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Thoughts before next season!


Apr 11, 2005
Its not often that I dont sleep at night but last night instead of slipping into a coma I found myself thinking about the start of next season. Normally I am filled with a tinge of optimism and excitement with regards to how we will do and are our new signings going to mirror "Ronaldo" or... steven clark, but generally look forward to the new season with hopeful glee.
However, at this moment, right now, my gut feeling is saying........we are in the s***e! let me explain! When our current crop of senior players depart(I'm sure most of them will) I cannot see for the life of me, with all the optimism in the world any half decent player wanting to come and play at the hall.
I say that with a very heavy heart, but its the truth, would you? Many zoners over the last months have wrote about our chairman, and I have read most of it, some I agree with, some I disagree with.
Has "Ron " pillaged our club? Ron is a businessman who is the main debtor of our club and as much as everyone talks about getting rid of him and protesting against his dealings, we would have gone into administration if he did not bail us out. Having said this he has caused alot of this. His plans for a new stadium have affected the club finances terribly and left us in(in my view) an untenable position 5/6 weeks before the season starts. Pushing threw continuous plans when in a recession have weakend his ability to get the financial backing needed and his total disregard for owed payments to H.M.R.C bordered on madness which as left us in this state. I have not had any dealing with the chairman but from reading many on here who have ,he is very good at making things look rosey in the garden being roots hall, when infact if he was to come out and say, "we are struggling financially"and going to have to put the new ground on the back burner , I'm sure fans would see that at this time that would be acceptable. The thing is ...he wont. The debt we owe to him (as a club) can only be sustanable by a new ground and he as a businessman is aware of this. We can longer mortgage anything because we own nothing so in a nutshell we either go along with his plans threw gritted teeth and try and stay in the league or the club goes under.
Our ability to attact any players is going to be seriously hard and I suspect like most of you, its going to be youth players with the odd has been.
It comes to something when free available players choose teams in the conference over us and until we can lift the embargo I cannot forsee a situation were as a club we can look an attractive prospect for any professional footballer trying to make a living.
The thread started the other day about "Have you ever felt so low" highlighted to me that in all honesty....no I have not, but I love football and the blues so I will continue to go next season even if we have a youth team out and get walloped every game with the faint hope that things will improve.