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Rayleigh boy

Nov 1, 2006
Glad to see a decent manager at the Hall - nothing like a close up on
BOOT-it Boothroyd to show us how football should be played - BOOT-it and
win the throw in and then scrap for the corner - class tactics from the man who shook the Prem-****e. And seriously when is Tilson going to learn how to
shout and scream (instructions or abuse?) at young professionals struggling to survive out there. What a treasure Aidy is - compared with our Tilson who only just managed to take Watfords parachute payment squad comfortabley apart without the presence of our highly useless Championship experienced core of Clarke, Maher, Gower.

It was a shocking indictment of Tilson to see how he had to rely on a squad
system to progress. And why does he insist on having more than one player
registered at the club for each position ? What are we going to do with all these spare players - surely hes not thinking of playing them in minor competitions hoping they will develop their game and become valuable assets.

And by the by if we can get 10 quid for that bloke who won the free kick against Man U - you know the small guy with the incredible ability to retain possession and terrify the opposition with his ball skills - TAKE IT - for goodness sake hes not Wayne Rooney - its not like hes tough for a little fella and a fine athlete with talent is it? Its not as if his ability is a constant threat to teams at any level.

And what about Tilson useless creation of a pattern of play using a tall target man to bring in the midfield and spending all that time getting Harrold to learn the arts of retaining possession while being whacked by the centre backs and then he goes and spend a tiny amount getting in some bloke from now-wheres-ville (Charlie something) who can finish when we could have done half a million old some old lag with a name we all knew - really what an idiot.

I knew the man was a complete fool when I saw that Moussa and seeing how he is playing a few more games now - how come hes in and out the side ? - and how old is he anyway ? - looks a bit too young - like that Gilbert who
wants to come here and play for us - I mean why put Lokando on for two minutes at the end - surely not to blood him without exposing him to much pressure - effing idiot.

Of course losing a major talent like Eastwood is not a challenge - just go and get another - they're everywhere - I saw one down park the other week -

As for this bloke in front of me going on about playing a diamond to retain possession and protect the back four - PURLEASE - 4-4-2 - or on a good a day 4-3-3 thats all you need to know -

Tilson OUT lets see if we get another nightmare together - if Aidy won't to the hall what about Martin Allen - theres a real pro - Tilson OUT -