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Now, I know we have our own side thread, but if the MODS would kindly give this a day or two air time on Chit Chat before parking it then that would be much appreciated. We have just reached what I would like to think is a noteworthy landmark.

Getting to 100 members from a standing start in Jan 2018 was a breeze, 200 wasn't too bad, hitting 300 was a huge effort, but getting to 400, well, phew.

There are many helpers to thank, and as ever the Zone has played its part, so thank you.

SUEPA is part of the Shrimpers Trust, it could never exist as a one-man band, and the support given by Trust colleagues is great. There are a handful of SUEPA Agents that are also quite special, they know who they are, and the hours they have spent searching out leads for ex Shrimpers is top-drawer.

We are fairly sure that our club now has the biggest former players group (out of about 60 that we know of) in the UK, maybe even the world (will test that one soon). So, bigger that all of those funny hand-shakers in the Premiership ..... and all of those below. We think that Plymouth Argyle, who run a truly fantastic group, is second largest with 340 members. We don't claim to be the best, we just don't have the resource to do that really, but we like to think that we help bring some smiles to peoples faces and in keeping our past alive hopefully create some lovely new memories along the way. We also try to be 100% positive, there are plenty of other good avenues for folk to vent a bit of steam.

We receive good support from the club - Tom Lawrence has been fantastic, and we hope to have news soon of a move to make our ex player guests more accessible to a wider audience ... I can't rely on every former player to do a 'Stevie Phillips'.

Networking with other former player groups across the country is enlightening, there are so many helpful folk out there, it really gives you faith in humanity sometimes. Indeed, on that issue, and now almost two years in the proposal stage, we have recently received an 'ok' from the PFA to our proposal to create a national network of former player groups. Now, that would be special, as it would seek to widen co-operation between ex player groups, extending them out to as many other clubs as possible, act as a means of easily exchanging ideas, and help to support former players in need (closely linked with the Jeff Astle Foundation which the Shrimpers Trust supports). A lot of work remains ahead on this, but when it gets moving it should also be good news for our club in having their fans leading a national initiative that can make a real difference to so many and bring more much needed smiles in our strange world.

All of our 400 members are important to us, but our 400th in Malcolm Webster is perhaps just that little bit more special. We had been trying to track him down for ages, put out appeals, and even sort-of knew where he was, but could not get him joined up until today. There has been good reason for this, Malcolm is currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, and from speaking to him earlier this eve the following few weeks will be crucial in his battle. He has the support of a loving family behind him, and last month they set up an appeal which has already done well. I appreciate that there are so many good causes out there (yep, I know I have banged on about a few of them on here in the past), but if you would like to give Malcolm and his appeal a little Shrimper fans boost then the link is HERE

Thanks to all of you for your interest in SUEPA, and if you don't yet follow us on Twitter or Facebook then do please take a look and give us a 'follow' as the bigger we get in terms of coverage the more we can do.

Now, on to 500, why won't Kightly answer my Instagram messages, where the ???? is Bryan Myton, how on earth do I get hold of Tony Taylor, whatever happened to Kevan Hurst ..............................


Now, from time to time (and meeting requests from folks rather than just having a desire for long posts) I've put up our full member list. So, as we've now hit 400 (and gone past) it seems opportune to do so again.

We know who we are missing (we've got a wonderful spreadsheet on that), and indeed have some active leads on a number of former Shrimpers, but if you do have any contact details for a former Shrimper not yet in SUEPA or good ideas where we might find them please do get in touch as help in our endeavours is always appreciated.

I was once told that "Paul Denny is in the USA" which I suppose did at least narrow it down a bit from seven continents and meant we could cease explorations for him in the Artic, but a bit more detail can be useful ..... and on Paul we now know the street he lives in, but trying to get my SUEPA expenses chit signed for a trip there is proving tricky.

Most of those who are not members owe Napster a drink and so are proving to be elusive.

We estimate that about 51% of the former Shrimper players still alive are now SUEPA members.

In the count below I also include those who joined SUEPA but then have sadly subsequently passed away. Our membership count is only based on alive members so it can fluctuate a bit.

Oh, and yep, I know it can be argued that some might be a defender not a midfielder etc, but we've gone with what was generally considered to be the case. So, Tes Bramble is a striker, not a keeper.

Anyway, for those of you with a list fetish, here is one:


Mervyn Cawston
Darryl Flahavan
Cameron Belford
Steve Collis
Derek Bellotti
John Burridge
Ian Joyce
Steve Mildenhall
Jim Stannard
John Keely
Sean Rafter
Daniel Bentley
Paul Sansome
Neil Freeman
Terry Alderton
Peter Goy
Bart Griemink
Neville Southall
Mel Capleton
Jon O'Brien
Alan Mayer
Tony Hafford
Simon Royce
Peter Heathcote
Ray White
Rhys Evans
Danny Gay
Martin Thomas
Barrie Delf
Glenn Morris
Kelvin Jack
Don McKay
John Roberts
Brian Lloyd
Callum Taylor
David Stockdale
Paul Smith
Andy Woodman
James Montgomery
Tony Henriksen
Ryan Robinson
Malcolm Webster

Adam Barrett
Tony Hadley
Alan Moody
Andy Harris
Spencer Prior
Mark Phillips
Johnny Herd
Mark Beard
Danny O'Shea
Andy Dixon
Phil Dudley
Che Wilson
Mark Hone
Frankie Banks
Guy Butters
David McSweeney
Dave Barnett
John Walker
Peter Clarke
Frank Matthews
Tam Mkandawire
Lewis Hunt
Efe Sodje
Shane Westley
Michael Spillane
Tony Bentley
Chris Powell
Steven Hammell
Adam Thompson
Steve Hatter
Pat Scully
Chris Ramsey
Alex Smith
Dave Young
Paul Brush
David Morley
Leo Roget
Graham Coughlan
Osei Sankofa
Damon Searle
Neil Townsend
Derek Ewing
Micky Wright
Warren May
Dave Cusack
Duncan Jupp
Mark Stimson
Dave Worthington
Andy Edwards
Christian Hyslop
Derek Tharme
Ryan Cresswell
Bob Worthington
Owen Simpson
Ricky Footman
Chris Perkins
Graham Birks
Terry O'Donnell
Andy Ford
Taylor Moore
Kevin Fallon
Rob Newman
Sam Hart
Bilel Moshni
Ian Riley
Steve Yates
Micky Stead
Bobby King
Paul Roberts
Charlie Williamson
Mark Warren
Steve Collins
Peter Cawley
Dean Austin
Shane Wardley
Gary Parkinson
Adrian Burrows
Mark Cooper
Ben Coker
Pat Baldwin
Scott Malone
Luke Morrish
Robert Milsom
Steve Dyer
Mike Harrison
Ray Ternent
Luke Prosser
Frank Haydock
Simon Coleman
Harry Kyprianou
Peter Gilbert
Geoff Barker
Richard Jobson
Anton Ferdinand
Harry Lennon
Timothee Dieng
Kenny Brown
Greg Halford
Darren Blewitt
Daniel Matsuzaka
Martin Warwick
Teddy Nesbitt
Ryan Auger
Garry Richards
Gavin Axcell
Leon Cort
John McMahon
Chris Hutchings
Jamie Gray
John White
Mark Wright
Kacper Lapota
Mads Ibenfeldt
Mick Bodley
Dorian Dervite
Michael Turner
Martyn Booty
Barry Hunter
George Parris

Ron Pountney
Paul Byrne
Carl Hutchings
Adrian Clarke
Garry Nelson
Leon Johnson
Alan McCormack
Peter Daley
Jimmy Corbett
Danny Kerrigan
Peter Taylor
David Lee
Derek Hall
Julian Hails
Mark Bentley
Kevin Maher
Dave Martin
Dave Elliott
Glenn Pennyfather
Jason Cook
John Baber
Ken Reynolds
Terry Nicholl
Anton Outulakowski
Andy Ansah
Steve Tilson
Ricky Otto
Ryan Leonard
Colin Morris
Gerry Fell
Bobby Kellard
Peter Butler
Mike Marsh
Peter Hunt
Scott Forbes
Micky Laverick
Adrian Owers
Terry Johnson
Craig Easton
Declan Perkins
Damian Scannell
Alex Woodyard
Will Atkinson
Nicky Bailey
Ryan Hall
Martin Ling
Sanchez Watt
Jeff Hull
Mark Hall
Jack Bridge
Mark Gower
John Gymer
Alan Little
Franck Moussa
Iain O'Connell
Neil Jenkins
Stuart Thurgood
Malcolm Slater
Scott Houghton
Phil Gridelet
Anthony Wordsworth
Adam Locke
John Nielsen
Alan Dicks
Carl Pettefer
Nicky Smith
Paul Clark
Michael Timlin
Luke Guttridge
Dave Cunningham
Eddie Clayton
Jamie Southon
Paul Smith
Willie Coulson
Dennis Booth
Tony Beanland
Lars Unger
Martin Robinson
Ken Foggo
Regis Coulbault
Mark Tinkler
Josh Wright
Jermaine McGlashan
Scott Ashenden
Barry Silkman
Matt Jones
Paul Vickery
Dean Holness
Kevin Johnson
Brian Ferguson
Steve Goodwin
Alan Rogers
Andy Rogers
Isaac Hutchinson
David Chambers
Stephen McLaughlin
Steve Lamb
Tommy Horsfall
Josh Simpson
Gary Borthwick
Gary Deegan
Conor Clifford
Myles Weston
Lee Sawyer
Adem Poric
Bernie Lewis
Lil Fuccillo
Lee Hodges
Jean-Paul Kalala
Jack Paxman
Zak Brunt
Alastair Love
Steve Clark
Anthony Grant
Ricky Holmes
Lewis Gard
Harrison Neal
Terrell Egbri
Marlon Agyakwa
Lyle Della Verde
Anthony Straker
Mark Dziadulewicz
Graham Bressington
Derek Payne
Andy Sussex
Mick Gooding
Miguel DeSouza
Andy Turner
Jae Martin
Danny Maye
Tony Scully
Gareth Risbridger
Gavin Strachan

Derek Spence
David Crown
Keith Mercer
Lawrie Dudfield
Andy Thomson
Billy Best
Ian Benjamin
Roy McDonough
Liam Dickinson
Blair Sturrock
John Linford
Drewe Broughton
Stan Collymore
Gary Moore
Gary Bennett
Stuart Parker
Lee Barnard
David Allaway
David Mooney
Francis Laurent
Derrick Parker
Terry Gray
Peter Silvester
Harry Crawford
Paul Furlong
Bill Garner
Freddy Eastwood
Jim Fryatt
Jason Lee
Lee Nogan
Mike Beesley
Barry Corr
Ken Jones
Brett Angell
James Walker
Matt Paterson
Gary Jones
Neil Tolson
Dickie Dowsett
Joe Pigott
Peter Abbott
Chris Guthrie
Martin Carruthers
Danny Greaves
Charles Ademeno
Ben Abbey
Billy Paynter
Wayne Gray
Lee Bradbury
Andy Rammell
Stuart Brace
Morrys Scott
Colin Flatt
Simon Cox
Jack Payne
Stuart Leslie
Tes Bramble
Leon Constantine
Jim Conway
Steve Phillips
Shaun Goater
Scott Spencer
Mark Rawle
Mario Walsh
Andy Polycarpou
Richard Cadette
Jack Midson
Graham Franklin
Micky Engwell
Ian Selley
Peter Beadle
Neville Roach
Jamie Forrester
Bobby Bennett
Sammy McMillan
Noel Hunt
Charlie Kelman
Marc Antoine Fortune
Alex Revell
Roy Goulden
Kenny Coker
Neil Campbell
George Duck
Tom Hopper
Charlie MacDonald
Dean Morgan
Nathaniel Jarvis
Jason Williams
Shamir Mullins
Anthony Flood
Jack Sampson
Brandon Goodship
Alan Foggon
Dave Regis
Steve Brown
Matt Harrold
Neil Harris
Ken Price
Theo Robinson
James Lawson
Danny Webb
Tommy Mooney
Steve Jones
Matt Lund
Graeme Jones

Steve Parmenter
Buster Footman
Steve Thompson
Mick Buxton
Dave Smith
Barry Fry
Paul Sturrock
Gary Waddock
Lee Harrison
John Gowens
Ben Clarkson
David Webb
Phil Brown
Amy Rogers
John Threadgold
Ron Hanley

Frank Mathews
Buster Footman
Jim Fryatt
Dickie Dowsett
Bobby Kellard
Malcolm Slater
Peter Goy
Jackie Bridge
Colin Flatt
Gary Moore
Geoff Barker
Peter Heathcote
Neil Campbell

Now, on to 500, why won't Kightly answer my Instagram messages, where the ???? is Bryan Myton, how on earth do I get hold of Tony Taylor, whatever happened to Kevan Hurst ............
Hi Andy, recently contacted Peter Hurn a big Palace fan regarding the whereabouts of our former player TONY TAYLOR. Anyway a few days ago Peter replied to me saying that his source had been told Tony Taylor was still living in Canada and having now done some more research over the last few days I found he had been at Burlington Youth Soccer Club Ontario Canada. (See Tony Taylor The Celtic Wiki)
Hi Andy, recently contacted Peter Hurn a big Palace fan regarding the whereabouts of our former player TONY TAYLOR. Anyway a few days ago Peter replied to me saying that his source had been told Tony Taylor was still living in Canada and having now done some more research over the last few days I found he had been at Burlington Youth Soccer Club Ontario Canada. (See Tony Taylor The Celtic Wiki)
Thanks - I have messaged them before but got no response sadly. Second time lucky maybe, I might try again
Thanks - I have messaged them before but got no response sadly. Second time lucky maybe, I might try again
Wonder if it is worth asking Peter Taylor about Tony as they were team mates for almost a season. Peter joined Palace in October'73 and Tony joined us in the summer'74. Maybe Peter will know a former Palace player who were close friends back in the day, mind you we are talking some 48 years ago. However might be worth a try?
This post I know belongs in the SUEPA thread in Ex-Shrimpers, but as I think it covers something quite remarkable I hope that the MODS might just give it a day or so air time in Chit Chat as I'm sure many will be interested in it.

"It is the story of someone who is quite possibly now the oldest former Southend United player alive, and that I think is something worth celebrating.

Here is the post now up on the SUEPA Facebook page:

This afternoon in Falkirk, as a result of a bit of SUEPA investigating, two old friends met up to talk about times at Roots Hall in the 1950’s. One did so with a happy tear in his eye. Settle down for a SUEPA story.

Let’s back track a little first. We’ve recently been revisiting our player database, systematically going through it season by season and revisiting cases which had for whatever reason drawn a blank as far as player tracing was concerned. Our records go back to the 1955/56 season, a time when sadly the previously only two surviving players who we had tracked and joined up to SUEPA have since passed away. The 1956/57 season was not looking much better - of the 22 Shrimpers that played that season we knew that 18 had passed away and some further exploring sadly added another two to that total. That left just Alex Duchart and Jimmy Thomson.

Some internet trawling over last weekend led us to a relatively recent article by a Falkirk FC historian, Mike, which seemed to imply that Alex was still alive. An email to Mike (to whom we are indebted for his wonderful efforts) revealed indeed that he was, that he was in good spirits, and indeed that Mike was friends with him. Mike added that Alex was always talking about his happy memories from his time as a Shrimper, and promptly called up Alex who was totally bowled over by our contact. Mike arranged to meet him today at his house this afternoon where he was with old pictures of his Southend days strewn across the table. We called up whilst they were both there.

Alex started his playing career at Hibs, back then in the early 1950’s a real powerhouse in Scottish football challenging head-on the dominance of the Glasgow big two. During his time there he made just six appearances for the first team, but it was a wonderful time punctuated by two years National Service with the RAF (“which was like a holiday camp!”) and running in conjunction with it a five year apprenticeship earning a trade as a painter and decorator. He had a spell on loan with the now defunct Third Lanark playing at the iconic Cathkin Park, and the ‘Thirds’ wanted to sign him but Southend manager Harry Warren got a tip off about the left-sided winger and, at a time when there was a bit of a Scottish influx to Southend, brought Alex back with him to a shiny new Roots Hall for the start of the 1956/57 season.

A pre-season tour in Germany and France kicked things off nicely for Alex in a team that contained the likes of Harry Threadgold (“what a character”), the record-breaking Arthur Williamson (most consecutive games over a six-season spell) and our record goal-machine Roy Hollis. “Sammy McCrory was our best player, but my best mate was Crichton Lockhart and that season I was his best man as he got married at Prittlewell Church on a match day Saturday – after the wedding we went to Roots Hall to play the game and then had the reception in the evening!” Alex recalls.

Alex made his debut on 15 September 1956 away at Exeter. It was not a great start (we lost 6-1!) but he kept his place for the home game four days later v Reading and we promptly won 4-0. Three days after that we were at home again and in front of a crowd of 14,000 Alex scored in our 1-1 draw v Crystal Palace. His chances in the first team though under new manager Eddie Perry proved to be infrequent, the in-form John McGuigan mostly made the No. 11 jersey his own and Alex’s season with us was limited to eight games and two goals. “I played a lot for the reserves though at some wonderful grounds, including Highbury, and also Upton Park where I was awarded some golden cufflinks for my performance against a team containing John Bond and many other big names.”

“We used to train at Priory Park, a short walk from my digs in Westcliff, and after training I often went for ‘cribbage sessions’ with my good friend Len Pond and some teammates. I also took up golf, with lessons being exchanged for match tickets! My wage at the time was £12 a week, just below the then maximum of £15 but still quite decent compared to average industry wages.”

“At the end of the season I received an offer from East Fife and, wanting regular first team football I took it. I travelled back to Southend to pick up my things and Eddie made me an offer to stay. It was so frustrating, I didn’t want to leave but I had made a promise to East Fife and I couldn’t go back on that, so off I went.”

Alex went on to be leading scorer for East Fife, a feat he also achieved with his subsequent clubs Dumbarton and Falkirk. It was at the latter that he suffered a bad injury but came back to score four goals at the end of the season but then made the move briefly south again to play for a team near Hayes before going back up to Scotland to end his career with Inverness Caledonian Thistle where an injury sustained in a car crash at the age of 32 put an end to his playing days. After football Alex took up his painting and decorating trade, “I was never short of work, trading on my name as a footballer.”

A few years ago, his old Southend teammate Jimmy Thomson called him saying he was in Falkirk and they met up for a good reminiscing session but have not stayed in touch. It is our SUEPA task now to do what we can to see what happened to Jimmy, a couple of years older than Alex, but for now at least Alex, at age 89, is newly installed as our oldest member (just pipping recent joiner Eddie Firmani), He is also now as far as we know the former Shrimper who played for us the longest time ago (Alan Dicks, who did not make his Southend debut until 1958, being second in that list).

It was a real privilege to catch up with Alex and we have one or two surprises in mind to hopefully bring back more memories for him of his Southend United days – news on that soon and we hope too to see something of the pictures he has of his time with us. Welcome to SUEPA Alex!"

£5.5m National Lottery winner Terry Bradbury. Don’t suppose he could buy us a fit centre forward?

If I remember correctly he liked to roll his waist band on his shorts over a few times to show how hard he was….

Noticed I haven't posted up news of new joiners lately. Anyway, we are up to 426 now Kevan Hurst and David Worrall just had their evening meals disturbed with a SUEPA phone call.

For all SUEPA news as it happens follow us on Facebook or Twitter - or even Linkedin. Also on Instagram but by the time I've posted on the other three I usually get a bit tired and miss that one out