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Dec 13, 2007
I am 40 years old and have supported the Shrimpers for 34 years. I am as passionate now as I was as a 7 year old. Although sitting in the East Yellows with my son, now in his third year as a ST holder we love getting behind the team and trying to get the atmosphere at the hall going. We are currently on our hols and therefore missed the first three games but are looking forward to seeing the team on Saturday. Our enthusiasm has increased from reading all the positive feedback on here re the first two league games. It has been further increased by the news that BC red card has rightly overturned, thus leading to me and my son dancing round the lounge of our apartment singing Barry Corr songs. My wife on hearing this asked me whether I felt that I was too old to be singing songs about a player who is young enough to be my son? My wife is a very understanding women who rearranges our lives around football, this holiday aside, but she just doesn't understand my passion for all things SUFC, I mean she understands my passion for the club I love and support, but not my love for the players. Do you think we ever get too old to still be dancing around your house singing songs about football players? For me, I don't think so!
No chance I'm 27 I know still a youngster but I guarantee I will still be singing songs about our players when I am 57. One of my best friends is a Southend United fan also he is 42 and we even crack out the odd song about a player when we aren't at games. It's the nature of the game and the inner child it brings out. Whether your 7, 17, 37, 67 etc you always enjoy smashing out a chant for your favourite player.

I still even find myself singing the odd song about old players such as Andy Ansah, Marky Rawle, Osei Sankofa :winking: , Stanley Collymore the list is endless.
Really good post Jon. In my opnion nothing wrong whatsoever. I would say women like displays of passion but theyre just not uccustomed to seeing them from men in public.its why they like rock stars because they show it in public. so maybe your lady is being a little harsh. but then if you were the opposite you'd have her sayin your boring and miserable. guess we as men can't win either with them. to people who criticise i'd say balls to them.
at a match i'd pesronally would rather study the game but as a hobby i tend to write intelectually about it. starting a new job soon which involves promoting so when i'm writing i tend to post on fb in order to help generate interest in the club to a wider circle of people.
Couldn't agree more. It's all part and parcel of being a supporter and , at 56, I'm still singing songs about the team, those of today, and those with a tad of history about them. Come on, it's just impossible to belt out "Who put the ball in the Bury net" without getting a twinge of emotion or three about that magnificent day. And if that means that I'm a child, then I'm more then happy to be one.
I think terming it a child is probably harsh. I'd call it more a youthful enthusiam. Nothing wrong with that if it keeps you young at heart, Active and healthy. Better than beimng anything to the contrary.
Im 36 and still randomly burst into SUFC songs while going about my daily business then changing players names for that of my son/daughter or wife. I live, sleep, eat SUFC and will do until the day I die.....c c csiders.
No way, im 35 and love the blues like the day I first went. Watching the blues is a great release and escape and you can totally forget about everything and just get engrossed and excited for 90 minutes and just have fun. reminiscing with your mates or your Dad about all the samba football we've seen over the years lol. I have another hobby that involves doing one of the things I used to do as a kid, I suppose the inner child psychology thing is interesting and my mrs doesnt really understand it either although is supportive. I kind of think that although I dont want to be 15 again, when you grow up you do spend a hell of a lot of time doing things you dont necessarily want to do! So whats wrong with acting like a big kid again, beats thinking about the bills!

One thing I still cant get my head round is that im so much older then the players im cheering for?! I think at the football im still 14 in my head, and the players are still the ones I cheered for way back then!
Agree with all the above, although I may be 60 now I still feel and behave like an 18 year old and in my opinion dont look a day over 30. Yes I do still sing to myself the Marky Rawle song, the Eastwood ditty and all the old favourites. Should I get to 90 I expect I will still be doing the same plus any new hero's we get. Glad i'm not alone.
When I first became a father my daughter would cry throughout the night (as they tend to do). It then dawned on me that I did not know the words to any lullabies so instead sang football chants to her to get her to settle. These would mainly be about Southend players but I also clearly remember cradling her at 3 a.m. and singing, 'Shaun Wright-Phillips got a big fat mum',...hahaha...still makes me chuckle that one...:smile:
Czabby and I were doing high 5s round the Jobcentre today when we found out BBBC had his red card overturned.

Big kids, the pair of us.
Never. I'm arguably dafter about Southend now (I'm 34) than I was when I started supporting them (13).
My missus always said Im an emotional cripple so I dont get carried away about football, overtly that is.

I do like to shout hurrah when we score of course.
My missus always said Im an emotional cripple so I dont get carried away about football, overtly that is.

I do like to shout hurrah when we score of course.

Do you mean she thinks you lack emotion or show too much?
If your lacking in emotion Mate then I suggest you get on top of it pretty damn quick or she'll prob start divorce proceedings
What I like tho jam. Cool, calm and collected. Normally the ladies prefer this type. Seems you need to up the ante old son:winking:
My wife has known me 24 years , Im pretty sure she has accepted my ways by now....