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  1. davewebbsbrain

    Honda Civic feedback

    After selling my Fiesta TDCI Zetec S and buying a Focus Titanuim TDI, I have become bored very quickly so I have started looking at other cars. The Mk8 Honds Civic, 2006 onwards, has caught my eye. Lots of tech for the money, very nice V-Tec engine and a different look about it. The 1.8 petrol...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Least prolific strikers

    Nile Ranger must have one of the lowest goals per minutes played ratio of any Southend player. How does he rate compared to some of our less illustrious players over the years?
  3. Are things that bad?

    Being a bit of the exile living in the north I rely on reports on here and the odd away game to judge the performance of the team, the away games that I've got along to were Rotherham and Donny (which were fun). some of the reports on here seem to suggest that we are lucky not to be cut adrift...
  4. Floval Flyer

    Question Post Brown management options...

    You would surely think that old Ron must be looking at available managers, in light of the fact he must pull the trigger soon... If you were in RMs shoes who would you be touting? A lot of 'out of work' managers have a better win ratio than PB, whether we can afford their salaries, or meet...
  5. Blues4LifeDan

    Coker's future?

    So what do think is going to happen with Coker's future? Chris Phillips stating on twitter yesterday that Brown had plenty to say about it, regarding Reading, but he didn't state what Brown said. Personally, I think it would be a huge blow to lose him, I think it's a lot harder finding a good...
  6. Shola Ameobi at Fleetwood

    No offence to Fleetwood, but blimey..thats a fall from grace, he was playing Premiership football for Newcastle 2 years ago & even less than a year ago for Crystal Palace. Compared to now playing at Highbury in front of 3k crowds in the relagation zone of league 1.
  7. RHB

    If you want to save a few quid (literally)

    I was walking down the high street past Bargain Buys on the corner of Cliff Town Road yesterday. In their window they had large boxes of Finish PowerBall dishwasher tablets, 110 tablets for £8 (Tesco currently charge £8 for 38). That is a pretty hefty saving compared with mainstream Super...
  8. Question Managerial experience and contacts.

    Do you think that given our managers profile, compared to many lower league managers, and his experience, we appear to have our fair share of aspiring young players/fitness finding experienced players featuring from top level clubs? I had assumed when PB came that this could be a beneficial...
  9. Rattus Norvegicus

    Next 4 games are rather tough

    Well, it doesn't get an easier - I'm liking this league and am so glad not to be playing Morecambe (they have scored 28 goals this season compared with our 14 :stunned:). Away at Chesterfield (who just beat Walsall away) Away at league leaders Gillingham (who have a 6x better goal difference)...
  10. shrimperjon

    Gillingham away - tickets

    A little way away I appreciate, but just bought my tickets for Gills away. According to the programme Saturday a junior goes free with two paying adults, yet on line it's just charged me £5 for my son despite there being two adults. To be honest not to bothered as £20 for him and me is pretty...
  11. Crawliano

    The FA Cup Final

    What a load of horse**** compared to last week. That's the drama people want. Not some **** wideboy and his team of hardly deserving prem players barely turning out. We showed the magic of the cup. Imagine that in an FA Cup final, they'd be showing it for years to come. LEAGUE ONE YOU...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Liberal Democrats General Election

    Well I suppose we ought to give them their own thread. I don't think they'll suffer the meltdown some are predicting - in fact, compared to Labour in Scotland, they will be a roaring success. Some good news for Clegg today... 593431043828494336
  13. Cricko


    Are HSBC culpable in the latest tax evasion schemes just uncovered by Panorama. If so why are they not being taken to court and more to the point why were they not dragged over the coals when this came to light in 2010. It is bad enough that only 1 person was prosecuted whilst others admittedly...
  14. Half time prep for subs

    Struck again last night with how random the half time prep is for our boys especially compared with the opposition. Find too Max Ibenfeld's routine very garboesque. He spends the whole time playing keepy uppy (not badly mind) but very little eye contact with rest of subs or any desire to join...
  15. Position vacant!

    Wanted: A true striker ,to compliment the work done by rest of SUFC players, apply manager Phil Brown.Must be able to score goals with his feet as well as his head.Remuneration is good compared to other league 2 sides.Also comes with the adulation of the supporters ,should you be good at your...
  16. Tommy2holes

    2500+ season cards sold

    With 2500+ season cards sold I wondered if that was good or bad on previous seasons and compared to the average in league two. I know pompey and Luton have sold quite a few but I'm guessing there's are discounted.
  17. Once upon a time!

    Once upon a time English referees were looked upon as being the best in the world, but what i witnessed last night, i watched the SUFC - Burton game live via stream, and right from the kickoff the ref showed bias toward Burton, no this is not bad eggs becoz SUFC didnt get to the final, My...
  18. Goal Difference vs Goals Scored

    Assuming we can keep on winning, we need to improve our goals scored tally, our goal difference is ok when compared to the other clubs in the top 7 but with the table being so tight it could come down to goals scored for the automatic places. Be great to see Barnard and Freddy banging them in...
  19. mgh


    Mark, live in Hockley, attend most games with the father and brother-in-law, sorry but my first love is Man Utd (I'm a Northener) but the wife is Hockley born and bred... so much better football this season compared to Sturock's reign, as much as he did well to get us to...
  20. onlyonekingkevin

    jonathan forte

    Could be signing before the QPR game , most likely on loan ... not sure why the Saints want him though , he's **** compared to what side they have . apparently he's very fast