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  1. Rattus Norvegicus

    Graham Coughlan

    No particular reason for this post only it occurred to me that he has been a good "servant" to the club and has been there for quite a few years now. :thumbsup: Played well for us I thought and now quietly goes about his business as being assistant manager and rarely gets a mention on here (and...
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    The Southampton blueprint

    This is an excellent article on Southampton's success. As recently as 2010 we were playing them in the league. Since then our paths have diverged as they have established themselves as a top half Premiership side. Whilst I think it unlikely that we'd have had quite the same success had we...
  3. 2017: England V South Africa & West Indies

    I thought we may as well get this thread underway, what with the upcoming tours over the summer from South Africa & the West Indies from now until the end of September, and our thoughts and opinions for who should make the grade for the up-coming ashes series. I will start with tonight's easy...
  4. Strykr

    Synthwave Album coming out

    Hi all, Sorry for the shameless plug, but I know quite a few fellow blues are into your music and I know for sure quite a lot of us were 80's kids! I have an 80s inspired synthwave album coming out on the 21st June and have been releasing a few teasers on youtube and thought some of you guys...
  5. The budget and Gills Shrews and Vale

    Cold light of day . Its obvious the player budget was fairly decent this season,question is will Ron be happy with 7th considering Scunthorpe and Fleetwood finished higher with smaller crowds and I guess smaller budgets. My view is we started the season looking relegation fodder,yet some...
  6. The quality of match officials

    Although Phil Brown has quite possibly over-reacted to some of the refereeing decisions that have gone against us this season, I get the impression from match reports on this forum that more dubious decisions by match officials have gone against us than in our favour. Certainly, some poor...
  7. Kevin Hogg


    We were not quite good enough. Congratulations to the club's good enough to finish above us. We can and WILL win this division next season. The title surge starts NOW!! Southend United until I die!
  8. manor15

    2017 General Election thread

    Quite the U-turn from her repeated denials... Surely only one result here to give her her beloved mandate to pursue a hard Brexit?
  9. Tommy2holes

    The mystery question

    Does anybody actually know how many season ticket holders we actually have? I see the club tweeted earlier that the early bird take up has surpassed last year's total at this stage. Quite a few have asked how many we have sold but this never gets answered. Other clubs are keen to show the...
  10. Pubs for Charlton

    I know it's a little premature but it's a game I've been looking forward to for ages, where is everyone going to have a drink before the game? With it being an easy ground for us shrimpers to get to I'm expecting quite a few down there be good to find a pub with an atmosphere before game
  11. Forever A Shrimper

    Blues Player Interview: Phil Brown

    Interesting six minute interview on Blues Player from Phil Brown. He points out how the biggest disappointment at his time in Southend is "not having a new stadium yet" as "this was one of the main reasons why [he] joined the football club." Seems like quite strong words and hope it's not an...
  12. OldBlueLady

    Lenny's role at attacking free kicks

    Has anyone else spotted what Lenny does when we have a free kick near the opposition area? We noticed it at Coventry and saw it again yesterday prior to Coxy's goal. Basically, he goes and stands in front of the goal keeper and mirrors their movements - you know, like kids play that game of...
  13. londonblue

    Club Badge Quiz

    BBC 6/10. Either it's harder than it looks or I'm crap. I suspect it's the latter!
  14. Napster

    new quiz

    It's very short this week 1. Which striker almost came on loan to us in the 81/2 season before we plumped for Steve Phillips? 2. Who was Alan Moody fighting at the end of our game against Gillingham in the 81/2 season? 3. Which former striker was sent off on his debut in the Premiership? Boere...
  15. SUBBlue

    Majorca Hotel Recommendations Please

    I have just received a letter telling me that Mr Taxman has dropped a b0ll0ck with his sums of late & now owes me a sizeable amount of tax back. Without wishing to rub my good fortune into the faces of fellow Shrimpers can anyone please recommend a decent 4 star hotel/ hotel chain in Majorca...
  16. RobM

    Was Atkinson's challenge worthy of a red?

    It's quite simple, just answer the poll!
  17. West Ham

    It's funny I bump into quite a few West Ham fans, a lot of the time they have nice things to say about SUFC and they always know the scores, I think a lot of people live in the past, with the total dislike for them, move on it's a bore. Does anyone work on bump into hammers fans who say...
  18. Kevin Hogg

    PB, staff and players.

    Play-off position in February? Quite astonishing after the poor start. Well done to all concerned so let's show them that we are ALL 100% behind the lads!!
  19. Who would you prefer in the Football League?

    Alright, they wouldn't be in the same league as us, (unless we suffer greatly), but who would you like to see join the Football League in May? Looking quite tight at the top, with only 6 points separating 1st - 5th. We'll stick to the current top 10... 1. Lincoln - 55pts ------------------ 2...
  20. County cricket quiz

    4/10 and I'm happy with that http://www.alloutcricket.com/quizzes/how-well-do-you-know-county-cricket