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  1. Shrimp and two veg

    Looking ahead with Phil

    So chatting to my West Ham friend and drawing obvious parrallels with Sam Allardyce and Phil Brown, no suprise as they worked together that Phil's style should draw many similarities. Both managers have really racked up the wins and points when their squad and more importantly their best players...
  2. Tangled up in Blue

    How British are you?

    Try this quiz and find out. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/quiz/2014/jun/10/how-british-are-you-values-quiz-michael-gove Apparently (and rather to my suprise) "Excellent. Thanks to your comprehensive obliviousness and disregard for others, you’re very British."
  3. Benfleet A1


    My missus has a old family friend who does house clearance and is a sometime antique dealer. He is also seriously mad as a brush and can bore for Britain but his heart is in the right place. He seems to have taken a shine to my kids and always sends something to them on birthdays and christmas...
  4. Star of the season,suprise of the season,disapointment of the season? - so far!

    Hello ladies and gents would love to know peoples opinions on who they think has been a star? a suprise? a disapointment? so far-
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Pep to take over at Bayern

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/jan/16/pep-guardiola-bayern-munich-coach That's a suprise.
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    British far-right groups support Breivik

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/sep/01/far-right-support-anders-breivik It's hardly a suprise that British far-right groups support Breivik,is it? Hope not hate indeed.
  7. Kevin Hogg

    Home Form...no real suprise?

    Having posed a question on the forum today as well as poking my nose into other interesting threads - I have to say that the huge gulf in opinions on here (no bad thing) does lead to verbal jousting. Myself being easily sucked into that too..having entered with the express aim of not doing so...
  8. Kevin Hogg

    Ron Martin.

    Firstly, please appreciate I expect a barrage coming my way. However, I have to ask. As I have been mostly living abroad in the recent past (am back home in Southend wheeheeyy) I have followed The Shrimpers from afar. I see results, read match reports and new items and keep up with the gossip...
  9. Ron Manager

    Greetings from a chuffed exile

    It's been ages since I've posted on here, not that I've stopped supporting of course. I still read the forum regularly but not being able to watch the team I find it hard to contribute with anything meaningful. But have to express my delight (and suprise if I'm honest) at being top of the...
  10. Not In Mohave Shrimper

    2011 Season

    Opening day is almost upon us, which team do you follow and what do you think to their prospects for the coming season? It’s been quite an off-season at Wrigley Field, interim manager Mike Quade was made full-time manager after leading the Cubs to a 24-13 finish in 2010. The Cubs main...
  11. Tangled up in Blue

    60th birthday prezzie ideas

    Got a last minute invite to a mate's(suprise) 60th birthday party on Saturday.Any genuine ideas for a prezzie? He's a fellow Lefty,Espanyol and Cambridge United supporter plus a Guardian reader.Also a bit of a techie.
  12. Not In Mohave Shrimper

    Latest Rumours Grant Chase Heats Up

    Spotted this on Twitter: Grant Chase Heats Up No suprise of course. Bristol City, Doncaster, Swansea, Reading, Barnsley supposedly interested. Should we hang onto him at all costs? or at what price would you let him go?
  13. DTS

    Mildy wants out -

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/theblues/8204942.Mildenhall_in_transfer_plea/ No suprise to anyone but according to the Echo he wants out.
  14. DTS

    Pikey/Cheap food that is actually ok?

    As many of you may recall I took over the shopping duties from the Mrs about a year ago. It wasn't an easy decision for us to reach but it was the right one. The basic problem is I would spend say £100 and come back with loads of meats, pasta,rice,veggies etc - where as the Mrs would come back...
  15. Revell gone

    No suprise
  16. DTS

    Question UK Border Force

    Does anyone watch this. As a current stay at home Dad I am wathcing more and more **** TV but this programme gets my goat and hits me what a ****ing joke this country is. Todays episode they caught a Ghanaian who was here illegaly. He admitted it and has been working here, not paying taxes etc...
  17. DTS

    My betting dilemma

    Ladies and Gentleman, At the start of the season I decided to put £25 into a betting account with William Hills. As an incentive from them I also got a free £25 bet too. I decided to do my first bet and take a simple one so as to get me started with a small profit so I had £25 on Liverpool to...
  18. Not In Mohave Shrimper

    09/10's Unexpected Star?

    Easy, of our current 'fringe' players which one will grab his opportunity this season and suprise everyone by being great?
  19. DTS

    Question Where to take Mrs DtS for her suprise birthday treat.

    Hello, Just starting to plan ahead to Mrs DtS's birthday in November. I have decided to treat Mrs DtS to a weekend away. The grandparents have agreed to baby sit which is excellent so all I have got to do now is find somewhere to go. Being the tight ******* I am I am looking at taking her on a...
  20. Sean 2

    Touring caravans

    ...the type that you tow. Anyone else got one? Mine's an Avondale Dart 556-6 berth with alloys, tinted windows (one shade down from limo black) and soon to be fitted under 'van neons:D What a larf! Wished to god i'd bought one when i was in my twenties, no need for hotel rooms or sneaking about...