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  1. Cricko

    Strange things that happen on holidays

    Prompted by Kaymacs post in the where would you like to live thread. It was I think about 1983 when I went to Vancover for a few months, I have relatives there and always wanted to visit the place. I met up with a guy and his wife, I forget their names now, but he asked me, "Would I help him...
  2. Ricky Otto

    Your Non-football sporting hero?

    We were discussing at work our sporting heroes and it was pretty much all footballers and from the clubs we support, which was a bit boring and predictable. So then we changed it to "non-football" and it was really quite interesting. So lets hear your non-football sporting heroes and the reason...
  3. A great Kit Quiz

    There's a great Kit Quiz on the official site. I got 7 out of 8. Can anyone get 8? https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2018/june/blues-friday-quiz3/
  4. The Smiths dilemma

    Now if you're a proper music lover, then The Smiths are quite frankly, one of the greatest bands IN THE WORLD. However, Morrissey has turned (always was?) a massive purple bell-end and I have avoided listening to them because of this huge purple bell-ended ness. So my question to you (well the...
  5. Rattus Norvegicus

    Pre-season friendlies

    It's pretty quite on "The Zone" so why not start the perennial discussion about pre-season friendlies? What are you hoping for? Who are you hoping to see at Roots Hall? What changes (if any) do you think C.P. will bring in? Pre-season tour anyone?
  6. Up the Shrimpers

    Pre-Match Thread MK Dons v Southend Under 23 Central Cup Final tonight

    Anyone going tonight? 7.30pm kick off at MK Dons £5 adults, £1 under 18's. As usual nothing about the match on the official site. I expect we will put quite a young side out. Maybe Wabo will play?
  7. Shrimp and two veg

    Elvis or Dimi ?

    I've been so impresed with Elvis since he broke through with Phil Brown. He's a real SCP kind of player too, fantastic mobility, seems his attitude is good, has real pace and covers his centre backs intelligently. A ball winner that doesnt sell himself, whereas as much as i like Jason Dimi he...
  8. DoDTS

    Premier League and European Prediction Leagues

    First of all many thanks for the appreciation shown for the PL on another thread and clearly some really enjoy the prediction Leagues. It is very time consuming but I now have the best job in the world (retirement) so I have the time and when working statistics was always a big part of my day so...
  9. * ORM *

    Random musings of a journeyman footballer

    Saturday 12th May sees me play my last competitive football game. That will have been 42 years of league football since my old teacher at Westleigh Junior School entered us in the Southend Junior league back in 1976. Since then I make it I have played for 16 different clubs in 15 different...
  10. Ricky Otto

    2018 summer transfer thread

    Couldn't see one started yet so thought we could start discussion, any players you'd like us to look at or ship out? I know from a source close to Powell that he would like to ship a few out, which I assume means quite a few in too. I'll chuck a name out there: Manny Duku, 37 goals in 42...
  11. OldBlueLady

    Sponsors Dinner last night

    A good evening at the Arlington Rooms, well done to the new Commercial team on their organisation. A very different regime to previous ones, players not allowed a drink - although I did see one or two having a glass of red! Saw a few Zoners and regular TZers there and had a chat with some of...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Local elections 2018

    Thought it worthwhile starting a thread on this as we are only a few weeks away. Any seats in or around Southend up for grabs this May? Obviously, London is going to be very interesting - e.g in Hillingdon Labour are really on the attack as Boris Johnson is an MP for a large chunk of that area...
  13. DoDTS

    BRADFORD CITY by Train - Saturday 28th April 2018

    Bradford City - Saturday 28th April 2018 Coral Windows Stadium Capacity: 25,136 (all seated) Address: Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 7DY The following is from the excellent football grounds guide site...
  14. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Southend Utd vs Rotherham Utd

    It's been a bit quite on here lately so I'm 'chucking in' an early pre-match thread for Saturday. Rotherham are 4th in the table at the moment but have lost 2 out of their last three games so all to play for. Three points for Southend will get us to the 50 points mark so it would be great if...
  15. Ricky Otto

    Cheltenham 2018

    With under 2 weeks to go I thought I'd start up this years Cheltenham thread up. Who look like the bankers this year? Buveur D'air, Apples Jade, Altior, SAMCRO? Where is the value to be found? I don't think the standard is as high as previous years overall, so there is going to be value bets...
  16. Supershrimper

    Oldham away, not a complete waste on the TZ coach

    Quite a productive time on the TravelZone coach on the way back from Oldhams frozen ground. Lyrics courtesy of someone on the coach, sung to Sweet Caroline Where it began Losing away to Shrewsbury By then we knew its going wrong That was the spring, crap signings in the summer Who'd have...
  17. Marco's goal celebration

    it was quite sophisticated.... Was it the answer to Wigan fans saying he was too old ?
  18. Cricko

    Podcast 1: Flag/Banner to Auction

    I have no idea how I ended up with this but anyway it's up for auction towards our fundraising efforts. It is quite old as I must of had it for 15 years + and is more of a banner than a flag, as I can't see it takes a pole. It measures 140cms wide and 85cms deep. (4 feet 7 by just under 3 feet...
  19. RobM

    Away fans treatment

    Is it just me (quite likely) or is anyone else a tad miffed about how away supporters are generally treated as second-class? Poorer view, ghastly toilets, can't see the scoreboard, higher price tickets (£28 at Peterborough for some) just some examples. Not everywhere I agree but certainly some...
  20. SUFC tattoos

    Anybody got any cool SUFC tattoos? And if so would you be up for posing for a portrait for a photography project I'm working on about Roots Hall / SUFC?? I'm not expecting anything quite as extreme as this [warning: West Ham] but anything along those lines? There's a little bit about the...