

Mr Martin's answers worried me back in March,but the level of anxiety for our beloved football club
I have now is excruciating.