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  1. Cricko

    The Zone Hall of Fame

    With the Zone being 18/19 years old now. I thought it was a good idea to have a forum for all to discuss and remember the sadly parted Players, fans and friends of our beloved club. Each person remembered can have there own thread in here for all to add to.
  2. Surely we have filed later than 3 months.....on many occasions ? ;

    News has gone from bad to worse for Leyton Orient after Companies House issued a First Gazette notice for a compulsory strike-off. The club, owned by Italian Francesco Becchetti, have yet to file their accounts, which were due on March 31. They are now nearly three months late. The document...
  3. manor15

    2017 General Election thread

    Quite the U-turn from her repeated denials... Surely only one result here to give her her beloved mandate to pursue a hard Brexit?
  4. Supershrimper

    Shrimpers on the Apprentice

    Watching The Apprentice and Courtney managed to finally get a comment for his beloved love of Southend. Come on Courtney
  5. Silencer

    There's a circus in the town...

    Reading the Ben Clarkson Twitter thread I have come up with the idea of this thread, just for some light entertainment and to realise that it has actually been worse and more farcical at our beloved club. Please post some of the sublime and ridiculous things that have happened @ the Hall over...
  6. IloveShrimp

    The new ground if we get one??

    I went with my son to the Spammers new mighty stadium last night. 54,000 people, a hike to my seat up in the land of the gods (a parachute under my seat) and near heart failure to get there. It made me think though, would I really want my beloved Shrimpers to go that far? My answer was a...
  7. * ORM *

    Husband needed

    I apologise for the length of the post but I'm curious to see if anyone fits the bill. ​** This marriage advert is clear, legit & real. ** When the true fate brings someone special related to your soul, distance is not an issue with cars & airplanes. I am looking for a true nice...
  8. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane FM247: Radios In Motion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrZyqo-kiZE&nohtml5=False This might resonate a little for anyone who's come back to Southend after a little while away. I was staying in town over the w/e and was at a bit of a loose end between an afternoon curry and seeing a gig at The Railway. I had a...
  9. The Watermill Wino

    Morpeth Town v Bowers & Pitsea

    Bowers & Pitsea take on the long journey Up North this Saturday to Morpeth Town. Anyone fancy being a glory Hunter, or witnessing history in the making, for going our beloved Southend for one day to represent an Essex Team to Wembley there is a coach!!! :smile: It's not every day you can say in...
  10. Memory Lane George Best at Roots Hall?

    Evening all, A colleague at work mentioned a few photos he had of his time in the 1980s - including a few shots of our beloved Roots Hall - and admittedly it was before my time (and before I was born), but I think a few might be interested to see the shots - these are the ones of Besty playing...
  11. Bolton sell their training ground to rivals Wigan.

    Obviously, must of us all aware of the financial difficulties that Bolton are in. However it would appear that "behind the scenes" things are much worse than is being reported. £173 million in debt & an a current outstanding £3 million tax & VAT bill yet still to be paid off. I dont think even...
  12. Just an opinion but

    These threads voting for the worst player's who have worn our beloved blue leave a bad taste. Those very same player's or even their children or grandchildren could well be reading people's views. I have avoided them like the plague,might be fun for some. Sorry if this offends anyone.
  13. Impressed with your supporters

    Hello Everyone, I don't normally comment on other team's boards, not because I'm anti-social, but because I can't normally be bothered! I felt I had to register as an honorary Shrimper though, just so I could post a comment on here about your support. Pre-match and post-match comments were by...
  14. Chalky

    Website/Apps you use??

    Just wondering what website/apps you shrimpers use? Like, what ones can you not live with out. Ones you use every day. Interested, as I might find a new website to use or a useful app to download. I will kick things off with Twitter, I use twitter daily and pretty much throughout the whole day...
  15. North Wales Shrimper

    Breaking News Accounts 2013/14 Published

    The accounts for our beloved football club have been published. Headline figures: Cash: £26,387 Assets: £406,578 Liabilities: £11,768,788 Net Worth: (£11,264,876). Download the accounts I offer no further comment and open it to the floor.
  16. Best standout performance

    With 3 hopefully 4 games left in the season,I wondered what you think is the most standout performance not from the team but from an individual.Lat season most on here seemed to single out Paul Smith for his goalkeeping display versus Brentford in the JPT.I cannot vote because of the diastance...
  17. Question Serious question?

    Please no fun taking this is a serious question, I was chatting to a friend who is a private banker in Dubaii,i started talking about my beloved team SUFC, and how its broke and all the potential i belive it has,i spoke about the new stadium we hoping to get ,but how due to lack of funds it...
  18. Fred

    Memory Lane A year ago today

    7th April 2013. A day imprinted on every Shrimpers mind. Apart from seeing my beloved team walk out onto the hallowed turf, my abiding memory was watching the thousands of blues fans walking up Wembley Way and then to see almost one end of the stadium covered in blue. A day my boys and I will...
  19. Question promotion!

    Having read the thread re: martin allen getting the sack from gills, and what was said about Crystal palace and Cardiff leads me to ask the question,all of us at Shrimperzone at one time or another i would guess have said how SUFC need to get out of this accursed league 2 to league1 not...
  20. DoDTS

    PL Table No.6 TABLE "We're gonna get spanked" SOUTHEND Prediction League

    We zoners haven't got a clue when it comes to predicted our beloved club, six predicted Gavin Tomlin would be our first scorer and gain 2 points each, while Yogi Bear UTC got the correct score and gained three ponits and five others predicted a draw and two had the confidence to use their...