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Reflections and anxieties

yogi bear up the cagire

Life President
May 8, 2008
St Gaudens France
Arrived back in France early this morning, still rather tired but felt the need to post something of my thoughts and concerns.
I was at the Millwall match and spent some time puting down my views of that evening on my brother's computer in Leigh, only to find myself unable to post, with an error being signaled and a request to refresh and log-on (which I'd already done).......in attempting to do this, both posts disappeared and I gave up.
The Millwall game is now a little stale but I remember a number of posts striking a chord with what I thought. A fairly tough physical game (perhaps that's why Sawyer wasn't risked), in which I thought we played quite well, as we seem to have done in virtually all the games we've played this season. One of the things that struck me was that we seem to set our stall out as being a difficult side to beat, which I think is fine for away matches......but is this really how we should be playing at home? I got the distinct impression in the second-half, that it was more important for Tilly to hold on to the point we had than risking gaining or losing all three. I did worry towards the end that they were going to snatch a victory.
I know that the Robinson debate is over and I, with most other people on here, well understand why he didn't end up with us. There was however one moment in particular when, near the start of the match, Freedman, facing away from goal on the edge of the penalty area, received a pass and needed to turn his man in order to be through on a one to one situation with their goalkeeper. Unfortunately he failed to control the ball and the chance was gone. I was left thinking.................what if it had been Robinson.......????
In effect, IF we had come up with the cash for Theo would we be on four points from five games and could we have still been in contention for the Carling Cup? I suppose everything is easy in hindsight now we see him banging in goals for Huddersfield...............£275000 doesn't now seem that expensive .......even if it was TOO expensive for us.
I do feel that the next few days are going to be crucial to our season and this has been accentuated with the announcement of Heath and White's departure. I would certainly be as surprised as everybody else if there were to be any permanent signings between now and Monday but I would equally well be deeply worried, if there were no long term loan signings and we were left with just finding emergency cover.
Listening to today's match (Swindon commentary), it would not seem that we can be critical of the player's efforts, in face of adversity. Although we can criticise the lack of decisions we got from the referee we didn't really do very much to endear ourselves to him and I thought that the Swindon broadcasting team were being as reasonably objective as they could be. They seem to believe that the bookings were correct and that we were rather unlucky with our penalty claim in the second-half. They seemed quite impressed with us and thought that we should take some positives from the game. Personally, I'm getting a little concerned that positives are not as important as three points..........however M'voto seemed to have quite a good game, which is encouraging.
I do believe that we are too good to go down this year but I do have a nasty feeling at the back of my mind of another season where we also played quite well but ended up slipping into relegation. Let's hope that Tilly has got some cards up his sleeve, that we shall all see between now and Monday night.
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