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  1. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ Thank you to Oxford TZ'ers

    A huge thank you to the TZ'ers on the TZ service to Oxford for their generosity and support towards Kerry Fairless, Lord Football's charity run for HARP Charity. and to Chrissy Powells run next week for Prostate Cancer charities. We raised £161 on board and TZ also topping up a bit to make it...
  2. Fake Watches on Ebay.

    It's incredible the amount of fake brand name watches on Ebay. For example if you type in 'Men's Tissot Watch' You will get loads come up, with a high percentage fake. The trouble is that the fakers fake the presentation box, the guarantee, the instructions and they even do a receipt. It's only...
  3. Bradley Lowery RIP

    Very sad news. It's been incredible how his story has become so public. I hope that some good things can come from this in terms of research, health funding and awareness of these terrible paediatric cancers. RIP Bradley.
  4. Humble pie !

    Been away. Phil has managed to turn the blues from non scoring to banging them in for fun,1 point off the PO and on a super run of results,hats off to Phil as the signing of Nile must be the transfer coup of the season ,still not seen him,yet many have said he is unplayable at times,incredible...
  5. Lord Football

    Guest of Honour Today

    Today Southend have Alf Smith as guest of honour. I know Alf because he is the grandfather of my best mate. He is also one of the few people on the planet who when he speaks, I shut up. His story is incredible and he tells it an understated way. He spent his 21st birthday on a beach in Northern...
  6. Floval Flyer

    Memory Lane 10 years ago, today (7th November 2006)...

    we did this !!! :Worthy::smile::thumbsup: Full 90 mins (Southend Utd 1 Manchester Utd 0):happy: https://youtu.be/uyIoFbuOSLQ and that goal :smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFysv6je59M&app=desktop "Eastwood this time, oh what a GOAL !! Freddy Eastwood has given Southend the lead, a...
  7. steveo

    Places you have visited

    Was in Jersey last week, and although I've swerved it on previous visits, I thought I would take a trip to the Nigel Mansell museum. Tenner to get in, wasn't expecting too much really, but spent a couple of hours there and was very impressed. I always had this bloke down as just another race...
  8. RIP Jonah Lomu

    Really shocked and saddened by this - an incredible player and always came across like a great guy. RIP.
  9. yogi bear up the cagire

    Up and running in france as well

    My French side Toulouse football club started theri campaign in pouring rain (didn't I just know it as I was packing up my soggy things not far from the ground!). Worth sharing this video for two incredible and similar toulouse free-kicks. Think Saint-Etienne may have a bit of work to do on...
  10. Champions League Final

    Should be a good'un. Hard to see past Barca but Juvé deserve to be in the final and I wouldn't put it past them knicking a goal. Also end of an era for some incredible players... eMdtinxrIDg
  11. RHB

    Charles Kennedy

    No doubt Charles Kennedy's sudden death will be prominent in the press and TV over the next few days, and, as yet, no cause has been announced. I'm posting purely to say that it is an incredible shame when someone dies so young (55) and no doubt the Lib Dems have lost a very talented colleague...
  12. The Watermill Wino

    TZ Thanks you, Morecambe.

    TZ Family. Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks which have been trying at times to say the least for the Wino home, your kind words and support are really touching xx. Thanks to Del, Ken & Fran, Trevor, Kerry, Rich,David and Carol, Allan, Joe and of course shrimperzone gang...
  13. Helllooo, Yellloowwws, Yelllowwwsss!

    HeyShrimpers, Nervous,very nervous! No, not at the very easy process of joiningShrimperzone, but the longing hope filled gazes at my phone. Waiting,waiting... will the ticket office call back with Morecambe tickets?! Is'ntit great that an essentially simple sport and supporting SUFC (I'msure we...
  14. Best month ever?

    One for the stattos - has there ever been a more successful month in the history of SUFC than April 2015? Played 7 won 7 with 0 goals conceded is just incredible.
  15. Arise Sir Philip

    Could not get there today. But I have to state that Phil has perervered and his team nay our team are 3rd,signing Bazza was a master stroke and Adam has transformed the team with his never say die attitude and his sheer infectious style of play. Anyway back to Phil, At times it's been grim...
  16. Massimo Giovanni

    MaccyDs, right or wrong

    I read the MacDonalds' sales and profits have slumped for the 4th quarter in a row. Is this because people are more choosy? Their products have lost their quality. There is more, and better competition? I recall the queues when the first High Street one opened, incredible! And the burgers and...
  17. Shrimperstrust

    Under 18's Match Report Youth Team Score Eight In Gills Triumph - Saturday 10th January 2015

    Southend United U18s began the New Year in style thanks to a thumping 8-0 victory at Gillingham, with Blues scoring seven goals during an incredible second half. Rob Craven's match report can be found here.
  18. amsemp

    Question Your dream job?

    If you could do any job in the world, what would it be/have been and why? There's two things I've always wanted to do. The first would be a football scout/youth team coach, as I think the satisfaction of spotting a talented 8 or 9 year old that no ones ever heard of, signing him up, seeing him...
  19. 'Travellers' antics at Canvey & Southend during the weekend.

    Just read the Echo's story of the above, disgusting. How come these 'people' can leave a site and be allowed to leave behind a mountain of rubbish, and no one gets arrested?. As for what happened in the Bell at Southend, can you imagine a group of locals behaving like that and no one getting...
  20. Roy and Wayne.

    Roy is an utterly amazing old duffer.Selecting WR as captain was the worst kept secret of all time then Roy straight faced insisted he would drop Wayne if he had too!Rooney our best player is being threatened he may not play but is the captain. Truly strange and incredible from Roy,Now please...