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Kevin Hogg

Dec 5, 2011
Altea, Spain
Firstly, please appreciate I expect a barrage coming my way. However, I have to ask.

As I have been mostly living abroad in the recent past (am back home in Southend wheeheeyy) I have followed The Shrimpers from afar. I see results, read match reports and new items and keep up with the gossip on sites like this and through friends.

Southend United have been in the promotion places for the majority of the season. The manager wanted to strengthen the squad in the January window..and indeed did. The new stadium has been rubber-stamped by all the required bodies and will presumably go ahead. The club was under threat from The VAT man ..but to date no judgement has been proved - I think I am correct in stating.
The Chairman, allegedly (I have no idea where this rumour/information came from), was upset with a shocking performance by the team - and told them. Allegedly.
The team has been to Cardiff three times, two promotions, knocked Man Utd out of the League Cup, drew at Chelsea, got to the play-offs against Donny Rovers (FANTASTIC support people)..whilst also suffering two relegations under Tilly. Our support base is larger than when I went home and away.

So..a summary.

We have (to date) been where we need to be in the league this season.

The coffers were opened (to the suprise of almost everyone) to strengthen the squad for the promotion run-in.

The VAT matter has (so far) been, at least for now, sorted.

The Chairman (wrongly perhaps) shows the passion of a supporter at Aldershot set amidst a woeful performance.

The supporters have had the most exciting (err exciting not the word for this seasons tactics perhaps) time in the clubs' history under RM.

The current board have achieved what previous boards could not achieve and get a shiny new stadium agreed under the most difficult of circumstances invoving two district councils and one county council. The fact that work has been delayed is pretty much a mirror of every business, everywhere in the world in these difficult times..projects on hold.

So...PLEASE..why on earth does Ron Martin get so vilified by virtually every "loud" supporter?? Why?

Because he may come across as arrogant??? So what?? Who cares? If we lifted the League 1 title and RM smirked in a "told you so" way..who cares???????????????????????????????

Because a Chairman has an argument with the VAT man? What business is that of yours? Mine? Or anybody? The media excepted! Unless of course the money is proved to be owed. What major business does100% agree figures with the tax man?

Because Southend United continually make PR gaffs? Well, club representatives have made the most incredible public relations howlers for many years. Remember "If you don't like it - go and watch West Ham"???, "The new stadium will pay for itself so it will not matter if any supporters turn up"??? "I think Southend United should build a stadium in Basildon"?? "I don't like the Shrimp..but I like a lion"?????

Because the football club has been caught up in a world-wide economic meltdown? Errr to date, no points deducted here, no receiver, no administration. Unlike, sadly, other clubs!

Or?? The current style of play? Which, as people have criticised RM saying anything to the dressing room, is not the work of Mr Martin.

Please, please, please, explain why Mr Martin has upset so many???

I am not taking sides...I just cannot see what the incredible anti-RM voice is actually moaning about. So please tell me!

As always, C'MON YOU SHRIMPERS!!! x
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